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Client Presentations

Client Presentations

Start teaching clients today—30 client education presentations (FINRA‑reviewed).

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Develop Your Medicare Strategy

July 15–17, 2024

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2024 Key Financial Data

Key Financial Data 2024

Show clients you’re in control and ready to discuss what new 2024 key rates mean for them.

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Client Education Programs

SSSP Product Montage

Savvy Social Security Planning® for Boomers

Comprehensive Financial Education and Marketing Program

Every day more Baby Boomers approach retirement and they want to know the ins and outs of Social Security. Become the expert your clients need with Savvy Social Security Planning for Boomers, a fully-supported, year-long program. Includes:

  • Specific answers to your client questions: We’ve answered more than 15,000 queries. New answers added every day.
  • Custom reports for your clients showing them the best strategies to chose from.
  • New and updated program materials and presentations for clients, prospects, and COIs.
  • Educate clients, prospects and COIs on the new AND old rules at your workshops.
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Savvy Medicare Planning® for Boomers

Get the Mastery You Need to Help Clients Manage Their Retirement Health Care Expenses!

Everyone must sign up for Medicare, yet few people understand what to do. Help clients avoid the pitfalls and put this critical piece of the retirement planning puzzle into place with Savvy Medicare Planning for Boomers, a fully-supported, year-long program. This program allows you to:

  • Speak knowledgeably with clients and prospects about Medicare and health care financial planning.
  • Deepen your relationships with clients by helping them with this complicated and important part of their retirement plan.
  • Open up new areas of discussion with clients, prospects, and centers of influence.
  • Deliver excellent service by providing information, resources, and guidance geared to each client’s unique circumstances.
SCP Product Montage

Savvy College Planning®

Enjoy new levels of trust and credibility when you help parents save money and keep their sanity as they search for the colleges that are right for their kids. With this program you can:

  • Run educational workshops and classes that guide clients and prospects through the tricky minefield of picking and paying for college, even at the late stage.
  • Show clients and prospects how to discover the true price of tuition, living expenses, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid chances.
SIRA Product Montage

Savvy IRA Planning® For Boomers

Boost Your Retirement Expertise

Get the critical IRA expertise you need to safely guide your clients past the tax booby traps embedded in every retirement account. Don’t lose your share of the $22 trillion retirement market! Add Savvy IRA Planning to your business today. Includes:

  • Member-only webinars briefing you on new tax provisions.
  • Monthly newsletter explaining complicated and challenging IRA issues, especially new ones as they become law.
  • Updated client presentations and updated addendums to your Financial Advisor’s Guide to Savvy IRA Planning as Congress changes the rules.
SGP Product Montage

Savvy Generational PlanningSM For Boomers

Generational Planning is a modern, forward-thinking, and intentional two-phase process of first passing on a family’s tangible wealth and assets, and secondly, conveying its values and history, all for the benefit of the next generation.

The program has three phases. The first focuses on legacy planning, the second on generational planning and the third phase focuses on COI team building.

SLTC Product Montage

Savvy Long-Term Care PlanningSM

Educating clients and prospects on the importance of developing a long-term care plan is a smart move for advisors. You don’t want other professionals taking the lead here (But you will want to work collaboratively with experts in elder care, estate planning, and insurance).

That’s why we’ve created the Savvy Long-Term Care Planning program. Your clients (and prospects) will be grateful to you for your attention to this difficult, critical issue.

SCS Product Montage

Savvy Cybersecurity®

Help protect clients and prospects from the growing epidemic of identity theft, credit card fraud, phishing scams, and ruinous hacks.

  • Be your community’s knowledgeable source on the variety of frauds and scams targeting the public.
  • Learn best practices for boosting security levels at work, home, on computers and over the Internet.
  • Teach your clients how to boost their personal cybersecurity score and then assume the role of cybersecurity sentinel sending them timely tips and warnings to stay on guard.
STP Product Montage

Savvy Tax PlanningSM

Get Two Tax Programs in One Membership

Help retirees pay lower taxes by developing a retirement tax planning strategy—they’ll love you for it and refer you!

  • First, it teaches you to educate pre-retirees and retirees about the need for a “retirement tax strategy” so they pay the lowest rates possible throughout all stages of retirement.
  • Second, it teaches you to connect with ALL your clients about how best to optimize the new tax rules through proactive tax planning so they’re paying the lowest rate possible.

Master Membership

Master Membership is the answer for advisors who want to power their business with Horsesmouth. Get all our programs with a single Master Membership. Includes:

  • All memberships—all the technical training, client education, communication and marketing support for one price, in one place, on one annual billing cycle, for you and your team.
  • A 25% discount off of all Horsesmouth products—including Key Financial Data cards and extra Boomer’s Guides.
  • A 25% discount off of all Horsesmouth advisor training workshops, a $500 savings!
  • A 25% discount off of Horsesmouth’s software partners: College Aid Pro™, Holistiplan, and i65.
  • All new client materials every year.
  • Plus, existing members get the lowest first-year rate by subtracting prorated credits for existing memberships.
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Marketing Year-Round

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Year-Round Marketing and Communications Program

This flexible, continuous, year-round program works on three key aspects of your business: prospecting, marketing and client communications. Includes:

  • 60+ prospecting, marketing and client communications campaigns
  • Unlimited use of the article reprint library
  • Referral clinics
  • Client event guidance
ACPA Product Montage


Your Master Plan for Building a COI Network

Finally, a CPA/COI strategy that demonstrates your value and expertise and builds two-way trust that boosts your client service and referrals. Includes:

  • 7 FINRA-reviewed professional presentations for CPAs and Attorneys
  • 12 month, step-by-step COI marketing plan
  • Key Financial Data (PDF) mini-campaign
  • 3 members-only webinars to instruct your team on how to rollout your campaigns
  • 6 bi-monthly newsletters to keep you and your team on track connecting with COIs
  • Unlimited use of the Horsesmouth article reprint library—more than 100 articles to brand and distribute
  • Plus, a full year of regular Horsesmouth ($247 value)

Grow Your Business

HM Product Montage


Daily Business Development, Practice Management

Proven advice and over 13,000 articles from 45+ veteran advisors and industry experts offering insights, answering questions, and solving problems. Includes:

  • Quick access to thousands of solutions to sticky challenges every advisor faces.
  • Features from the Daily Oats including case studies, how-tos, tips, rules, checklists on all aspects of the business.
  • Proven advice from 45+ veteran advisors and industry experts offering insights, answering questions, and solving problems.
  • On-demand access to more than 40 webinars on topics that help you improve right now.
  • Proven referral-building methods that create strong, loyal, happy clients.
  • Inspiration and motivation that builds you up when you’re down, gets you focused when you’re distracted, and reminds you of important life lessons you’ve always known but need reminding about.

Advisor Workshops

Medicare Text

Develop Your Medicare Strategy

Virtual Workshop: July 15–17, 2024

A total immersion experience taking you through a complete review of the various parts of Medicare, what’s covered under those parts, when to enroll in Medicare, how your current employment status affects your Medicare decisions, how Medicare works with your private insurance, what you need to review with your clients both before and after they take Medicare, and how Medicare (and other topics) can work in the context of workshop marketing for business development purposes.

Advisor With Robot

The AI-Powered Financial Advisor

Virtual Workshop: August 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2024

Revolutionize your financial advisory practice with AI. This four-week virtual training program will empower financial advisors to effectively integrate generative AI models into their daily work and practice.

Through a series of focused sessions and practical modules, you will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of generative AI principles and how leading models like ChatGPT and Claude will boost your business IQ.
  • Master the art and science of effective prompting for seamless collaboration with AI.
  • Discover AI-driven content creation strategies for meaningful marketing and client engagement.
  • Learn leadership strategies for successful AI adoption and team empowerment.
Ellen Rogin

Extraordinary Advisor Virtual Masterclass

Virtual Workshop: September 10–October 22, 2024
7 sessions on Tuesdays

With Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®

Become an extraordinary advisor who creates more influence, impact, and income, no matter what the markets are doing. Learn the “right-brain techniques” for growing a deeply personal and successful business. Learn how to:

  • Become a leader your clients and team want to follow
  • Identify a superpower that will differentiate and grow your business
  • Boost your emotional intelligence to become more authentic and resilient
  • Attract more of the clients you want to work with (and avoid the ones you don’t)
  • Master the communication skills that charm prospects and soothe clients
  • Manage the stress of volatile markets, panicked clients, and lifestyle disruptions
  • Ignite your insights, imagination, and intuition to turn your vision into reality
  • Bring deeper meaning to your work and greater joy to your relationships
Advisor with Clients

The Discovery Meeting Workshop: Transform Your Discovery Process

Virtual Workshop: September 18–19, 2024

Learn to transform your approach to add new clients with greater ease and efficiency. The Discovery Meeting Workshop is our industry’s only two-day, research-based, virtual workshop that:

  • Examines how advisors run their all-critical Discovery Meeting.
  • Identifies 20+ challenges that interfere with getting your best results.
  • Teaches you what really motivates prospects to accept your offer to become a client and why.
  • Shows you exactly how to start making immediate improvements in nearly 30+ different areas.
  • Offers you the option, after the workshop is over, to have your new Discovery Meeting recorded with our Discovery Meeting actors and analyzed by our team.
  • Gives you an immediate ROI by showing you how to find better clients, more efficiently.
  • Provides critical insights that boost results by 10%, 20%, 30%, or more.
Rocket Ship

Liftoff! Financial Educator Marketing Coaching Program

Virtual Workshop: October 23–December 18, 2024

We’ll examine all aspects of building your business and reputation as a financial educator: Picking your topic, developing your strategy, choosing the right venue, selecting the right marketing that fills seats, organizing a compelling and effective “classroom” for your attendees, delivering a compelling introduction, engaging your audience to create personal connections, priming your attendees to view you as a credible expert, closing your workshop in ways that fill your appointment book, following up systematically so you and your team can effectively on-board new clients, and then repeat the entire process.

  • Create a tailored financial educator marketing plan that aligns with your unique goals and target audience.
  • 8 days of virtual instruction and coaching to build and launch your 2025 education marketing campaign.
  • Deliver high-impact presentations that boost your reputation as a financial educator.
  • Get 12 hours of expert virtual instruction, along with weekly office hours, marketing clinics, and coaching sessions.

Client Materials

Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning Options Card

Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning Options

Help your clients make smart and responsible decisions about long-term care planning. This handy resource is packed with information about the different ways to pay for long-term care and considerations to take in for each option. Topics addressed on the card include:

  • Traditional long-term care insurance
  • Life with long-term care benefit
  • Annuities with long-term care benefit
  • Reverse Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
  • Existing life insurance
  • Self-funding
  • Medicaid
Your 2023 Last-Chance Financial Planning Checklist

Your 2023 Last-Chance Financial Planning Checklist

55 questions everyone needs to answer by December 31st—your fall 2023 client and prospect campaign.

  • Uncovers opportunities to address important, time-sensitive issues…
  • Shows clients you’re focused on their goals and key planning issues of prosperity and financial security…
  • Reinforces your expertise and your clients’ confidence in you…
  • Gives clients a “peace of mind” treatment that builds more trust through your client service…
  • Field-tested campaign you can start in 5 minutes…
Time in the Markets and the Power of Compounding

Time in the Markets and the Power of Compounding

The Time in the Markets and the Power of Compounding handout is a versatile resource that can be used to enhance your client relationships and reinforce your expertise as a financial advisor.

This valuable educational tool is designed to help your clients see market fluctuations from a long-term perspective. It highlights the importance of staying invested and the power of compounding, empowering your clients to make informed decisions and avoid knee-jerk reactions.

Key Financial Data

2024 Key Financial Data

When you pass along a 2024 Key Financial Data Card to clients, prospects and allies, there’s no easier and simpler way to remind people of your commitment, expertise, and professionalism.

Make 2024 Key Financial Data part of your marketing efforts for next year. It’s a sound investment in the data that you need to help clients succeed.

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Social Security Quick Reference Guide

2024 Social Security Quick Reference Guide

No more digging around on the shelves or searching on the Internet for information like:

  • Estimated benefits for worker with maximum earnings
  • Adjusted for early or delayed claiming
  • Estimated PIAs for workers with maximum earnings
  • Social Security cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs)
  • Medicare Part B premiums
  • Maximum wages subject to Social Security tax
Health Care Quick Reference Guide

2024 Health Care Quick Reference Guide

People need concise, objective and easy to understand information about Medicare. Now you can give them just that with the Medicare Quick Reference Guide.

This branded 8.5" x 11" reference includes critical Medicare information about which programs apply to which people; when to apply, information about premiums and deductibles, and references to other resources with more information.

  • Instant, branded PDF—Share it right now
  • Printed, branded card—Mail or hand out now
Key College Funding Data

Key College Funding Data 2024–2025

Paying for college is the biggest expense families face after buying a home. Help them save thousands on tuition and protect their retirement savings from bad college funding decisions.

Start by educating parents about the realities of paying for college—it’s not about 529 savings plans—by sharing with them your custom copy of Horsesmouth’s new Key College Funding Data card.

The card includes more than 60 helpful data points organized in 11 topic areas.

Retirement Calendar Checklist

2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist

Remove a little pain from your clients’ lives by acting as their retirement guide star over important dates, details, and deadlines throughout the year.

Retirees want to travel, enjoy grandchildren, and pursue new interests they couldn’t before. They want to keep stress to a minimum. That’s where the Retirement Calendar Checklist comes in. It has important dates in retirement life organized by month, with space to mark off each task after it is finished. Retirees can know at a glance what is coming up and what needs to be put on the “to-do” list over the next month.

Order PDF Only
Savvy Cybersecurity Quick Reference Guide

2024 Savvy Cybersecurity Quick Reference Guide

Who will show your clients how to fight the growing cybersecurity threat? It should be you—their financial advisor!

This two-sided reference card allows your clients and prospects to quickly measure their current cybersecurity knowledge gap. Then it provides specific actions they can take to quickly boost their security and protect themselves, their families, and even their jobs.

  • Help clients get safe
  • Send printed copies to local business owners
  • Brand with photo and logo
Savvy Cybersecurity Business Protection Checklist

2024 Savvy Cybersecurity Business Protection Checklist

This two-sided, customizable checklist is the perfect resource for your business owner and executive clients. It’s designed to guide them through cybersecurity conversations with important business associates such as their IT team and CFO.

The goal of the Savvy Cybersecurity Business Protection Checklist is for business associates to share information, identify problems and strengths, and take action.

The checklist contains 40+ questions covering eight different cybersecurity topics, such as cybersecurity plans, data protection, employee policies, networks, and fraud prevention.

Financial Fitness Checkup

2024 Financial Fitness Checkup

Now is the perfect time to look at various aspects of your client’s life and develop a plan to improve their financial fitness.

2024 Financial Fitness Checkup contains 57 questions that may have an impact on their financial health in 2024 and beyond. You mail it and they can check each question with a “yes” or “no” and write in any appropriate comments. You can then follow-up with a meeting to discuss.

CARES Act Key Data

CARES Act Key Data

Fewer people understand all that the federal government done through a variety of stimulus actions meant to bolster the economy and put more money in the pockets of Americans.

You need to know the details so you can help clients and prospects find relief and planning opportunities. Keep clients informed with this personalized handout that lists the latest rules and assistance programs.

New Retirement Rules

The New Retirement Rules: Highlights of SECURE Act 2.0

The biggest retirement-related legislation in over a decade finally became law at the tail end of 2019. Some of the biggest changes will impact your clients, like the death of the stretch IRA and the ability to contribute to IRAs after age 70. SECURE Act 2.0, introduced at the end of 2022, brings even more changes.

Do your clients know that their heirs need to liquidate and inherited IRA within 10 years? Do new parents know they can withdraw up to $5,000 each from a retirement plan to pay for new child expenses? Have you discussed how financial plans and distribution strategies need to change?

This informative card tells you what the new rules are and how they’re different from the old ones. It includes nearly all the changes affecting individuals and businesses.

Key Tax Changes

Key Tax Changes From the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Clients, prospects, and COIs will love Key Tax Changes because it’s simple and easy to comprehend at a glance. It tells you what the new rules are and how they’re different from the old ones. Nearly all the changes affecting family and business finances are included.

The Guide to Taxes and Your Retirement

The Guide to Taxes and Your Retirement

The Guide to Taxes and Your Retirement needs to be part of any discussion you have with clients and prospects.

Regardless of how you engage clients about taxes and retirement planning, this guide will help you make the critical connection between taxes and retirement

This 4-panel, 2-sided, 8.5" x 11" reference guide for clients reinforces your expertise and helps to explain key concepts every client must consider:

  • Why good retirement tax planning starts in the 50s
  • Funding Roth IRAs and making Roth conversions now
  • How to really use HSAs to pay for medical expenses in retirement
  • What a “distribution optimization strategy” is and why you need one
  • When should you really claim Social Security?
  • How to fund health insurance in an early retirement
  • Why tax planning is critical to early retirement
  • Medicare’s unseen tax surcharges for retirees
  • Why clients need to understand RMDs long before age 70
  • How you can be tax-efficient about your charitable giving
  • Estate planning tax issues that have nothing to do with exemptions
  • Why you need to think about estate planning too
  • What to consider when it comes to inheriting an IRA
Family Guide to Caregiving

The Family Guide to Caregiving

This 4-panel, 2-sided, 8.5" x 11" reference guide for clients reinforces your expertise and helps to explain how every client can consider and put in place a family caregiving plan. Topics include:

  • How to start the conversation with a loved one
  • Why it’s necessary to find out concerns, priorities, and preferences
  • When to begin creating a plan
  • How to ensure that medical needs are met
  • How to integrate technology into the care of your family member
  • Who will be the health care agent
  • Who will have power of attorney
  • What is a “digital vault”
  • What government and private benefits are available
  • Why insurance policies need to be reviewed How to protect against scams and hackers
  • How to deal with estates, trusts, and assets
  • What is a living will
  • How to care for the caregiver
  • How to create a caregiving team
Boomers Guide to Legacy Planning

The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Legacy Planning

This 4-panel, 2-sided, 8.5" x 11" handout walks readers through the six steps of legacy planning and explains the importance of acting now. Topics include:

  • Planning for incapacity
  • Why you need a power of attorney for finances
  • How to organize your records so that loved ones can find things
  • What critical items you need to locate and save
  • How to assess the total value of your estate, and why you need to do this
  • What to do as you identify beneficiaries
  • Questions to think about as you decided how you want to allocate assets
  • What happens with Social Security after you die
  • Good ways to hold family discussions surrounding the estate plan
  • The legal issues you need to be prepared for
  • What are trusts, and what can you do with them?
  • How to start creating your legacy—the non-tangible assets you pass down
  • Ideas for passing on memories, values, and hobbies
  • Why you need to monitor your plan as things changed
SPG to Cutting College Costs

The Savvy Parents’ Guide to Cutting College Costs

This 4-panel, 2-sided, 8.5" x 11" reference guide for clients reinforces your expertise and helps to explain key concepts every client must consider when making college planning decisions. Topics include:

  • Why college is a buyer’s market
  • Why there isn’t a simple answer to this question: Will my child qualify for financial aid?
  • How investments impact financial aid
  • Why athletic scholarships aren’t nearly as numerous or lucrative as many families assume
  • The meaning of “demonstrated financial need”
  • How to qualify for the full federal educational tax credit
  • How to discover real college costs
  • How grandparents can save for a child’s education without jeopardizing the child’s chances for financial aid
The Baby Boomer's Guide to IRA Planning

The Baby Boomer’s Guide to IRA Planning

This 4-panel, 2-sided, 8.5" x 11" reference guide for clients reinforces your expertise and helps to explain key concepts every client must consider when making IRA Planning decisions. Topics include:

  • What is an IRA
  • Who is eligible to contribute to a traditional IRA
  • Traditional IRA contributions
  • How IRA withdrawals are taxed
  • Other potential “side effects” of IRA distributions
  • Roth IRA contributions
  • Roth IRA conversions
  • Income tax-free Roth IRA qualified distributions
  • Other Roth IRA distributions
  • What investments are allowed within an IRA
  • Benefits of tax-deferred growth
  • Retirement assets held in employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Moving retirement account money
  • Required minimum distributions
  • The importance of the beneficiary form
  • The “Stretch IRA”
  • Trust as IRA beneficiaries
  • Spousal IRA beneficiaries
  • Limits and risks
The Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security

The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Social Security

This 4-panel, 2-sided, 8.5" x 11" reference guide gives your clients a solid overview of how Social Security works. Perfect to handout at client meetings about retirement income planning. Topics include:

  • What is Social Security
  • What are the benefits of Social Security
  • How you become eligible for Social Security benefits
  • How your retirement benefit is calculated
  • When you may begin receiving Social Security benefits
  • When should you apply for benefits?
  • What if you apply between the ages of 62 and 65
  • What if you apply between the ages of 66 and 70
  • How COLAs affect Social Security benefits
  • How spousal benefits are calculated
  • How divorce affects Social Security benefits
  • How widowhood affects Social Security benefits
  • How working affects Social Security benefits
  • How pension income affects Social Security benefits
  • How benefits are taxed
  • How to apply for Social Security benefits
  • Information and documents you need to apply for benefits
  • What about Medicare
  • What about Social Security reform
The Baby Boomer's Guide to Medicare

The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Medicare

Elaine Floyd, CFP®, Horsesmouth’s Director of Retirement and Life Planning, has worked to develop this client-resource on Medicare—one that addresses the basics, but also dives into the more advanced aspects of a complicated topic.

  • Basics on health care coverage after age 65
  • How to evaluate coverage based on current plan
  • A primer on the separate parts of Medicare and what they cover
  • Information for claimants already on Medicare and how to optimize coverage
  • Long-term care and how to integrate it into overall retirement planning
  • Additional costs
  • How to enroll—initial enrollment period, special enrollment, and special enrollment contingencies
  • How to get supplemental insurance Medicare Advantage plans
50 Things: What a Financial Professional Does for You

50 Things: What a Financial Professional Does for You

Sometimes you just gotta toot your own horn!

Because clients will forget how valuable you are. They don’t see the behind-the-scenes activities. They don’t realize all that goes into the check they get each month or the hours spent reviewing accounts.

So remind them of your value with this special reprint, “50 Things: What a Financial Professional Does for You.”

  • Send it to clients and prospects
  • Post it to your website
  • Include it in your Welcome Kit
  • Send each “love note” separately through social media
Key Planning and Investment Deadlines Quarterly Postcards

Key Planning and Investment Deadlines Quarterly Postcards

The Key Planning and Investment Deadlines Quarterly postcards covers key deadlines throughout the seasons. Details:

  • Card size: 6" x 9" postcard stock
  • Customizable: contact info, photo, logo
  • Compliance: FINRA-review letter included
  • Hard copies: $0.73 to $1.27 each depending on volume
  • PDF version included with hard copy order
Key Birthdays Postcard

Key Birthdays Postcard

Promote referrals. Reinforce expertise. Get people calling.

The Key Birthdays postcard is an ideal client touch with a lot of potential. It simply and clearly asks people if they know anyone crossing these landmark birth dates. Details:

  • Card size: 6" x 9" postcard stock
  • Customizable: contact info, photo, logo
  • Compliance: FINRA-review letter included
  • Hard copies: $0.73 to $1.27 each depending on volume
  • PDF version included with hard copy order
Client Article Reprints

Client Article Reprints

Now it’s easy to stay connected with clients and prospects by sending them top-rated Horsesmouth articles.

Our Article Reprints program gives you timely access to licensed articles you can present to clients and prospects at any time. You get:

  • Branded with your personalized contact information
  • Available in PDF (print your own) with Web pages and marketing resources available to Master and Savvy program members
  • FINRA-review letter with each article
  • Fast, affordable mini-campaign or client contact

Books and More

Hack-Proof Your Life Now! Book

Hack-Proof Your Life Now!

The New Cybersecurity Rules: Protect your email, computers, and bank accounts from hacks, malware, and identity theft.

We are excited to announce the second edition of our award-winning book. Learn the new cybersecurity rules that we must cultivate in order to achieve higher security: secrecy, omniscience, and mindfulness.

When you integrate Hack-Proof Your Life Now! and use it to protect yourself, you’ll never worry about getting hacked. You and your clients will learn the new cybersecurity rules to stay safe against the biggest cybersecurity threats we face every day.

The FA Guide to the New Tax Law

The Financial Advisor’s Guide to the New Tax Law:

Help Your Clients Make Smart Moves

The Financial Advisor’s Guide to the New Tax Law: Help Your Clients Make Smart Moves is the perfect resource for all the tricky details of the new law.

The new tax rules give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, your insights, and your professionalism by educating clients and prospects about the intersection of taxes and their plans to save, send kids to college, and retire. It shows you as a Financial Educator.

The Happy Advisor

The Happy Advisor

How Do You Build a Prosperous Business, Raise a Family, Support a Spouse, and Contribute to Your Community—All While Leading Your Clients Safely Into the Future?

It’s a sad truth that few in this world really understand how difficult your job is and how rewarding it can be when pursued with passion, drive, determination, intensity, devotion and dedication.

You’ll find The Happy Advisor to be an endless source of inspiration and insight, one you can turn to again and again for just the right type of adjustment you need to keep on keeping on.

Professional Wine Reference

Professional Wine Reference Books

Advisor Gift Pack (20)

Send your top clients a copy of this gift for all seasons: holidays, birthdays, wine tastings or just to send the message that you’re thinking about them.