How To Reengage Your Unengaged Clients (and Generate New Business)

Jun 28, 2022 / By Ari Galper
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You probably have new business sitting in your own book. But if you have fallen out of touch with certain clients, you need to reestablish the relationship before making any service offerings—otherwise they may feel exploited. Here’s a client reengagement approach that works.

You have a book of business, clients that consider you their financial advisor, and you’re earning a trail of income from them every year.

You probably speak with a small percentage of them frequently and the rest, less frequently.

No one needs to tell you that you probably have plenty of opportunity to grow your business in your own backyard, without always having to hunt for new clients.

But how do you reengage your unengaged clients to see if you can offer them expanded advisory services?

It’s tricky, because you don’t want them to think you’re just calling them to sell more of your services.

Instead, they need to feel (and I’m sure you do feel this way) that you truly care about them and their financial situation.

Most advisors would call and try to find common ground, hoping the conversation turns towards them coming into the office or setting up a Zoom consultation.

But if you don’t have a clear road map for how to reengage them correctly, the conversation can get awkward, fast—or worse, you could break trust with them.

So how do you shape the conversation based on a trust-based selling approach, to create genuine trust and position yourself as the trusted authority for them?

The key is anchoring the conversation on their concerns and issues, without a hint of suggesting that you have a solution for them.

What? No solution offering you say?

That’s right.

Stick with anchoring the conversation around their current concerns and changes in their life—or how the current economy is affecting them—with the offer to discuss how their circumstances may have changed.

Here’s an approach using trust-based language:

Hi Matt, hope you are well…it’s been a while since we have spoken, and with all the changes and volatility that you’re probably seeing in the news and in the economy—I’ve been thinking about your situation—and thought it might make sense to catch up for a consultation/review to see if anything in your financial situation may be affected by the way the world is changing…how does that sound to you?

Of course, you can change that to suit your client’s specific situation, but that approach at least gives you a framework to operate from, so you don’t slip into “solution mode” prematurely.

The key to successfully reengaging your current clients is choosing your language and approach carefully, so they feel they can trust you enough to open up again about their financial concerns and situation.

This trust-based approach shows them you are genuinely interested in their situation without putting on the hard sell. This opens up the opportunity to deepen or rebuild their trust in you and your ability to solve their financial challenges.

Ari Galper is a recognized authority on trust-based selling and a sought-after sales conversion expert for financial advisors. His technique means no more chasing, no pressure, no closing. You can get a free copy of Ari’s best-selling book Unlock the Sales Game for Financial Advisors by clicking here, and, when you order the complimentary book, in the order form if you click the “YES” button, you’ll also receive a complimentary practice growth consultation with Ari or one of his trust-based consultants. Ari has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine and the Australian Financial Review. He is considered a contrarian in the financial services industry and in his book, everything you learned about selling will be turned upside down.

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