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Welcome to AdvisorRADIO. Listen in as Horsesmouth talks with expert guests on insightful, relevant, and timely advisor topics. Replay the episodes online or download archived shows—listen and learn while you work, commute, or exercise.

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My Approach to Bonding With CPAs
What’s Working Now: This advisor devised a simple system to meet with CPAs for a short presentation about his firm, followed by a lunch that allows him to gain a deeper understanding of their pain points, business practices, and potential as referral sources.
Play High-Net-Worth Matchmaker Over Coffee or Wine
What’s Working Now: This advisor has found success in bringing different professionals together over a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine. Learn how he’s doing it while getting huge referrals.
How to Become an Inter-Generational Advisor
In this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin talks with Gary Shunk, the Principal of Family Wealth Dynamics, who identifies the major conversations you should be broaching with clients and their families, what the major life transitions are that family’s go through that will create opportunities for you to serve them, and more.
How I Used Speaking Coaches to Boost My Business
What’s Working Now: This advisor hired two speaking coaches to help him present educational workshops as his chief marketing strategy. Pick up on some of Craig’s tips for becoming a stronger public speaker.
Are You Committing These Networking Blunders?
Speaker and coach Lisa Marie Platske says in this conversation with Ellen Rogin, it’s not just what these networking pros are doing right that sets them apart, but the blunders they are avoiding. She details what you can do to generate authentic, valuable connections.
I Tripled My Business by Finding the Ideal Number of Clients
What’s Working Now: This advisor found the key to providing better service to her clients and improving work life balance for her team—all while growing her business.
Talk to Clients About Their Kids
What’s Working Now: This advisor is building deeper connections by getting to know and helping her clients’ young adult children.
How I Run Community Events and Interview Top Leaders
What’s Working Now: This advisor and his firm host large public seminars that feature live interviews with top business and community leaders. The public loves it and the buzz is huge. Here’s how you can do it, too.
Is Your Messaging Compelling or Repelling?
In this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin Talks with Maribeth Kuzmeski, President of Red Zone Marketing. She shares why so many advisors blunder when explaining what they do, and how they can make their message more compelling. She also explains why your messaging should be consistent across all of the different avenues of your marketing—including your website and social media.
How I Use Stories to Inspire My Team and Gain New Clients
What’s Working Now: Chris Holman interviews an advisor about his focus and success with storytelling and how it has helped turned prospects into clients.
How to Make Connections with Your Communications
In this AdvisorRadio interview Ellen Rogin Speaks with mainstage speaker, author, and speaking trainer George Kansas about helping advisors combine their number skills with their coommunication skills to build trust and long-lasting relationships with clients and prospects.
How I Use Medicare to Grow My Business
What’s Working Now: This advisor became the go-to Medicare expert in his community and the referrals started rolling in.
Is Your Marketing an Afterthought?
In this episode of AdvisorRADIO, Ellen Rogin speaks with Laura Rubinstein, author of Social Media Myths Busted and someone who has helped thousands of businesses and advisors develop marketing plans, about what it takes to generate marketing that resonates with prospects.
How Speaking to Women’s Groups Has Grown My Niche
What’s Working Now: By addressing women’s curiosity, fears, and other reactions to money, this advisor attracts women looking for a personalized experience that often has been difficult for them to find.
The Secrets of Meaningful Networking
In this Ellen Rogin interview, Michael Goldberg of Knock-Out Networking explains what networking really is and how to create meaningful exchanges that lead to lasting relationships. He shares what the best kinds of questions are to ask and how to shift the dynamic of conversations so that the person you are networking with feels that you are in this together.
A Simple, Powerful Question I Ask Clients
What’s Working Now: This advisor’s question leads in many directions, but nearly always delivers benefits for both the client and the advisor—even referrals.
The Power of the Face-to-Face Meeting
What’s Working Now: This advisor says results are always better when she meets clients over lunch and prospects for coffee. The bigger challenge remains the low interest rate environment and clients’ fear of securities.
How I’m Building My Doctors’ Niche
What’s Working Now: This advisor redefined his ideal client and started attracting medical professionals to his business. Here’s how he did it.
How I Hold 24 Prospect Meetings in 3 Hours
What’s Working Now: To become a go-to advisor in her area, this advisor demonstrates her expertise, no strings attached. Offer meaty educational workshops completely free of product sales—when people have follow-up questions, they’ll come back to you for the answers.
Coach’s Corner: Are You Missing the Prospects Right Under Your Nose?
Are you constantly searching for prospects? There might be plenty of individuals right in front of you. Don’t miss out!
Ellen Rogin Talks Vision and Mission Statements with Jim Nemley
In this AdvisorRADIO interview, Ellen Rogin talks with Jim Nemley of Xtra-Ordinary Business Builders about the difference between the two statements and how you can use each one to grow your business, attract the right kind of clients, and foster a thriving team culture.
Tips for Writing Blog Posts that Attract Clients
Writing a blog is a great way to get your name out there, boost your credibility, and stay top of mind with clients and prospects. Learn some pointers from this interview with Susan Weiner.
How Women Sell Differently: Ellen Rogin Interviews Judy Hoberman
In this AdvisorRADIO interview, Ellen Rogin talks with Judy Hoberman of Selling in a Skirt, about how women approach and respond to selling. Learn what gender trends can help women increase their comfort level and effectiveness with selling.
Growing Your Business: Ellen Rogin Interviews Bev Flaxington
Week in and out you plan the growth of clients’ nest eggs, but how often do you take the time to plan the growth of your own practice? Beverly Flaxington, a 25-year investment industry marketing and sales expert and consultant, has experienced firsthand how little advisors plan for themselves. In this discussion with Ellen Rogin, she provides various action steps advisors can take to get proactive about building their books.
Coach’s Corner: How to Get Motivated to Grow Your Practice
Goals are a must for growing your business, but you also must possess the sense of self-worth and confidence to see those goals through. On this edition of Coach’s Corner, Jim Rohrbach answers advisor-submitted questions about getting motivated, how to meet with prospects, encouraging referrals, networking, and more.
Ellen Rogin Talks Referrals With Matt Anderson
What is the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of advisors asking for referrals? Ellen Rogin discusses this question and more with the Referral Authority’s Matt Anderson, including how much you should rely on social media, how introverts should approach referrals, and what elements need to be in place to make referral-requests more likely to succeed.
Using Business Golf to Grow Your Business
Suzanne Woo, business golf coach and author, calls golf an “x-ray of the soul,” and encourages advisors to use it to connect with and even vet potential clients. What if you’re not very good at golf? What’s the etiquette you need to follow? How do you make sure your prospect has a good time? Suzanne answers these questions and provides many tips on making business golf work for you in this discussion with Horsesmouth editor-in-chief, Sean Bailey.
Marketing Clinic: Answering “I Already Have an Advisor”
Answering this classic objection starts off the discussion on this week’s Marketing Clinic with Wendi Webb, director of the Advisor/Client marketing program, and Horsesmouth editor-in-chief, Sean Bailey.
Marketing Clinic—How to Host a COI Roundtable
On this episode of AdvisorRADIO’s Marketing Clinic, Wendi Webb, director of the Advisor/Client marketing program, talks with Horsesmouth’s editor-in-chief, Sean Bailey, about her COI Roundtable campaign for forming connections with CPAs and other professionals, along with answering questions, such as what to do about competitors.
Ellen Rogin Discusses How to Publish a Book With Karen Rowe
Writing a book is a powerful way to establish yourself as an expert in the eyes of your clients and prospects, to open the door for speaking opportunities, and just to get your name out there in general, but there is more to the process than you may think. Writing the book is just the beginning as Karen Rowe, book strategist and ghost writer, explains in this discussion with Ellen Rogin on the steps needed to publish a book.
Marketing Clinic: Answering “What Do You Do?”
How to get butts in chairs, handling retirement concerns from clients and prospects, and answering, “What do you do?” are three issues tackled on this week’s Marketing Clinic with Wendi Webb, director of the Advisor/Client marketing program, and Sean Bailey, Horsesmouth Editor-in-Chief.
Marketing Clinic: Discovering Clients’ Passions
How to discover the passions and hobbies of clients and prospects starts the discussion on this edition of AdvisorRADIO’s Marketing Clinic.
Talking About Beyond Referrals With Author, Bill Cates
How to use introductions in your referral process, following up with prospects without appearing pushy, and the importance of getting systematic with how you approach referrals are just a few of the topics covered in our conversation with Bill Cates, president of Referral Coach International, about his latest book, Beyond Referrals: How to Use the Perpetual Revenue System to Convert Referrals into High-Value Clients.
Marketing Clinic: Target Markets and Webinar Attendance
How do you reach the generation after the Boomers? What’s a good way to form connections with successful professional women? How do you increase webinar attendance? This week’s Marketing Clinic tackles these advisor questions and more.
Marketing Clinic: Newsletters and Social Media
How often should you send clients newsletters and articles? What about Facebook and LinkedIn? How do I approach fellow nonprofit board members? How do I market myself as a CFP? These questions and more are answered in this clinic with marketing expert Wendi Webb, director of the Horsesmouth’s Advisor/Client program.
Ellen Rogin Interviews Shawne Duperon on Media Strategies
Are you nervous talking to the media or don’t have any idea how to approach them? The media can be a powerful ally for your practice once you master the rules of the game. On this edition of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin discusses these rules and how you can position yourself to win the trust of the media with Shawne Duperon, a networking, media, and gossip expert.
Marketing Tips that Work in Today’s Environment
From referrals, to social media, to websites, Maribeth Kuzmeski of Red Zone Marketing discusses with host Ellen Rogin what works and what doesn’t when it comes to advisor marketing in 2013.
Horsesmouth Roundup of New Programs and Campaigns
Horsesmouth editor-in-chief Sean Bailey interviews three senior editors—Wendi Webb, Janet Bernstel, and Elaine Floyd—about the Last Chance Financial Planning Checklist Campaign, the Advisor/Client marketing and prospecting program, how to get ready for the holidays by hosting an open house wine event, and how advisors can make Social Security a part of their client service program.
How Advisors Grow Their Business
How do you help your team to push past comfort zones to achieve real, sustainable progress in your business? Chris Holman, senior executive coach at ClientWise, joins AdvisorRADIO to discuss growth strategies.
Advanced Wealth Management Skills for HNW+ Business
Sometimes a CFP just isn’t enough for high to ultra-high net worth executives and business owners whose multi-million dollar portfolios require sophisticated expertise in tax planning, wealth management, retirement planning, and more. Horsesmouth talks with Jim Dobbs, CFP and developer of IMCA’s Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA) program on what advisors need to compete at the HNW+ level.
Develop an Effective Marketing Message for Right Now!
The biggest difference between success and failure in marketing is understanding what your potential clients really care about. Sales trainer and author Mark Magnacca, president of Insight Development Group, will explain how to create an effective positioning statement that will interest those you hope to win over. Additionally, financial advisor Bill Connington in Pine Brook, N.J., will share successful insights from his client event marketing approach.
The Mental Rules of Golf (And Business Success)
Wanna pick up some golf tips and business-building strategies? Sports psychologist Gregg Steinberg talks about golf mastery, golf events, and business success. Hailed by Golf Digest as a sports mastermind, Dr. Steinberg shares stories of helping financial advisors improve their games, as well as hosting fun-filled golf events for clients—events that help clients gain more mental discipline in one of their favorite past-times.
Marketing Clinic: What’s Working These Days and What Isn’t
Do you have a marketing strategy and a lucrative target market? What’s a good ROI for your money? Join us for a special marketing clinic with our guest, Maribeth Kuzmeski, marketing expert and author of the new book, The Connectors.
Develop an Ideal Client Profile; Plus, Women Prospects
we’ll discuss how advisors create an Ideal Client Profile to guide their marketing and prospecting activities, detail what elements you need to include, and how to best use one. Also, Horsesmouth Senior Editor Wendi Webb will join us to share her insights on how advisors go about developing a women’s niche.
Meeting HNW: What Works and What Doesn’t
Special guests: Bryce Sanders on working with high-net-worth individuals, Horsesmouth CEO William T. Nicklin, and Horsesmouth Senior Editor Wendi Webb.
Play More Golf and Get More Clients
Special guests: Wendi Webb with “Emotionless Stock Picking,” Suzanne Woo with “How to Play More Golf and Get More Clients,” plus memorabilia that inspires advisors and more!
Call Reluctance—What It Is, and How to Overcome It
Special guests: Connie Kadansky on “Call Reluctance,” Bob David on “The Power of Visualization,” plus get motivated with Jim Rohrbach and more!
Proven Tips to Improve Your Networking
Horsesmouth senior editor Ed Klink talks with networking/referrals expert Michael Goldberg.
The Secrets to Getting Past Gatekeepers and Cold Calling Effectively
Shawn Greene, author of I'd Rather Have a Root Canal Than Do Cold Calling, talks about how to cold call more effectively.
Horsesmouth Business Plan Webinar Series
Take a mini-course in business plan strategizing for 2010—listen to the replays of these 30-minute sessions led by industry experts. All aspects of your business planning are covered, so if you haven’t started yet, or if there’s an area you’re neglecting, you can get up to speed here.
Can You Capture $25 Million in New Assets in 2010 from Strategic Alliances? Plus, a Compliance Expert Update
Horsesmouth Radio interviews Steve Moeller, of American Business Visions, about the benefits of strategic alliances with estate and trust attorneys. Plus, Nancy Lininger, founder of The Consortium, a compliance consulting firm, joins us to provide the latest on regulatory changes coming down the pike from Washington D.C.
Extending My Firm’s Reach with Social Security Workshops
This advisor isn’t letting his firm’s rural location limit his business. Discover how he’s combining Social Security workshops and tech-savvy follow-up to maximize his firm’s reach.
How I Cultivate CPA Relationships Using Social Security Workshops
This advisor uses the topic of Social Security to help investors and the CPAs they work with to prepare for the “back nine” of life, that being retirement and the distribution financial phase.
Preparing Clients for Life in Retirement
The vague ideas clients have about what their retirement will be like often don’t match reality—and it can be a rude awakening. Rick Atkinson, president of Retirement Advisors, shares some ways you can help your clients prepare for their full retirement picture.
Sharpening Divorce Planning Skills
Becoming educated in the divorce process is a great way to extend your value to clients and offer a point of differentiation with prospects. Nancy Liebman, advisor, CDFA, and author of the “Get Your Fair Share: Control the Purse Strings of Your Divorce” financial workbook joins us to cover some of the pitfalls you can help divorced and soon to be divorced clients avoid, as well as how you can use divorce planning to differentiate yourself.
Woman Entrepreneurs: What Makes Them Tick?
How can you help your women business owner clients overcome their biggest financial challenges? This week on AdvisorRADIO we’ll be talking with Laura Biswas, founder of Embracing Your Path, a consulting firm working with women entrepreneurs, and with Judith Cane, a successful woman advisor in Ottawa, Canada.
Laid-Off Camp and Financial Town Hall Meetings
Recognizing an opportunity to reach out to the recently unemployed, advisor Mitch Slater hosted a Laid-Off Camp in New Jersey for more than 100 attendees. Learn how this value-added event introduced him to potential clients and performed a public service. Plus, business consultant Sarano Kelly discusses the benefits of hosting financial Town Hall meetings.
How to Offer Legacy Planning Services to Your Clients
Transferring wealth is complicated process, wrought with emotional and financial landmines. Guest expert Woody Young joins us on AdvisorRADIO to show you how training in legacy planning can play a big role in helping alleviate the complexity and allow clients to steer clear of transfer pitfalls.
New Social Security Developments, Entertaining with Champagne, and Overcoming Recession Challenges
Horsesmouth Editor-in-Chief Sean Bailey and Senior Editor Ed Klink talk with Elaine Floyd, director of retirement and life planning at Horsesmouth, about new Social Security developments; advisor marketing expert Bryce Sanders about Champagne; and business coach Dan Finley about bear market challenges.
Make 2010 Your Best Referral Year Ever
Advisor Solutions Network founder Steve Saenz shares strategies for building referral alliances with a range of professionals. Plus, we talk with Horsesmouth’s Elaine Floyd about “Key Financial Data for 2010” and “Roth Conversion Analyses”—our top two articles for January!
Studying Medicare to Prepare for a New Wave of Retirees
What’s Working Now: This retirement planner presents Medicare workshops at local financial institutions to build his brand as the local resource for retirement health care.
Now’s the Time to Work on Your Succession Plan
In this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin speaks with Frank Skinner, CFA, CPA, of AUM Partners about the obstacles that prevent many advisors from working on their succession plans, and how they can be overcome. Delegation figures prominently in the discussion, both for its importance in the succession process, but also in taking advisory firms to a whole new level of efficiency and production.
How to Spend More Time With Your Best Clients
What’s Working Now: This advisor found a surefire way to hire great staff so he could generate more revenue for his firm and have more time with his family.
Are You a Compassionate Advisor?
In this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin interviews Dr. Shawne Duperon, creator of Project Forgive and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, about the power of forgiveness and compassion.
How I Hired and Trained a New Advisor to Become a Valuable Asset for My Team
What’s Working Now: Overwhelmed by a growing number of clients, this financial advisor developed a special approach to hiring and training a new advisor for his firm—a move that led to more efficient operations and personalized client service.
A Planning Process That Connects with Clients
Luna Jaffe, a CFP and author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom, discusses with Ellen Rogin how you can more effectively connect with clients during the financial planning process and really get them to see, feel, and understand their goals and the progress they have made towards them.
How I’ve Reached New Markets By Writing for a Local Magazine
What’s Working Now: Advisor Sean Wood writes monthly articles for a local magazine and publishes them on LinkedIn. It’s allowed him to reach new prospects and get new clients. Learn how he’s doing it.
How to Nourish and Refresh Your Business
Ellen Rogin speaks with Tina Dietz of StartSomething Creative Business Solutions about how to evaluate the different business structures that make up your practice and better tailor them to your service.
How I’m Creating a Succession Plan for My Business
What’s Working Now: This advisor is working with an outside firm to create a succession plan for his business. Rather than just selling his book, he will be able to leave his clients in good hands and see his business continue in the care of a new generation.
My Divorce-Planning Niche Sets Me Apart
What’s Working Now: Learn from this advisor’s story how focusing her prospecting on women in transition is making her the local go-to person for financial questions related to divorce.
Why I Use an Open-Client Service Matrix to Segment My Clients
What’s Working Now: When many advisors think of assigning clients to different tiers of service—A-clients, B-clients, etc.—they see it as something to hide from the clients for fear of making someone think they are getting the short end of the stick. But this advisor openly shares her Client Service Matrix with her clients, and this puts everyone on the same page about service expectations. Her clients love it, and it opens up new ways that they can work together.
Get Noticed and Referred Through Corporate Intranets
What’s Working Now: This advisor acts as a financial guide for his clients working at big corporations in his area. And by helping them, he gains referrals through their intranet boards.
Keys to a More Balanced Brain: Ellen Rogin Talks with Debbie Vyskocil
In this episode of AdvisorRADIO, Ellen Rogin talks with Debbie Vyskocil of Optimal Edge Performance who shares what she has learned from her background in Performance Training and Neurophysiology, and how you can use this information to achieve a more balanced brain.
How I Use Lunch-and-Learns to Build My Business
What’s Working Now: This former Texas high school football coach is still recognized for his Friday Night Lights exploits. But now he’s traded the x’s and o’s for dollars and cents. And it’s the clients who are getting the clear eyes and full hearts.
The Role New Client and Prospect Packets Play in My Business
What’s Working Now: This advisor says that rounding out a marketing plan with a prospect packet, followed by a new client packet, assists in turning prospects into clients and fostering new clients’ confidence and trust in you. These final marketing steps facilitate a stronger working relationship between advisor and client.
The Power of One COI at a Time
What’s Working Now: This advisor’s team quadrupled assets and halved clients over eight years. Their laser focus on client service and building a small, tight COI network played a key role in their success.
How to Systematize Your Business:
In this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin Talks with Mary Sterk about how an advisor can make real leaps in his/her business success by putting financial advisory practice systems into place.
How I Use MoneyGuide Pro with Clients
What’s Working Now: When this advisor began letting clients in on the process of using financial planning software, he found they became more engaged and committed to working with him on their goals.
Bringing On and Working With Female Advisors
In this AdvisorRADIO interview, Ellen Rogin Interviews Holly Buchanan, an expert in marketing to women, about how to recruit more women into the financial advisor industry and into your firm.
How We’ve Mastered the Center of Influence (COI) Network
What’s Working Now: This advisor’s team has a highly developed approach to finding and networking with allied professionals to meet their client needs in the financial world and beyond. It’s a two-way street of connecting with like-minded peers, sharing advice, and trading referrals.
50 Things I Do for Clients—Plus More
What’s Working Now: This advisor is using the Horsesmouth “50 Things” reprint with great results. Plus, her collaborative approach and tech-savvy emphasis set her apart from competitors.
Relationships Matter: Becoming a More Holistic, Multigenerational Advisor
Advisor Author: The old way of doing things, focusing on products and finances alone, isn’t going to cut it in the future, posits Tony DiLeonardi in his new book. If you want to keep clients and win the business of their children, you need to embrace a more holistic, life planning approach.
Why I Hired a Coach and Stick With It
What’s Working Now: This advisor was doing so well she was reluctant to carve out time for working with a coach. But once she did, the benefits far outstripped the costs.
I Only See Clients Three Weeks Out of Each Month
What’s Working Now: This advisor sets aside one full week per month to work on his business, including developing more diversified portfolios for his clients.
My System for Booking $4,500 a Day
What’s Working Now: The simple gesture of looking at and recording his revenue structured this advisor’s business for success and keeps him on track for growth.
Setting Goals That Inspire You
Ellen Rogin Talks with Matt Anderson of the Referral Authority, showing you tools, tips, and techniques for setting goals that will inspire you to fulfill them and reach for even grander heights.
My LinkedIn Referral Process
What’s Working Now: For six years running, this advisor has added 11 new clients per year. His “acquisition, investment, and service”process includes specific strategies for prospecting through LinkedIn.
How I Developed My Divorce Planning Niche
What’s Working Now: This advisor left a big firm to follow her desire to work in her niche and has been having great success since. This is how she did it.
My Quest for Excellent Client Service
What’s Working Now: This advisor carefully screens his prospects. Once onboard, a three-person team handle all aspects of the client relationship. It’s expensive, but pays for itself in the long term.
How to Regain Control of Your Inbox
Ellen Rogin talks with professional organizer Bonnie Shay about simple methods for taming an out-of-control inbox that can create stress and distraction, robbing you of the focus you need to get things done on a day-to-day basis.
How I Use Natural Principles to Guide My Business
What’s Working Now: This advisor always asks clients ‘How can I help?’ The activities that follow take care of the rest. The money follows.
How Speaking and Teaching Builds My Reputation Around Town
What’s Working Now: This advisor says find a niche topic, learn it well, and start presenting in front of local organizations. Before long, you'll find people stopping you on the streets and coming by your office to meet.
5 Steps to Raise Profitability: Ellen Rogin Talks with Anne Graham
Do you have a long list of changes you want to implement in your practice because you know they will increase your success, but you’re frustrated because you don’t believe you have the budget to make them a reality? Taking a careful look at your practice’s profitability can be the key to finding the money you need to progress your business.
How Advisors Can Get the Most out of Social Media
Ellen Rogin Talks with Amy McIlwain, delving into the nuts and bolts of each of the popular social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…) and provides tips on how to make more connections through these networks, and better quality ones as well.
How a Networking Strategy Expanded My Sphere of Influence
What’s Working Now: This advisor expanded his network from maybe 200 people to almost 2,500 by joining networking groups and nonprofits to expand his presence in the community.
The Art of the Client Meeting Checklist
What’s Working Now: This advisor created a specific client meeting outline to better communicate with clients. It helps build trust, earn introductions, and pave the way for well-attended client events.
How to Project Confidence Through Voice: Ellen Rogin Talks with Cindy Ashton
Every person has a vocal presence that shows itself when we talk to others, forming a perception in the listener’s mind. It can make you come across as nervous and uncomfortable, or confident and capable. Everything from the tone of your voice, to the posture of your body comes into play. These tips from Cindy Ashton, a voice and speaking coach, singer, and actress, could be of great help during your next seminar or client meeting!
What’s Working Now: Don’t Be Afraid to Train Your Staff to Grow Your Business
All of us have poured blood, sweat and tears into our business, and often that leads us to fear giving up control. But don’t be afraid to start training your replacement. Their increased responsibility can afford you time to focus more on clients and prospects. It’s the key to growth, success, and good client service.
Being a Guilt-Free Working Mom (or Dad): Ellen Rogin Talks with Marci Fair
Juggling career and family responsibilities is a myth, says Marci Fair, mom of four, business owner, and author of Tilt: 7 Solutions to be a Guilt-Free Working Mom. Instead, you’ve got to determine your priorities through careful consideration of what’s important to you and learn how to say no to what doesn’t matter.
What’s Working Now: How I Created a Professional Advisory Board to Grow My Business
Creating an advisory board of other professionals is a great way to grow your business. But you also need to deliver value to the board members.
How to Broach Charity with Clients: Ellen Rogin Interviews Greg Hammond
There is a false belief, and one that leads to regret when at the end of life, clients feel like they have made no impact in their communities and in the world. This interview will give you insight into how to bring up the often tricky subject of philanthropy, and how to leave clients confident that they will leave a legacy to be proud of.
Organization Tips for Your Office: Ellen Rogin Talks with Sharon McRill
On this episode of Advisor Radio, Ellen Rogin talks with Sharon McRill of the Betty Brigade about just how damaging disorganization can be to your productivity, and how you can put systems in place that will give order to your work-space, even if you consider yourself helplessly messy. You might even consider sharing these tips with clients who may benefit from them.
What’s Working Now: Why I Hired a Licensed Assistant
I needed a tech-savvy young associate who could promote my business through social media, help bring in new clients, and mature into my successor.
What’s Working Now: Ron Kelemen
Oregon advisor, Ron Kelemen, shares how he turned his book into a “phenomenal marketing tool” and revitalized his practice by taking on a junior advisor.
My Trading Strategies and Social Media Activity Set Me Apart
What’s Working Now: Running 11 different investment models keeps this advisor engaged and excited about his business. And he’s using social media to attract prospects, too.
Ellen Rogin Interviews Karin Volo on the Power of Engagement
In this AdvisorRadio interview, Ellen Rogin talks with Karin Volo, self-proclaimed Chief Joy Officer, about her inspirational story and how it led her to studying engagement. Karin’s insights can be put to use in turning any office’s culture around, from one of boredom and distraction, to one of passion and fulfillment.
Finding Happiness: Ellen Rogin Interviews Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo
In this AdvisorRADIO interview, Ellen Rogin talks with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, author of “A Happy You,” about how to avoid the common traps of stressful thinking that people fall into and how to reach a state of presentness and wellbeing. Follow the tips in this interview to be happier and more present with your clients.
Boosting Employee Engagement—Ellen Rogin Talks with Meredith Elliott Powell
On this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin talks with Meredith Elliott Powell, author of Winning in the Trust and Value Economy, about how to turn around employee disengagement and cultivate the kind of team that inspires itself to achieve. Lots of advisors grouse about underperforming teams, but few take the steps to turn things around—the tips in this episode can help.
What Successful Advisory Firms Do
In this AdvisorRadio interview, Ellen Rogin talks with FP Advance chief exec, Brett Davidson, about what advisors and their teams can do to improve their businesses, while often at the same time simplifying workflow and reducing stress.
Ellen Rogin Explores Success Rituals With Shawn Greene
Many high-performing advisors credit the success rituals they do day-in and out for keeping them on track in their lives and businesses. When understood and utilized, rituals can have a profound impact on your life and what you’re able to accomplish. In this edition of AdvisorRADIO, Ellen Rogin talks with Shawn Greene, author of the report, “Ritual: How the Magic of Habit Fuels Daily Success,” about what success rituals are and how you can put them to work in your own life.
The Benefits of a Life-Planning Approach
Many advisors have found embracing life planning to be the key to preparing clients for their financial future in a holistic way that makes sense to them. AdvisorRADIO talks with Michael Kay, CFP, author of The Business of Life about why he finds the approach so worthwhile.
Compensation: Know What you’re Really Worth to Clients
Most advisors sell themselves far too short when it comes to compensation and weaken their premium proposition as a result. Doug Trott of Price Metrix joins us to share the insightful research his company has done into the issue.
How to Upsize by Selling Your Practice
Financial advisor Rob Wolfe of Capital Planning Group in Ft. Lauderdale shares how he took his $300 million practice and merged it with a $12 billion national financial planning firm. He discusses the advantages of becoming part of a larger group, and how he has leveraged his new partnership.
Thinking of Buying or Selling A Business?
Buying or selling a practice presents challenges on many levels. Our guests include Don Patrick, an Atlanta advisor who has personally experienced the process as well as David Grau Jr., Director of Corporate Programs for FP Transitions, with tips on how to spot opportunities and avoid common pitfalls.
Buying and Selling a Business: How to Advise Clients—and Yourself
Listen in for a discussion trends in the market for small business owners with biz broker David Thorne, and get some pointers about buying/selling a financial services practice.
How to Position Your Business in Tough Times
Special Guests: Andrea Nierenberg on networking, Katherine Vessenes on “Positioning Your Office to Make Money in Tough Times,” plus Nicole Coulter on “Connecting with Clients” and more!
How I Provide Great Client Service Through Open Communication
What’s Working Now: This advisor has found that the best marketing technique involves keeping his current clients happy and knowledgeable.
Working With Couples
Ellen Rogin interviews Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, about how you can best get both members of a couple involved in the process and to overcome the roadblocks that often get in the way.
The Client Comes First: How I Do It
What’s Working Now: This advisor says clients want you to care about them. That’s her guide-star.
How Understanding Learning Styles Helps Me Teach and Communicate
What’s Working Now: This advisor started studying learning styles and realized he needed to revamp his communication with clients in order to boost their understanding.
Why I Use an Open Client-Service Matrix to Segment My Clients
What’s Working Now: This advisor segmented clients based on much more than assets, creating a service matrix that promotes better communication as well as efficiency.
Starting the End-of-Life Conversation with Clients: Ellen Rogin Talks with Debbie Kasle
There is a huge disconnect between what people want their final days to be like, and what actually happens for the majority of people. To prevent this from happening, quality conversations need to start taking place around the issue of advanced healthcare planning.
How I Drive New Business By Delivering Quality Client Service
This advisor and his team turned a slow January into a huge business-building exercise that now drives their practice and growth year round. See for yourself. It’s simple and anyone can do it.
Meaningful Gift-Giving Tips for the Holidays and Beyond
Easy-to-implement tips for gift-giving that you can use year-round—Ellen Rogin interviews Lisa Bader.
Are You Clueless When it Comes to Working with Women?
Horsesmouth Editor-in-Chief Sean Bailey interviews veteran advisor and author Ellen Rogin about nuances, attitudes, and helpful tools to consider when working with women clients and prospects.
Teaching Clients Purposeful Spending: Ellen Rogin Interviews Melissa Tosetti
In this AdvisorRADIO interview, learn more about one-on-one cash-flow planning with clients to help them build firm financial foundations.
My Golf and Dinner Strategies: The Way to Connect Deeply
What’s Working Now: With her book of AAA clients, this advisor keeps it personal. Small golf outings and intimate dinners build relationships, client loyalty, and her business.
Ellen Rogin Talks Caregiving With Denise Brown
Forty percent of American adults take care of someone, and the number of caregivers is only going to grow. This is a topic which can really resonate with clients, and it’s also a great opportunity for you to provide value. In this episode of AdvisorRADIO, Ellen Rogin is joined by Denise Brown who sorts through many of the demanding and emotional issues involved with caregiving.
Client Communication Strategies That Work
How do you keep in touch with your clients? Veteran advisor Lois Fishman discusses the tactics she uses including workshops, newsletters, and personal meetings. And she reveals what her clients say about the efforts. Plus, Marie Swift, president and CEO of Impact Communications, Inc., shares the most timely and effective PR strategies.
How to Nudge Clients and Prospects
Can you effectively nudge your clients and prospects to make better decisions about wealth, health and happiness? The authors of a recent bestselling book think so. Join us on AdvisorRADIO as we discuss useful takeaways from the book.
How to Benefit from the Great Client Churn With Superior Client Service Strategies
we’ll discuss specific steps you can take to keep your top clients closer, and we’ll also talk about the newly released Capgemini/Merrill Lynch 2009 World Wealth Report. Plus, business coach David Leo shares his insights into how you should view your own client service strategy.
Tips for Throwing Great Client Events
Ed Klink talks to Nicole Coulter about secrets of great client events.
How to Finally Declutter Your Desk—And Keep it Clean!
Sharon McRill, founder and president of The Betty Brigade, makes a living helping busy professionals clean-up and organize their offices and homes. In this episode of AdvisorRadio, Sharon chats with Ellen Rogin about how advisors can drill down and start cleaning and organizing their offices, and what systems to put in place so that the clutter stays gone!
Why ‘I’m a Financial Advisor’ Is Cringe-Worthy
Fair or not, the term Financial Advisor can summon some pretty unsavory associations for some people. Avoid these negative stereotypes by working on your messaging. In this conversation with Ellen Rogin, Carrie Greene, a speaker, author, and business coach who shares some insights from her Value Formula to convey to prospects what you do in a way that clicks for them and encourages interest.
How to Make Your Goals Happen
In this edition of AdvisorRadio, Success Skills Coach Jim Rohrbach discusses with Ellen Rogin how to set goals that will produce results, including how defining a Mission Statement can help you stay on track throughout the year. Plus, Jim shares tips on how you can program your subconscious for success and set boundaries on your time and attention that will save your focus for what’s really important.
The Importance of Purpose
John Nichols, disability benefits consultant and president of The Disability Resource Group, didn’t know it when he went to pick up the handle of the water-skiing rope during a weekend at his friends cabin, but his life was about to change forever. The ensuing accident, the years of physical therapy, and the hard work to regain his function and his purpose in life, offer an inspirational story with success lessons that anyone, given whatever diversity, can learn from.
How I Learned to Organize My Life and Achieve My Goals
What’s Working Now: This advisor found a process that increased his productivity and decreased his stress levels all while bettering his business. Learn how he juggles it all.
Helping Clients Find Peace With Money Issues
On this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin talks with Rev. Karen Russo about how you can help your clients to unblock negative and stressful associations that many people have with money and how to adopt a more healthy relationship towards money. And who knows, these tips might help you to de-stress as well.
The Most Common Behavioral Finance Mistakes
Behavioral finance expert and finance professor Victor Ricciardi joins Ellen Rogin to talk about common behavioral finance mistakes, including loss aversion, anchoring, and self-control bias, that we should be looking out for in ourselves and our clients.
How to Turn Your Goals into Action
Ellen Rogin talks with Pete Winiarski, author of Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days. Pete shares various ways to find clarity on what is needed to take your life to the next level, and then how you can turn that focus into action that will produce long-term results.
How to Beat Perfectionism
In this AdvisorRADIO interview, Ellen Rogin talks with psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo about perfectionism and how it can be an obstacle to optimal living.
Finding Fulfillment Everyday: Ellen Rogin Talks With David Pollay
In this AdvisorRADIO interview learn how to navigate negativity to bring more joy and fulfillment into your everyday life.
How I Kicked the Workaholic Habit
What’s Working Now: This advisor hits the golf course most weekends, gets 10-20 extra personal hours per week, and is spending more time with clients and his family. Here’s how he did it.
When Clients’ Emotions Endanger the Plan
Ellen Rogin Talks with Les Szarka, advisor and author of Money Brain—How Your Subconscious Mind Can Hijack Your Investment Decisions. Listen and learn how the wiring of the human brain can make ‘sticking to the plan’ so hard for clients, and how best to handle the situation when subconscious emotions start to take over.
Become a ‘Zen’-trepreneur: Ellen Rogin Interviews Jaden Sterling
In this AdvisorRadio interview, Ellen Rogin talks with Sterling about the lessons he learned through his efforts at self-discovery. Along with sharing the milestones in his journey, Sterling also gives emotional intelligence insights you can use to get more fulfillment out of your life.
Is Your Subconscious Set for Success?
In this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin speaks with Natalie Ledwell of Mind Movies about exactly what role the subconscious plays in our success, and how to use tools such as affirmations and visualization to rework our subconscious’ programming in order to work for us, instead of against us.
Ellen Rogin Explores Mindset Improvement with Todd Kestin
It’s often said that the most important battle is the one fought between your ears, and on this episode of AdvisorRadio, Todd and Ellen provide lots of insight about how to win that battle.
Finding Focus: Ellen Rogin Interviews Tina Dietz
In this AdvisorRADIO interview, Ellen Rogin talks with business development expert Tina Dietz about ways to find focus every day, including her success trifecta.
Keys to Healthy Living: Ellen Rogin Talks with Dr. Alschuler
On this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin chats with Naturopathic Doctor & Naturopathic Oncologist Lise Alschuler about the most productive ways you can enhance the level of your health and reap the rewards in clarity of thinking and energy by doing so.
Ellen Rogin Interviews Marian Baker
On this edition of AdvisorRADIO, Ellen Rogin talks with Master Coach Marian Baker, author of Wake Up Inspired: Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You're Meant to Lead.
Coach’s Corner: How to Set Goals, Acquire Focus, and More
On this edition of AdvisorRadio’s Coach’s Corner, Success Skills coach Jim Rohrbach answers questions sent in by advisors, including how to approach goals, how to deal with sales shame, acquiring focus, and how best to find a coach that fits your needs.
The 5 Laws of a “Go-Giver” with Bob Burg
Bob Burg challenges the conventional wisdom of how to get ahead in your business and your life by sharing five lessons from his book, The Go-Giver.
Get a Handle on Depression, Anxiety, and Rejection
Special guests: Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli on handling depression and anxiety, and Shawn Greene on working the phones in a downturn.
Get More Energy Starting Today!
Guest experts: Bob David on “Leading Your Own Referral Revival,” Dan Finley on “Mastering Objections in a Down Market,” and Max Bolka on how to “Get More Energy Starting Today!&Rdquo;
Structuring Your Day to Succeed
Special guests: Steve Sanduski on “How to Structure Your Day,” Bob Chernow on “Futurism and Being and Being an Advisor,” plus “Reach Clients Through a Passion for Wine with Bryce Sanders” and more!
How to Get Motivated and Maintain Focus
20-plus-year industry veteran and advisor coach Bob David shares tips on how to increase energy, maintain focus, and banish bad habits. we’ll take your questions and help with the bugaboos dragging you down on a daily basis.
How to Stay Motivated in 2010
We talk with business coach Dan Richards about how advisors can boost their own motivation while increasing their outreach to new and existing clients in need of retirement advice. We also hear from four advisors who have discovered a new tool to help clients feel more confident about their end-of-life planning.
A Solid Start to Q3 Earnings Keeps Storms at Bay
Advisor Talking Points: As you prepare for client interactions, Charles Sherry reviews the start to Q3 earnings season, highlights inflationary pressures in the economy, reviews a key economic sector, discusses recent signs that oil price are stabilizing, and much more.
Divided Fed Eyes Increase in Rates by Year-End
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with our monthly review, which covers the Fed’s latest meeting, takes an in-depth look at price stability, touches on a key leading indicator, summarizes the latest Bank of Japan decision, and looks at Q3 earning season.
Summer Surprise—Broad-Based Rally and New Highs
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, Advisor TalkingPoints takes a look at sector performance, the relative strength behind the economic expansion, a detailed look at retail sales, uncertainty in one chart, the real influencer of oil prices, and a look ahead.
The Bulls Climb a Wall of Worry
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this look at Q2 earnings, strong stock buybacks, the link between stocks and oil, the modest bounce in economic activity, and the upcoming Fed meeting.
Brexit and Negative Bond Yields Bedevil Investors
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s TalkingPoints takes a look at the upcoming Brexit vote in the U.K. next week, negative bond yields in developed nations, the Fed’s latest meeting, and some labor market data that offsets the weak May employment report.
The Second Longest Bull Market Since World War II
Advisor Talking Points: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s TalkingPoints includes a review of the current bull market, the Fed and interest rates, manufacturing’s importance to investors, a look at retail sales, and a closer look at earnings.
Oil—the 800 Pound Gorilla That’s Influencing Markets
Advisor Talking Points: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s Talking Points includes a reviews of oil’s impact on stocks and the high-yield debt market. Additionally, a synopsis of the March Fed meeting and its dovish outlook is included.
Exit Grexit, Enter Brexit
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s Talking Points includes a review of Brexit and potential ramifications, oil’s impact on banking, an uptick in inflation, and another piece of data that points to modest growth.
Bullish Sentiment Disappears, Contrarians Rejoice
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s look at investor sentiment and what’s behind it, the state of revenues, prospects for a recession, and more.
An Earnings Recession Creates Added Uncertainty for Investors
Advisor Talking Points: Prepare for client interactions with this look at what’s going on with earnings forecasts, stress in the financial system, European sovereign issues, Yellen’s testimony, and more.
The Fed Fails to Soothe Investor Worries
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s analysis reviewing the latest from the Fed, key economic indicators, and a look ahead.
What it Will Take to Stem the Market’s Decline
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s analysis on what may stem the market’s decline, a new recession call by a long-term bear, and a review of Q4 earnings.
Reset: China, the Yuan, Oil Prices, Profit Worries, Junk Debt, and Stocks
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s analysis reviewing China and the yuan, earnings, manufacturing, junk bonds, and oil.
Oil Prices Dive to New Lows and New Troubles in Junk
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis reviews the latest slide in oil prices, new tremors in junk bonds, weakness in manufacturing, and the upcoming Fed meeting.
Earnings Appear Set to Lend New Support to Stocks
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s analysis reviewing S&P 500 earnings, the latest jobs’ report and liftoff, and one economic report that is helping to keep inflation in check.
A Manufacturing Recession and Stock Market Performance
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s analysis, reviewing the trouble in the nation’s manufacturing sector, the latest Fed meeting, and a look ahead.
Fretting Over Stocks Like It’s 1997 or 1998
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions this week, Charles Sherry reviews the 1997 and 1998 market declines and compares them to today’s anxieties, analyzes China’s position in the world today, and takes a look at reasons why the Fed should and should not raise rates next week.
The Ghost of 2008 Casts a Long Shadow over Investor Confidence
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis compares 2008 with today. Additionally, what generally precipitates bear markets and the plunge in commodity prices are also included.
Fed Minutes Do Little to Soothe Investor Jitters
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis includes a look at the mixed signals in the FOMC’s minutes, the latest slide in oil prices
China Yuan Devaluation Rattles Confidence
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis includes a look at recent events in China and offers a balanced perspective, a review of China GDP—can you trust the numbers?—the Fed and a September rate hike, and a look ahead.
The Strong Dollar, Sluggish Global Growth and Industrial Stocks
Advisor Talking Points: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis includes a review of the factors that are depressing cyclical shares, gold’s latest drop, one source of inflation, and Greece’s longer-term prospects.
Europe Remains in the Headlines, but Let’s Not Forget the Fundamentals
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis reviews latest bailout deal with Greece, the upcoming earnings season, retail sales, and the relationship between inflation and import prices.
The Dark Side—When Liquidity Vanishes and Markets React Violently
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis reviews the growing worries about a liquidity crisis in the markets, action in rate-sensitive issues, Europe’s impact on Treasury bonds, and a look ahead.
Greece—A Tortured Path and a Complacent Market
Advisor Talking Points: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis reviews the latest tug o’ war between Greece and its creditors, the tight relationship between the dollar and commodity prices, the latest rate talk from Yellen, and a leading indicator that is signaling a resumption in growth.
Rising Yields Equate to Rising Stock Prices
Advisor Talking Points: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis reviews the positive correlation between Treasury yields and stocks, another weak batch of economic data, seasonality in gasoline prices, and more.
Germany’s Bond Market Disrupts Treasuries
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis reviews the recent violent move in German yields and its impact on the U.S. markets. Additionally, comments from Janet Yellen on stock valuations and the latest disappointing reading on retail sales are included.
The Economy Hits a Brick Wall
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis includes a detailed review of Q1’s disappointing GDP report, the latest from the Fed, and a look ahead.
Stock Valuations—Why There May be More Room to Run
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis includes a review of the market’s valuation, inflation, Europe’s outperformance, and the upcoming Fed meeting.
Contributors to Inflation: What They Are Saying
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s analysis includes a review of the key contributors to inflation, the surge in oil inventories and what it means, and another batch of mixed economic data.
The Economy Sends Mixed Signals Heading Into Spring
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s analysis of the mixed economic signals, including the latest employment report, the upcoming earnings season, and conflicting signals from the Fed.
Soft U.S. Economic Data and Low Inflation Bedevil Stocks
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s analysis, including a review of the stubbornly low rate of inflation, key data points that are pointing to economic moderation, and surprising resilience in Europe.
Fed Offers Some Clarity as It Lays Groundwork for Slow Pace of Rate Hikes
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s review of the latest Fed meeting, the slowdown in industrial production, an 80-year high in oil inventories, and a look ahead.
How Might Stocks React as the Fed Gears Up for a Series of Rate Hikes?
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s review includes a historical review of how stocks react in anticipation to a Fed rate hike, the falling unemployment rate, declining earnings expectations, and the upcoming Fed meeting.
Fed Minutes—Tapping the Brakes on Rate Hike Timing
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s review, including the latest view of rates from the Fed, an interesting look at manufacturing and its relation to stocks, housing, and renewed turmoil in Greece.
The Oil Collapse Is Sending Shock Waves Through Business Spending
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s review, including an examination of oil and gas capital spending and its impact on the economy, the surge in job creation, and another puzzling retail sales report.
Oil Bounces Off Lows in Volatile Trading
Advisor TalkingPoints: As you prepare for client interactions, this week’s review includes a look at the recent volatility in crude, the darker side of falling oil, one of the factors the Fed is eyeing as it considers a 2015 rate hike, and the latest on earnings.
The Strong Dollar Casts a Dark Shadow
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s review of the dollar’s impact on key earnings reports, the Fed’s latest meeting and what it means for rates, mixed data, and Greece’s election.
The European Central Bank’s Landmark Decision and Why It Matters
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s review of the landmark ECB decision to buy government bonds, surprising price action in gold, and a look ahead at next week’s Fed meeting.
Swiss National Bank Shocker Creates Currency Tsunami
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s review, including a look at the surprise move by the Swiss National Bank, a preview of Q4 earnings, a disappointing retail sales report, and consideration of the upcoming European Central Bank meeting.
Bond Yields in Decline
Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s review examining the downward bias in bond yields, falling oil prices, and the latest look at the economy.
Interview With In Bed With Wall Street Author, Larry Doyle
Hear author Larry Doyle talk about many of the shocking revelations he uncovered in the process of researching his book in this interview conducted by Sean Bailey, Horsesmouth’s Editor-in-Chief.
Modern Portfolio Theory Grows Up
Today’s economy is too volatile to buy and forget, but that doesn’t mean you need to time the market. Dynamic asset allocation accommodates market moves yet stays well rooted in traditional portfolio theory. Horsesmouth interviews Jim Picerno, contributor and author of the new book Dynamic Asset Allocation for insight on managing portfolios in a new age.
Why I’m Putting on Cybersecurity Presentations
What’s Working Now: This advisor listened to her clients’ cybersecurity concerns and found a way to help them while also getting in front of prospects.
Don’t Wait Any Longer to Use Digital Marketing
In this AdvisorRadio episode, Tracy Repchuk, internet marketing and social media strategist, talks with Ellen Rogin about how to get up and running with these digital marketing tools, what you need to focus your efforts on, and how to utilize them to their fullest potential.
Using Facebook Ads to Drive Workshop Attendance
What’s Working Now: This advisor found a way to use Facebook advertising to boost attendance at his workshops and build a database of qualified leads.
How a Mobile App Put This Firm in Their Clients’ Pockets
What’s Working Now: Read the story of how this advisor turned to technology in order to revolutionize how she relates to clients.
How to Use Technology to Connect With Clients and Prospects
On this episode of AdvisorRadio, Roger Courville, an expert in engaging people in and through technology, talks with Ellen Rogin and shares his advice for picking platforms and technology that suit you, learning their ins-and-outs, and then using them to effectively engage with clients.
Hack Yack Podcast: Episode #1
Learn about the latest cybersecurity threats and ways to get safe and stay safe. This episode covers wireless router danger, IRS/Social Security Identity scamming, and much more.
Social Networking Tips for Advisors
Special guests: Nicole Coulter, Marie Swift on the changing landscape of social networking for advisors with the advent of LinkedIn and Twitter, plus Horsesmouth director of retirement and life planning, Elaine Floyd.
Social Media and Advisors: What’s Happening Now
Business coach Mike Byrnes talks about how advisors and their firms are starting to use social media successfully. Find out what’s working in this new AdvisorRadio segment.
Activities That Set the Successful Post-Crash Advisor Apart From the Rest
The market bust affected all advisors and their clients dramatically, yet some have taken the steps needed to recover and build their business, while others, almost two years later, still haven’t. Maribeth Kuzmeski of Red Zone Marketing joins us to look at what activities thriving advisors are focusing on right now, and why some advisors are still shellshocked.
Horsesmouth All-Stars—The Best of the Best in 2009
Join us for a review of Horsesmouth’s Top 10 articles for 2009. Listen and learn from four of the authors as they discuss the trends they're observing in the financial services industry, and how advisors can implement their ideas for a successful 2010.

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