Doctors Don’t Do Coffee—Why Should You?

Nov 4, 2022 / By Ari Galper
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This contrarian view says the notion that you must be buddy-buddy with a prospect before they will do business with you is wrong, delays bringing them on costs you a lot of time better spent elsewhere.

The notion that people only buy from those they know and like is one that the traditional sales gurus have taught for decades.

But it has led many advisors to think they need to socialize first and do business second, resulting in extended sales cycles and awkwardly chasing their prospects with “Just checking in” or “How are things going?” emails, texts and phone calls.

They spend time and effort building what they think is a “relationship,” only to hear “We’ll get back to you if we’re interested.”

Think back to the last time you saw your doctor.

Did he or she attempt to build a relationship with you, or even suggest getting together for a cup of coffee?

Probably not, yet without a formal relationship with your doctor, you follow their advice and pay their fee without hesitation.

The truth is, your prospects don’t necessarily need to like you to trust you.

Because unlike the kind of trust that occurs in a social context, trust in a business context depends on whether your prospects see you as an authority.

A doctor portrays authority through a specific consultation process and their bedside manner.

They focus on diagnosing your problem, which demonstrates they have no other agenda except to help you.

There’s rarely drawn-out chit-chat or superficial rapport-building that would make us feel they have an ulterior motive.

Their purpose is clear and simple: Get to the bottom of our problem so they can accurately prescribe the solution—so they can see their next patient.

The experience usually happens in one step, instead of multiple steps, with little or no resistance on your part.

Trust is built inside the entire experience.

To convert more prospects into clients, try dialing down the social chit-chat and “relationship” building in your initial meeting, so you retain your authority.

A real relationship can be developed after they become a client, rather than before.

Ari Galper is a recognized authority on trust-based selling and a sought-after sales conversion expert for financial advisors. His technique means no more chasing, no pressure, no closing. You can get a free copy of Ari’s best-selling book Unlock the Sales Game for Financial Advisors by clicking here, and, when you order the complimentary book, in the order form if you click the “YES” button, you’ll also receive a complimentary practice growth consultation with Ari or one of his trust-based consultants. Ari has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine and the Australian Financial Review. He is considered a contrarian in the financial services industry and in his book, everything you learned about selling will be turned upside down.


It makes sense. However, I will say that I have changed my primary care physician a number of times in my life, and other than one who I really considered a friend, I had no guilt whatsoever about leaving them to go to another doctor.
I wouldn't go to a Doctor that I didn't like! My clients wouldn't either.
This is an interesting way to look at the prospecting process. Just curious, have you actually built a financial advising business using this methodology?
Hi Dave, this is exactly how my financial advisor clients grow their businesses through our coaching and consulting, a good place to start would be a copy of our book here

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