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The 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist Gives Retirees More Time to Enjoy Their New Phase in Life…

  • Nearly 50 important dates or actions retirees must review throughout the year…
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Retirees can get busy. I bet you’ve heard them complain about it, too.

Many never expected that time management and organization would be a challenge in this new life.

But it is, and people quickly discover there are quite a few things about retirement life that they need to track. For instance, while in the workplace many people never managed their federal and state tax withholding. Their employer did that.

Now they’ve got to send estimated taxes to Uncle Sam four times a year, in addition to organizing and filing taxes.

And then there’s Medicare.

No one ever told them the reality that health coverage after 65 would require tracking and paying premiums to a hodge-podge of programs with new rules and offerings every year. More dates and deadlines to follow—not to mention the additional sting of paying more than necessary when annual renewal options aren’t analyzed.

The Busyness of Retirement

Now, imagine that every time your retiree clients return to their desks for a dose of paperwork, they see you on their bulletin board, watching out for them every month, gently reminding them of key things they must get done.

Introducing the Retirement Calendar Checklist

That’s why we’ve designed the 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist. So you can remove a little pain from your clients’ lives by acting as their retirement guide star over important dates, details, and deadlines throughout the year.

Retirees want to travel, enjoy grandchildren, and pursue new interests they couldn’t before. They want to keep stress to a minimum. That’s where the 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist comes in. It has important dates in retirement life organized by month, with space to mark off each task after it is finished.

Retirees can know at a glance what is coming up and what needs to be put on the “to-do” list over the next month. 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist includes four main sections:

Key Deadlines Calendar: The front portion of the checklist lays out 26 potential dates, deadlines, and actions your clients need to know. Not every single one will require action by every single client. But many will. Plus, the calendar always reminds them to check with you for any question that arises.

Important Birthday Milestones: The back of the 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist includes a chart called “Birthday Milestones.” There are eight retirement-related dates starting at age 55 and going through age 73. Each milestone grants a benefit or signals the need for action. For instance, at 55 you can take penalty-free distributions from a 401 (k) if retired. At age 73/75, as you know, a retiree must start taking IRA Required Minimum Distributions.

Annual Review: We know some retirements can stretch for 30 years or more. Things change and important decisions made at an earlier point may need to be revisited and revised. This section of the 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist asks your clients to review decisions they’ve made about such topics as health care directives and proxy, power of attorney, wills, trusts, beneficiaries, and other issues about gifting, taxes, and investments.

Final Quarter Tasks: The last quarter of the year is busy even in retirement. This chart on the 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist helps your clients get organized for the end of the year activities, many of which will impact their taxes, such as reviewing investment gains and losses, tracking charitable donations, funding college accounts, and other items that should be addressed before year end.

Add Your Personal Branding and Custom Color

One great feature of the 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist is you.

Your picture, logo, and contact info will be right on the front of the checklist, and right on your clients’ bulletin board. (Bulletin-board marketing—helpful, concise information for clients and prospects—is a simple, effective way to deliver value to clients and prospects throughout the year.)

When you send the 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist to clients, prospects, and strategic allies, you’re showing people your commitment to them as their retirement planning expert. And don’t be surprised when people start asking for copies for friends, colleagues, and family members.

So make the 2024 Retirement Calendar Checklist part of your client service toolkit. It’s a sound investment in your business, your clients, and your brand.

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