Time in the Markets and the Power of Compounding
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Time in the Markets and the Power of Compounding Card: Boost Client Confidence During Market Volatility

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Don't Let Market Panic Derail Your Clients' Financial Success

Key Financial Data

We've all seen it – the stock market takes a dip, and clients start panicking. They check their balances, see the decline, and immediately consider pulling their money out of the stock market. As financial advisors, we know that this reactionary behavior can severely damage their long-term financial success.

But how can we effectively communicate this to our clients?

Introducing the Time in the Markets/Power of Compounding Handout

The Time in the Markets/Power of Compounding handout is a valuable educational tool designed to help your clients see market fluctuations from a long-term perspective. This two-sided card highlights the importance of staying invested and the power of compounding, empowering your clients to make informed decisions and avoid knee-jerk reactions.

Time in the Markets Sample

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How to Use the Time in the Markets Handout with Clients

The Time in the Markets handout is a versatile resource that can be used to enhance your client relationships and reinforce your expertise as a financial advisor. Here's how you can make the most of your custom version:

  1. Share the handout during in-person meetings to address clients' concerns about market volatility, particularly those who may be prone to anxiety during market fluctuations.
  2. Email the handout to clients during periods of market turbulence to provide reassurance.
  3. Post the handout on your website as a downloadable resource for clients and prospects.
  4. Use the handout as part of a comprehensive educational program on investment strategies.
  5. Incorporate the handout into client onboarding materials to set expectations about market fluctuations.
  6. Use the handout as a lead generation resource on your website, giving visitors the option to download a PDF copy in exchange for their email address.
  7. Incorporate the entire handout or select sections in your e-newsletters to provide valuable insights to your subscribers.
  8. Send copies of the handout to strategic allies, such as CPAs and estate planners, who also work with clients concerned about market volatility.
  9. Partner with local organizations, such as community centers or financial education workshops, and provide the handout as a valuable resource for attendees.

By using the Time in the Markets handout in various ways, you'll be able to educate your clients, prospects, and partners on the importance of long-term investing and staying calm during market fluctuations.

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5 Reasons to Share the Time in the Markets Handout with Clients

  1. Because you're the trusted financial guide. Your clients look to you for insightful and reliable information on long-term investing and market behavior, not just the latest headlines. Sharing the handout demonstrates your commitment to their financial education.
  1. Because it sets you apart from competitors. Many financial advisors don't provide adequate guidance on maintaining a long-term perspective during market volatility. By offering this handout, you showcase your ability to address clients' concerns and keep them informed.
  1. Because each client's situation is unique. The Time in the Markets handout gives clients a solid foundation for understanding market fluctuations and long-term investing, but also emphasizes the importance of consulting with you to develop personalized strategies.
  1. Because it's an impactful "marketing touch." Send a copy of the handout to your clients with a personalized cover letter, reminding them that you're always there to help them navigate through market turbulence. They'll appreciate your proactiveness.
  1. Because it showcases your commitment to your clients' financial well-being. By sharing this handout, you demonstrate your dedication to helping clients make informed decisions and maintain a long-term perspective, fostering trust, loyalty, and referrals.

So, don't hesitate to integrate the Time in the Markets handout into your client communication program and start empowering your clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to navigate market volatility.

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