Discover Your Cybersecurity Score
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I have one email address that I use exclusively for my online financial accounts (banking, credit cards, payment services, brokerage, etc.) and nothing else.
I have two-step login (two-factor authentication) turned on for my email and online financial accounts.
I can spot the difference between dangerous free public Wi-Fi and useful, secure free public Wi-Fi.
I understand how to tell if my home Wi-Fi network is vulnerable to hackers and how to boost the network’s security.
Whenever any money leaves my bank accounts or my credit cards are charged, I’m alerted to the transaction.
I have complete control over my credit files at the big-three bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), because I have placed them on the highest security level.
I have confirmed with the credit bureaus that my minor children have not been the victims of identity theft.
I run an updated antivirus software program on my computers and devices.
I always make sure that my computer and devices have the most up-to-date software programs, including operating system, browsers, Microsoft Office, iTunes player, virus protection, wireless router, and Adobe’s PDF reader.
I have a system for ensuring that I can recover from a ransomware phishing attack without paying an extortion fee to a criminal.