Boomer Spike Coaching Group: How to Do Social Security Workshops,
Attract New Clients and $$$, and Do Good Work (March-August 2020)

Expert Presenter: Chris Holman

Chris Holman

Chris Holman, a Horsesmouth Executive Coach, leads the coaching groups. Chris began his career with EF Hutton, has 38 years experience in financial services and counts more than 2,500 advisors and advisory teams as his clients. He is a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation and specializes in guiding advisors to create their own success and greatness.

Challenge.You want to make your mark with educational workshops. Maybe you've done workshops before, maybe you haven't…but you like how educationally-focused workshops frame your desire to help Baby Boomers make one of the most financially impactful decisions in their life.

Solution. Partner with Horsesmouth, a pioneer in Social Security education for financial advisors, to accelerate your learning curve and get you up-and-running in your quest to raise $5+ million from educational workshops in 2020.

This individualized coaching program is not just a paint-by-numbers instructional manual. Executive Coach Chris Holman PCC will guide you to focus on the 6 foundational elements of doing successful Social Security workshops: the generous mindset, size & scope, marketing, the event itself, the offer, and the follow-up…that will enable you to create distinctive Social Security workshops that attract the clients that you want.

  1. The Generous Mindset. Baby Boomers don't want to be sold, manipulated, or hustled. They want to learn from advisors who generously offer their wisdom, perspective, and help.
  2. Size & Scope. There is no single universally correct way to do a Social Security workshop. Big or small, short or long, frugal or lavish, food or not…there is no “right” way that works for all advisors. Yet, there IS a right way for you. Through your own intuition and experience, and with the help of the institutional learning of the Horsesmouth archives, you will understand what size and scope works best for you. (And please STOP the assumptions about what workshop approach might work best for you…)
  3. Marketing. As above, there is no one “best” way to market your Social Security workshops, yet there is a correct way for you. We'll help you figure this out…minus the anxiety and worry that can obstruct your forward movement.
  4. The Event Itself. Many advisors focus on becoming a Social Security “expert”, yet being a perfectionist on knowing all the facts is counter-productive to your workshop success. Rapport-building is the “secret sauce” that helps get follow-up appointments…and clients. And rapport-building begins from the moment the workshop attendee walks into the room…and continues until the instant they leave, and beyond.
  5. The Offer. What's your offer? (Put yourself in the attendee's shoes and ask this question, “What value will I receive by meeting with you one-to-one?”) One outcome of the Boomer Spike Coaching Group is that you'll be clear and focused on your offer, and how it offers value to your prospects.
  6. Follow-up. Most every advisor says something like, “I can close 90% of the prospects that I sit down with…” In fact, the best workshop advisors are finding that 80-90% of their attendees are signing up for follow-up appointments. A goal of the coaching group is to have every advisor reach this level of success to where the majority of workshop attendees are raising their hand to meet with you one-to-one.
Help clients with their Social Security and retirement choices by developing a workshop approach and method that is distinctive, replicable and fun—they'll love you for it and refer you to their friends, family, and acquaintances!

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