Just for Laughs: Questionable Gift Ideas

Dec 4, 2020 / By Elaine Belsito
Horsesmouth Assistant Editor
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Advisor Funnies: You can actually purchase and give away many of these presents…but should you?

Mail a face potato

This is real: Upload any face!

Source: Anonymous Potato

Biological chocolate

Serve with a nice Chianti.

Source: Apple Cookie & Chocolate Company

Mittens for those with a temper

Source: Bored Panda

The burrito blanket

When you simply must be one with the burrito

Source: Official Burrito Blanket

Stubstoppers: Hard hats for your toes

Source: Bored Panda

The SockNoMore

When you are tired of all that awkward bending and tugging…turn to the SockNoMore.

Source: Unnecessary Inventions

If you must wear a mask, at least let it be filled with beer

Source: Unnecessary Inventions

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