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Essential Tax Tips for IRAs

Summary: Woe to the taxpayer who runs afoul of the numerous and confusing IRA rules. There are forms to file, contributions to make, distributions to take, and penalties to avoid. While corrections are possible, it’s best to avoid mistakes in the first place. Here’s what you need to know.


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Article Reprint Library


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9 Reasons You Should Consult With Your CPA Before Year-End View Sample PDF
Essential Tax Tips for IRAs View Sample PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Article Reprint?
an Article Reprint is a specially designed and edited Horsesmouth article. Each Article Reprint is ready to be personalized with your name, contact information and compliance disclosures.

What can I do with an Article Reprint?
Article Reprints are ideal for any advisor’s prospecting, marketing and communications program. Once you brand it with your personal contact information, you can share the article with clients, prospects and centers of influence in your community.

The articles in the Article Reprint library typically have been chosen because the article is important and timely. You’ll find they often match your needs perfectly and are great to send with a short note or comment to the client or prospect.

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So you can mix up your formats, sending a PDF to all clients and prospects, for instance, and sharing the hard copy with selected others. Or send a PDF by email and hard copy by a follow-up letter in the postal mail.

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The reason each article reprint includes a 12-month license is to ensure that you are fully compliant with the laws and regulations regarding copyright permission.

When we surveyed Horsesmouth Members, we learned that nearly 80% of advisors send articles to clients as part of their client communications program. But nearly half acknowledge that they’re often non-compliant regarding obtaining copyright permission. Horsesmouth’s Article Reprints license clears that up and gives you the flexibility you need to communicate with clients and the copyright permissions to back up your compliance.

Are Article Reprint articles compliance ready?
Nearly all Article Reprints have been reviewed by FINRA; you receive a copy of the review letter each time you order an Article Reprint. The letter is intended for your compliance file and to help speed your own compliance review.

How much does a personalized Article Reprint cost?
A PDF Article Reprint costs $97 for one year. Custom Print of 100 personalized articles through Horsesmouth, which include the PDF license too, costs $294 plus shipping and handling. (Higher quantities available.)

Why send an Article Reprint?
Sharing article reprints with clients and prospects is an easy and effective way to stay top of mind with clients and reinforce your client service and marketing messages.

Many find sharing an article more effective than a generic newsletter for several reasons:


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