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New Digital Only: Key Financial Data 2024!

Now you can get the popular Key Financial Data in PDF-only format and save $100!  Key Financial Data

Show Your Clients You’re in Control and Ready to Discuss What New 2024 Key Rates Mean for Them…

Key Financial Data is our industry’s only one-stop, custom resource that allows you to share the most updated tax brackets, thresholds, limitations, exemptions, and more!

You get:
  • Personalized branding, photos, logos, and contact info
  • High resolution PDF for immediate digital printing
  • Unlimited copies throughout the year
  • Special alerts: If Congress makes a mid-year update, you’ll get an instant update

5 Reasons to Get Your Digital Key Data 2024

  1. It’s fast. Your custom PDF is downloaded to your computer, and you can print it the first day it’s finalized, usually late December.
  2. You’re in control. You decide how many copies you need for clients and prospects and print them. Need more later? Just print again.
  3. Save money. The digital-only price saves you $100 off the 100 hard copies price.
  4. DIY works. Upload your high-resolution PDF to your local print center (Staples, FedEx, etc.), chose their 110 lb card stock, and get your copies within hours.
  5. Connect with COIs. Top advisors always share Key Financial Data with their centers of influence: CPAs, accountants, attorneys, and bankers.

Best Marketing Money Ever Spent

"I wanted to let you know that the cost of these from Horsesmouth has been the best marketing money I could have ever spent. I just received the copies that you printed for me, but I also had a PDF version of it as soon as I bought them online…

"I think so far I've given away close to 150… I've been meeting with every CPA, tax attorney, business broker, mortgage banker, and anyone else I know that could refer me clients, and asking them how many others in their firm could use this "cheat sheet"?

"One CPA asked for 15, so everyone in his firm that is doing taxes has my name, contact info, and photo close by them at all times… They can count on getting them from me every year going forward."

—B.E. Carden, Brentwood, TN

Dear Financial Advisor,

For many years now, smart Financial Advisors have been sharing Horsesmouth's Key Financial Data cards with clients, prospects, CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals.

The Key Financial Data cards are a calming influence in an otherwise topsy-turvy world. Why?

Because the cards quietly deliver what is true and real about the coming year's tax brackets, thresholds, limitations and exemptions. No scary CNBC analysts. No pitch forks and torches. No exploding heads.

New numbers for 2024-2025!

The reason everyone loves Key Data is because it's a handy reference. Nearly all the key items that affect one's personal finances are contained in the card's easy to follow format, including:

  • 2024 Tax Rate Schedule
  • Standard Deductions & Child Tax Credit
  • Tax Rate on Long-Term Capital Gains and Qualified Dividents
  • Net Investment Income Brackets
  • Exemption Amounts for Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Gift and Estate Exclusion and Credits
  • Education Credits, Deductions and Distributions
  • Tax Deadlines
  • Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Deductibility of Long-Term Care Premiums on Qualified Policies
  • Medicare Deductibles
  • Social Security
  • Medicare Premiums
  • Uniform Lifetime Table

Order a PDF of the New Key Financial Data, 2024

Great for Giving to CPAs, Tax Attorneys and Other Referral Source

If you're looking to build your referral network among local professionals in your community, here are two examples of what advisors are doing with Key Data.

The Most "Marketing Mileage" Ever

Having been in practice since 1986, when it comes to marketing, I have tried lots of things. I do not think I have gotten more mileage out of anything as much as I have out of Horsesmouth's Key Financial Data cards. I have lost count of the number of unsolicited "Thank yous" and requests for more copies from CPAs, attorneys and other centers of influence. And now I have the ability to customize them with my contact information and my professional photograph. It's good to know that I am hiding under so many blotters on desks throughout Raleigh, NC."

— Bob Watral, CFP®, Raleigh, NC

6 Reasons to Use Key Financial Data, 2024 as Part of Your Client Communication Program

One common reason people hire a financial advisor is that they need someone to follow the important issues they can't or don't want to follow.  Here are six reasons to put Key Financial Data, 2024 into your client communication program now:

  1. Because it's an impressive, easy-to-implement client communication program, perfect for sending throughout the year.
  2. Because people expect their advisor to keep track of the changes and wrinkles in government rules and regulations that impact their personal bottom line. (You build trust and demonstrate mastery when you regularly communicate with people around key financial data issues.)
  3. Because it demonstrates your commitment to being a client-centered advisor by letting them know you're watching what's going on in government and how it affects their portfolio.
  4. Because it inspires confidence. Even if clients don't pore over every table of Key Financial Data, simply receiving it from you reinforces your image as an informed, organized professional.
  5. Because it shows you appreciate your clients. When you take the time to personalize your Key Financial Data cards and send them out to your clients, it also shows your clients that you're keeping them informed and that you appreciate having the chance to work with them.
  6. Because it shows you're committed to being a "can-do, resulcts-oriented" advisor. You don't let changes in government rules and regulations just happen and let your clients' CPAs deal with them later. You're on the case.

So go ahead now and take your first, easy step to including Key Financial Data, 2024 as part of your client communication program throughout the year.

Order a PDF of the New Key Financial Data, 2024

Your Clients and Prospects Will Be Impressed By Your Attentiveness to Key Changes to Key Data

When you pass along a Key Financial Data, 2024 card to clients, prospects and allies, there's no easier and simpler way to remind people of your commitment, expertise, and professionalism.

Order Your 2024 Key Financial Data PDF Today!—It's Easy to Do

So go ahead now and take your first, easy step to including Key Financial Data, 2024 as part of your client communication program throughout the year.

NOTE: Individual cards ordered here are to be used by a single advisor only. If you’d like to customize and license Key Data for use by multiple advisors or by your company’s marketing team, contact Corporate Sales and we’ll work with you to create a card that meets your needs.

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