Viruses and Volatility: When Will the Upheaval End?

Mar 20, 2020 / By Wendi Webb, MBA
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BlackSwanRx: You may be physically isolated, but you’re always connected with these links, resources, and funnies to help you through the 12% down days.

Not even a week into lockdown and people are going stir crazy wondering when their social distancing will end.

It could be weeks before we know. Scientists need to identify when we reach “peak cases” to determine the pandemic’s trajectory. It took China about two and a half months to reach its peak. It took South Korea about half a month.

Unfortunately, U.S. scientists are behind the curve due to a late start in testing. But as the numbers come in, experts offer their thoughts on when we might recover from both the virus and the volatility.

Estimating an end to the pandemic

Source: The Lancet

Estimating an end to market volatility

Source: Koyfin

  • Morningstar forecasts a short-term hit with a quick rebound. (Morningstar)

Source: Morningstar

  • Mark Hulbert thinks it will take about three years to return to the February 19, 2020 highs. (MarketWatch)

Source: MarketWatch

Source: CNBC

Source: Yahoo Finance

#QuarantineLife: How to keep busy in isolation

Source: Twitter

Advisor resources

Source: Vox

Source: MarketWatch


  • Arnold is self-isolating with his best buds.

Source: Twitter

Source: Ben Carlson

  • Selling real estate in a pandemic.

Source: Next Door

  • Another expert’s best guess on how this all ends…

Source: Facebook


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