Imagine tapping a source of energy, power, motivation and commitment EVERY DAY.

Here's the action research report that will show you how to gain mastery over your life and business so that you've always got a full battery to support consistently high levels of achievement…

Ritual: How the Magic of Habit Fuels Daily Success

ritual report and disk
  • 122-page action research report covers all aspects of developing a success ritual
  • 9 chapters covering the how and why of success rituals
  • 5 in-depth interviews with Success Ritual Masters
  • 7-step Success Ritual Builder walks you step by step through crafting your own powerful success ritual
  • 1-CD containing 15+ detailed worksheets and templates to download and use each element of your Daily Success Ritual

Dear Advisor,

I want to tell you about a simple success strategy that's been known for years but only used by a committed few. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. It's called the Daily Success Ritual.

What if you had the power to make every day a good day? Not just a good day, but a great day? What if you could tap into a deep reservoir of confidence whenever you needed a boost. Approach every challenge as the absolute best version of yourself: clearheaded, strong, and positive?

What if you had a bulletproof technique to help you stay focused and calm? What if you possessed a positive outlook on life, every single day, no exceptions?

That kind of balance is achievable. We've seen evidence of it in Advisors from all over the country.

A big eye-opener

Back in 2011, we featured an article by one of our regular contributors, success coach Jim Rohrbach. The topic of the article was Daily Success Rituals. We figured our clients would enjoy the article, maybe pick up a few tips on adding structure to their daily routine, and that would be that.

But we were wrong.

The response from the article, A 5-Step Morning Success Ritual, was overwhelming. Advisors wanted to share stories, exchange strategies, and communicate on an in-depth, personal level about why their Success Ritual was so effective. It really seemed to strike a chord. The article became a top-rated Horsesmouth article for 2011.

So we got curious.

The next thing we did was conduct a survey of 150 Advisors from all over the country to gather more information about people's Daily Success Rituals. We asked them to describe the elements that went into their Ritual, favorite motivational books and audio recordings, the inspiration that incited them to begin a Daily Success Ritual practice, and benefits they enjoyed from using a Ritual.

We got as specific and granular as possible, and Advisors responded with a wealth of personal detail.

The information we got back blew us away. It was personal, it was anecdotal—it was emotional. It was a big eye opener.

There were a number of standout stories from individuals who seemed to be both advanced in their Ritual practice and especially articulate in unpacking their backgrounds and motivation. We sought out these “Success Ritual Masters” and sat them down for even more detailed interviews. The results were fascinating, and instructive.

Over the course of the nine months that followed, we assembled an in-depth study and how-to manual on Success Rituals. We bundled that with a resource disk that includes key tools derived from our research.

It's called RITUAL: How the Magic of Habit Fuels Daily Success ($97 value) and contains 122 pages.

Its chapters cover:

Chapter 1: What is a Success Ritual?
What separates a habit from a ritual • How rituals are connected to success • Banal yet effective secrets of successful people • How to go from routine to ritual to the top of your game • The connection between profound personal change and ritual • History behind Success Rituals • Following in the footsteps of the 20th century's greatest self-made millionaires to today's successful Advisors


Ritual Report
122 Page Action Research Report
Chapter 2: Harnessing the Power of Ritual
Taking hold of the power in repetition • Why new habits are required to end old habits • What “gut feelings” have to say and when to pay attention to them • The mind-body connection and how it influences success • How mindfulness leads to better decision making • What repetition and mindfulness mean for your Success Ritual


Chapter 3: Anatomy of Success Rituals
The top ten most common Ritual elements and why they work • How practicing gratitude is directly related to forming healthy habits • Understanding the many sides to meditation and visualization • De-mystifying the use of Affirmations • Why getting regular physical exercise is absolutely essential • Tips on getting the right motivational media diet • Understanding how Mission drives so many successful Advisors • Examples of how the pieces fit together


Introduction: What Makes Someone a Success Ritual Master?

Chapter 4: Less Stress, More Clarity, Better Health
How to get the most out of every day by planning the night before • The key to giving your mind a pre-breakfast jumpstart • Mastering the art of the to-do list • How to banish nighttime anxiety for good • How returning to the “pen and paper” approach improves organization and memory • The connection between personal Ritual and top notch management


Chapter 5: Start with the End in Mind
How to set and prioritize goals for maximum efficiency • The essential difference between planning in the evening and in the morning • Broadening your knowledge base in a strategic way • How to build Ritual practices into collaborative work with your staff • The value of reverse-engineering your long term planning process—from product to outset


Chapter 6: Keep the Mind Positively Charged
Techniques for escaping the snare of negative thinking, even in bad markets • The cleansing power of writing in a journal • Understanding the connection between physical exercise and meditation • Why rewarding oneself is essential to success • How your brain is wired against mixing positive and negative thinking • Developing a habit of positive thinking


Incredibly Important Help to Client Service

“With the plan I'm using, it helps me stay clear-minded right off the bat, to know exactly what I have to get done. It makes me feel much more organized. It's great for me personally. It's great for my clients. It's good for my admin team, because everyone knows—we're all on the same page. One great offshoot is the client service end of things is incredibly, incredibly improved.”

—Jeff L., Advisor, Success Ritual Master, Toronto, CA
Chapter 7: Starting to See More Success Than Ever
How mindfulness plays a vital role in getting results from your Success Ritual • The Big four: lifelong motivators that add meaning to every day • Practical strategies for drawing power from long-term goals • How to develop discipline and focus by identifying and sticking to “key activities” • What clients identify with most about the Ritual process and how to use it to boost your practice


Chapter 8: You Write Your Own Review
How to apply the lessons of Ritual to managing a team • Advanced time management techniques that every full-time parent needs to know • How to consistently surpass expectations and get your employees to do the same • The benefits of holding a best-practices skills-share in your office or community


Chapter 9: Creating Your Own Success Ritual
How to turn existing routines into something significant • Choosing Ritual elements based on outcomes • How to write Affirmations that fit your life and beliefs • The power of Gratitude/Blessing Statements • The role of prayer for many Advisors • Meditation and visualization as a secret weapon for success • The demonstrable connection between exercise and new ideas • Why a voice in your ear may be just what you need • The benefits of reading almost anything • Key benefits to writing and the profound power of the to-do list • How a good Mission Statement can be a Success Ritual • The facts about what stands in the way of using Success Rituals and what to do about it


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Your Success Ritual Builder Tool

Using the Success Ritual Builder: Step-by-Step Guide • Time and effort-saving tips • Best practices • Tools and templates


Part One - Preparing for Success
Step 1: Statement of Purpose • Why it's important • Statement generator
Step 2: Mission Statement • Why it's important • Statement generator
Step 3: Evaluating existing habits, routines, and rituals • Worksheet


Part Two - Choosing Elements for your Success Ritual
Step 4: Elements review • Benefits • Worksheets
Tips & Templates • General Tips
Tips & Templates: Statements of Gratitude Tips & Templates: Affirmations


Part Three - Elements and Time
Step 5: Estimating time for each element and total • Adjusting as needed


Part Four - Field-testing Your Success Ritual
Step 6: Initial field-test • Tips for adjusting
Step 7: Completing the field-test • Tips for adjusting


Part Five - Maintaining the Power of Your Success Ritual
Maintaining long-term efficacy • Common problems and how
to avoid or address them • Best practices • Share with others


Success Ritual Builder (CD of worksheets and templates): You'll also get a Resource CD, with over 15 carefully designed worksheets and activities to help you get your ideal Daily Success Ritual out of your head, onto paper, and then into action ($97 value). Includes:
  • Statement of Purpose generator—Using easy-to-follow statement generators, clarify your long terms goals and turn them into your Statement of Purpose.
  • Mission Statement generator—Create the Mission Statement that will become one of the cornerstones of your Ritual.
  • Current Habits, Routines, and Rituals evaluation worksheets—Explore your existing practices as you act them out every day. Find their significance and learn how to enhance valuable, constructive behaviors you already exhibit.
    Ritual Disk
    More than 15 tools,
    templates and forms
  • Mind and Values Elements overview worksheets—Go deeper by considering big-picture priorities with intention. Your values and priorities create the foundation of who you are—it's only natural to build a Ritual that reflects and reinforces those values.
  • Body Elements overview worksheets—Build body-focused Ritual elements that fit your life.
  • Statement of Gratitude overview worksheet—Create a personal meditation of gratitude—a little reminder of the advantages you already enjoy.
  • Affirmations worksheet—Build a recitation that will create highly specific results.
  • Meditation and Visualization worksheet—Develop mindful thought practices that will contribute vitally to your Ritual.
  • Reading worksheet—Organize your reading, how you take it in, and when you have time in your busy schedule to best focus on books and periodicals.
  • Motivational Programs (Media) worksheet—Organize your daily media intake with attention paid to the news, podcasts, blogs. Everything that doesn't slow down.
  • Personal Writing worksheet—Create time for your personal reflections and journaling.
  • Gratitude/Blessing Statement generator
  • Affirmations generator
  • Success Ritual Draft & Time Needed Worksheet—Sketch out and schedule time for your Ritual so it won't interfere with your busy schedule.
  • Additional Resources and Recommended Reading

7 Reasons You Need a Success Ritual

#1: Because a Success Ritual ignites your achievement potential. Rituals exist in infinite variety. Everyone's habits and personal values orient them towards certain routines that unlock their individual potential.

#2: Because adopting a Success Ritual will have an impact on your whole life. It's not just about eating a balanced breakfast and ticking off items on a to-do list (although those are both great habits). Committing to a Success Ritual offers benefits that will emerge in all aspects of your life.

Framework Helps Me Persevere

“You learn in this business that there's going to be hurdles and plenty of challenges and it's never easy or else everybody would do it. It can be very rewarding at the same time. Just knowing that I persevered and lived through the credit crisis and I'm still here in business, having that pride in not giving up and continuing to push through and grind away.

“Now I'm starting to see more success than I ever have. I know it has a lot to do with this framework, this mindset I put myself in every day before I start out.”

—Joe S., Advisor, Success Ritual Master, Washington, DC

#3: Because a Success Ritual keeps your priorities at the front of your mind every day. “Big picture” goals and values can be difficult to keep in mind, even if we think we're working toward them. With a Daily Success Ritual, you reinforce your commitment to the “big picture” goals every day.

#4: Because it generates powerful personal momentum that will give you a huge advantage in your business. Harnessing momentum and getting things done isn't always easy. With a Daily Ritual to guide and motivate you, you have a weapon for fighting off stress and distraction that others are lacking.

#5: Because it will help you define your version of success more clearly than ever before. If you've lost sight of why you're doing what you're doing, a Success Ritual can clarify purpose like a floodlight, putting meaning behind your goals in sharp relief. This kind of perspective makes everyday organization and decision-making much easier.

#6: Because a Success Ritual resets a positive frame of mind for you. Bad days are part of life. There's no magic shield against them. However, with a Daily Success Ritual, you'll develop strategies and internal resources for turning a negative situation into a positive one.

#7: Because no matter how hectic your daily schedule, a customized Success Ritual will ground you. Routine is reassuring, but Ritual is much more than that. It's a positive, controlled form of routine that works to reduce stress, generate fresh confidence and keep things in perspective.

Why operate at less than full engagement?

Whether you use this highly structured, comprehensive program to create and customize your own Success Ritual is completely up to you. But why not give it a try?

order Ritual

Oh? You Don't Think a Ritual Is for You?

Just for a moment, as an experiment, let's pretend there was some pressing reason why you were unable to integrate a Success Ritual into your life at this time. What would that be?

“I'm too busy as it is. I just don't have the time.”

We all have busy lives. But what can feel even more oppressive than simply being overscheduled is the lack of control we feel when we lose sight of why we're so busy in the first place. A Success Ritual, even a brief one, can have a meaningful effect that is guaranteed to focus and reenergize you. It's a small time investment with a big return.

“I feel silly doing this self-help stuff. It doesn't work for me.”

A personal Success Ritual is not a canned strategy—its composition is completely up to you. We just help you structure it in a specific, proven way.

If you don't feel comfortable doing a certain exercise, simply don't include it. The Success Ritual Builder is designed to help you create a deeply personal practice that resonates for you and you only.

“I already have positive habits and comforting routines.
I don't need to put a fancy name on what I do.”

Shawn Greene
Shawn Greene

If this sounds like you, congratulations! Go to the head of the class. In Ritual: How The Magic Of Ritual Fuels Daily Success, Shawn Greene breaks down the vital differences between routine and conscious Ritual. The difference in intention and how that affects personal behavior is significant. By taking apart your existing Rituals and routines and applying them in a purposeful, deliberate way, you can give yourself a huge boost in confidence, efficiency and overall balance.


“I already know what I want. Reminding myself of my goals every single day
just feels like nagging. I need to concentrate on small tasks in the moment.”

Reminding yourself of long-term goals and overarching values may seem redundant, but working purposefully toward clearly defined goals yields higher quality results. Without a gentle, motivational reminder of your goals, you can end up detached from the all-important “why” of your daily actions. That leads to exhaustion and stress. A Daily Success Ritual keeps you positive and performing, even when your inbox is full and your to-do list is packed.

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Order the Success Ritual Program Today

I urge you to give yourself the gift of a Daily Success Ritual right now and begin your journey to better time-management skills, a better work-life balance, and a more powerful sense of motivation.

Changed My Life

“I'm such a firm believer in the Success Ritual. It has changed my life. And I don't use those words flippantly, I don't say them casually. It has made a big difference in my life.”

—Pam M., Advisor, Success Ritual Master, Louisiana

Having a Success Ritual improves productivity and confidence in every aspect of life, both at home and in the workplace. There's really no substitute, and our Success Ritual Masters will attest to its powerful influence over their considerable success.

Put simply, it makes you happier, more organized and more focused by placing you firmly at the helm of your business and your life.

So please take advantage of this risk-free offer.

Once you complete your order today, we'll ship your Ritual program directly to you so you can begin immediately.

The No-Risk Success Ritual GUARANTEE

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our Horsesmouth research on Success Rituals proves that Advisors enjoy greater command over their time and their lives because they're centered, efficient and focused at work every day—just like top professionals everywhere. That's why I urge you to develop your own Success Ritual. And that's why I can make this guarantee:

Complete the Success Ritual Builder process. Then implement your Ritual for a full year. If after 12 months you feel that your Success Ritual is not working for you, we'll completely refund 100% of your purchase price—guaranteed, no questions asked. Just call and tell us you're returning all the materials to Horsesmouth at: Horsesmouth, 21 W. 38th St., 14th Fl., New York, NY 10018. Phone: 212-343-8760, Ext. 1.

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Success Ritual Masters Share What They've Learned

At the heart of Ritual is a group of detailed case studies of Advisors who've implemented Success Rituals—some for a lifetime—and who have reached new levels of achievement and everyday balance. You'll learn from the best Success Ritual Masters who have spent years developing their Success Rituals to serve their own goals. Five Advisors share detailed stories about how they began practicing Success Rituals, how those Rituals evolved, and how Rituals brought them closer to living a life they feel reflects the best versions of themselves.

Gain valuable, specific insight on:

  • How to get the most out of every day by planning the night before
  • Mastering the art of the to-do list
  • How to banish nighttime anxiety for good
  • How returning to the "pen and paper" approach improves organization and memory
  • Broadening your knowledge base in a strategic way
  • How to build Ritual practices into collaborative work with your staff
  • Techniques for escaping the snare of negative thinking, even in bad markets
  • Understanding the connection between physical exercise and meditation
  • How mindfulness plays a vital role in getting results from your Success Ritual
  • The Big Four: lifelong motivators that add meaning to every day
  • Practical strategies for drawing power from long-term goals
  • How to develop discipline and focus by identifying and sticking to "key activities"
  • How to apply the lessons of Ritual to managing a team
  • Advanced time management techniques and insights
  • How to consistently surpass expectations and get your employees to do the same

When you implement the powerful principles featured in Ritual, you'll be poised to join some of the most successful people in history who have figured out how to apply a Daily Success Ritual to improve mood, increase efficiency, and deliver progress and quantifiable results into every sphere of their lives—both at home and in the workplace.

order Ritual

The sooner you start your work with your Daily Success Ritual, the better.

Everyone in your life will benefit from the clear changes in you that will emerge in the following months, including your family, friends, clients, and peers.

But most importantly, you'll begin to notice fundamental changes in the way you feel. Less stressed, more in control, and better in touch with goals you may not have addressed head-on for a long time—if ever.

The people you care about, the values that reflect the best version of you, and the advantages that allow you to realize your professional and personal goals—these are the priorities that will be highlighted in your Daily Success Ritual.

When using the guidelines and tools in Ritual to build a Daily Success Ritual practice tailored to you, you will see dramatic changes in your every day lifestyle.

You'll find greater balance, a firmer sense of direction toward your goals, and an enhanced ability to adapt to life changes that may have seemed overwhelming or unmanageable before.

So why wait? Take action now, and get your copy of Ritual: How the Magic of Habit Fuels Daily Success today.


Sean M. Bailey
Editor in Chief
21 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
888-336-6884 ext. 1

P.S. Practicing a Success Ritual is really something you do for yourself. It's also a practice you'll share with the likes of great achievers like Ben Franklin, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others. Give it a try.

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