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Three-Day Medicare Workshop Is Now Virtual—Watch From Your Home or Office on July 15-17.

(Sessions will be recorded and replays will be available for 90 days)

The Retirement Health Care Challenge…Helping Clients Plan for the Great Unknown – A Savvy Medicare 3-Day Intensive Workshop…

  • Your clients are getting ready to enter the Medicare labyrinth, and they’re not getting the advice they need from their employers. Medicare’s a complicated, multi-part program tangled up in both the government and private sector. Knowing what to do, and when, is not intuitive. We can help…
  • Join us, July 15-17, 2024

Dear Advisor,

I recently got an excited phone call from a friend. She'd heard that Horsesmouth was training advisors on how to give smart, insightful guidance to their clients about the ins and outs of Medicare health insurance coverage.

"Wow, that's great to hear because you wouldn't believe the types of expensive mistakes people can make," she said. "Let me tell you my story."

I was all ears.

My friend reminded me that a few years ago she'd taken over managing the affairs of her elderly father—a retired scientist from California.

She said when she started managing her father's issues, she discovered that in addition to Medicare, he had four other health care insurance plans.

'Don't Worry…the Doctors' Offices Take Care of That'

She wasn't clear exactly why he had four and her father, at this stage, could offer no help. (And the insurance companies just told her not to worry—"the doctors' offices take care of submitting everything behind the scenes.")

So she tried to get advice about those health insurance plans while also trying to organize the rest of his finances.

First, she tried her own advisor, but he couldn't help her.

Then she approached her father's CPA, thinking maybe he'd know something. But he couldn't help her.

She even asked the HR people at her father's former employer. Again, no help.

Not wanting to mess up her father's health coverage, she left things as is.

Every month she saw direct debits made against his checking account for the monthly premiums. But as anyone else who's ever taken over an elderly adult's personal business knows, there were lots of other pressing issues.

So it remained a mystery—but it stressed the heck out of her because her gut told her something wasn't right.

Anyway, time moved on and she finally found someone through a professional networking group who could advise her on the plans.

A Mystery Solved

It turned out her dad had been paying for a plan he could never get value from—because it covered exactly the same things covered by an identical policy sold by a different firm. (He shouldn't have been sold the second policy.)

Now for the eye-popping number: That mistake cost at least $45,000 dollars over ten years.

Naturally, that money could have been used for many good things, including savings and investments.

And it could have helped lower his monthly retirement expenses…which had become a critical issue: He'd suffered a stroke, had an expensive second wife, and had never planned his retirement, despite retiring with a large nest egg now depleted.

(Thankfully, my friend filed a claim with the state department of insurance and got some premiums refunded.)

None of us want this sort of thing to happen—especially to our clients.

Look at the list of people and places she tried to get help from. They were all experienced professionals, but they didn't have the expertise she needed and expected them to have.

If It Can Happen to a Rocket Scientist…

And her father was a smart guy, too—an actual rocket scientist—a nuclear physicist who'd spent his whole life fighting (and winning) the Cold War!

But he could not figure things out and made a very expensive mistake.

In the end, the advisor who helped my friend has her business—and thanks— forever. Not to mention a high number of referrals!

What did this advisor have that the other professionals in this story didn't?

It wasn't a vast technical knowledge about all the ins and outs of insurance plans.

But it was enough knowledge to confidently ask the right questions of my friend and quickly discern that her father was paying for a duplicate health plan that was the equivalent of pouring the money down a drain.

This is the level of Medicare expertise we want you to have—so you, your clients, and any prospects can have an independent, unbiased professional to guide them on their way through the Medicare labyrinth.

Savvy Medicare Virtual Workshop

July 15-17, 2024

Learn More and Register

Use this unique opportunity to boost your "Medicare Go-to Expert" status. Join us for our intensive three-day experience...

I will receive admission to the three-day, total workshop experience:

Intensive 3-Day Workshop:

Who should attend:
If you want to deepen and expand your expertise, especially if you want to pursue the lucrative retirement income planning market and expect to position yourself as a retirement “distribution” expert. Medicare will be a critical topic in 2024 and beyond.

What will be covered:
A total immersion experience taking you through a complete review of the various parts of Medicare, what’s covered under those parts, when to enroll in Medicare, how your current employment status affects your Medicare decisions, how Medicare works with your private insurance, what you need to review with your clients both before and after they take Medicare, and how Medicare (and other topics) can work in the context of workshop marketing for business development purposes.

Joe Hollen
Open Window Financial Services
Reno, NV

Building Confidence through Knowledge

"I can’t say enough about Elaine Floyd. I came in with preconceived notions being a subscriber to Horsesmouth and Social Security programs and the Medicare program. I came here for the couple of days already knowing that she’d help me individually in a great way. So I came in very biased with a positive view of Elaine Floyd and she’s only gone up from there. It’s only gotten better. Very detailed…the days have gone really quick here."

Workshop goal:
You’ll have the Medicare expertise needed to demonstrate your continued value to clients as they navigate the challenging retirement healthcare landscape. You’ll also have a useful body of knowledge to take to the public for prospecting and workshop marketing purposes. Here's an overview of what you will learn.

Deepen your understanding of Medicare and health-care-related topics, learn the structure of the Medicare program and common planning pitfalls, and become a trusted resource for your clients and prospects.

  • Learn who becomes eligible for Medicare and when
  • Understand Medicare enrollment periods
  • Understand late enrollment penalties, and how to avoid them
  • Learn how the moving parts of Medicare all fit together
  • Learn what’s not covered by Part A and Part B: deductibles, copays, coinsurance
  • Understand why Medicare alone is not enough, and learn what to do about it
  • Learn how Medicare works with supplemental insurance, including retiree/employer plans, Medigap policies, and Medicare Advantage plans
  • Learn how to evaluate supplemental insurance, determining its worth to your clients.
  • Learn how to help your clients make a graceful transition to Medicare.
  • Learn when Medicare is mandatory and when it’s optional.
  • Understand how the big “65” birthday applies to each individual client.
  • Understand the mechanics of Medicare enrollment.
  • Help clients estimate their individual health care usage.
  • Learn how to estimate healthcare costs in retirement: Premiums, income-related adjustments, out-of-pocket costs, and more.
  • How to plan for long-term care; including the factors affecting the need for long term care, possible triggers for long term care, estimating costs, and more.

Medicare and health care are powerful topics advisors can use to meet qualified prospects and turn them into clients. Learn the wide ranges of ways this is being done.

  • Marketing your Medicare and health care expertise via seminars and workshops
  • Introduction to Advanced Workshop Business Development Principles
  • The anatomy of a successful seminar
  • Why and how the high-end dinner seminar still produces big results
  • The best way to open your workshop presentation
  • How to integrate powerful client case studies into your workshop
  • Tactics for handling questions
  • The best ways to leverage adult school opportunities
  • Tactics for getting attendees to sign up for one-on-one meetings
  • How and why integrated marketing produces the best results for workshop attendance


Savvy Medicare Virtual Workshop

July 15-17, 2024

Learn More and Register

How Does a Virtual Workshop Work?

  • The workshop will be live-streamed and accessible from your computer/tablet
  • Attendees will be able to ask questions and interact throughout the presentation
  • Sessions will be recorded and replays will be available for 90 days
  • Workshop materials will be shipped to you
  • Holders of the CFP designation will qualify for 7 CE credits (Note: To obtain credit you must either attend all the sessions live or take an assessment after viewing the replays.)

17 Reasons to Participate in Online Events Like the Medicare Virtual Workshop

  1. No traveling, road trips, airplanes, airports, or long security lines.
  2. No bad hotel food.
  3. No worrying about getting home on time.
  4. No lost sleep over hot hotel rooms, loud neighbors, or gurgling ice machines.
  5. You won't have to lug around the 200-page workshop guide, slides, and materials.
  6. You’ll get a perfect view of Elaine Floyd and the other presenters – from the front row!
  7. You can run your business while you study – online instruction only lasts 3 hours each day.
  8. Less information overload - 3 days gives you time to absorb and synthesize the material better.
  9. You can drink your favorite beverage without stressing about where to get more.
  10. No one will notice when you get up and go to the restroom.
  11. You only have to appear professional from the waist up. (No standing while the webcam is on.)
  12. You can concentrate and focus better allowing us to cover more material at a faster pace.
  13. You only have to talk to those attendees you want to talk to.
  14. You can snuggle with your pet while reviewing the materials.
  15. You can replay the entire workshop as many times as you like – a benefit you’ll never get with live events!
  16. It’s great for shy people who don’t like to ask questions in public. You can ask whatever you like as anonymously as you like in the chat panel.
  17. You can do whatever you want during the breaks. (Again, turn off the webcam.)

What Other Advisors Say About Horsesmouth Virtual Workshops

Now, just in case you’re a little apprehensive about “virtual learning,” let me reassure you, this isn’t our first online rodeo. In fact, we had tremendous success with our recent virtual workshops earning accolades from attending advisors.

I’ll share with you some of their comments. I can’t give you any names because we surveyed our attendees anonymously (so they’d tell us the truth!), but they gave us some great feedback!

  • “I thought the virtual meeting was amazing. You lose some elements (e.g. meeting participants and speakers) but gain in others (e.g. no travel). No recommendations because I thought you all did so well.”
  • “The material was excellent, and the speaker extremely knowledgeable. But, for me, the best thing about it was the ability to get this much information and training without having to leave my office. Spreading it out over three days gave me time to digest every day's topics before moving on.”
  • “Although meeting in person is valuable, I liked the virtual experience and not having to travel.”
  • “This was my first Horsesmouth workshop, and I'm very likely to do more in this format.”
  • Big fan of 3 hours per day over 3 days as opposed to longer sessions and less days.”
  • Virtual workshops should be a standard offering going forward, in addition to live options.”
  • “This virtual workshop was done very well, almost like everyone was a pro at it. :-) We should do more of these since it saves everyone money (no travel costs for participants and no facility rental or food costs for provider).”
  • “One of the best education events I have attended in my 37 years as an enrolled agent.”
  • “Loved not having to travel. I can listen to a replay and refresh my notes.”
  • “The tech is easy to use, really like the format.”
  • “It has been what I expected. Horsesmouth events are always worth the time.”
  • “Thank you three. Great info yesterday—I listened to the replay on my commute home…very helpful.”  
  • “This is a GREAT way to do training!”
  • “Lots of great info. I will definitely need to view these replay videos. I appreciate being able to access them.”
  • “Great class. I really like the virtual. Don’t have to travel. Have access to my office info during the class. Still can ask questions. That and the fact that the replays will be available for 90 days so I can listen again. It’s a total winner for me. I would think it’s a winner for you guys as well. Hopefully, everyone else feels the same way so we can continue to do these!”


Day One: Monday, July 15, 2024

12:00 pm ET- 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12:00 pm PT

Medicare Basic

  • How Medicare works
  • Who becomes eligible for Medicare and when
  • Understanding Medicare enrollment periods
  • How the late enrollment penalty works
  • How to sign up for Medicare
  • Part A: What it covers, how much it costs
  • Part B: What it covers, how much it costs
  • What's not covered by Part A and Part B: deductibles, copays, coinsurance
  • How Medicare is financed

How Medicare works with other insurance

  • Who pays first?
  • Switching to Medicare vs keeping existing plan
  • When a client can, should, or must enroll in Medicare
  • Medicare and employer plans
  • Medicare and retiree plans
  • Medicare and COBRA
  • Medicare and Tricare, FEHB, VA
  • Medicare and ACA
  • Medicare and HSAs

Day Two: Tuesday, July 16, 2024

12:00 pm ET- 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12:00 pm PT

Supplementing Medicare with other insurance

  • Why Medicare alone is not enough
    • Part A deductibles
    • Part B coinsurance
    • Part D prescription drugs
  • Types of supplemental insurance
    1. Retiree/employer plans
    2. Medigap policies
    3. Part D drug plans
    4. Medicare Advantage plans
  • How to evaluate supplemental insurance
    1. Retiree/employee plans vs. insurance purchased on open market
    2. Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage
  • Mechanics of Medicare enrollment
Lavonne Marsh
Marsh Financial Services
Augusta, GA

Learning from
Each Other

I came to this seminar to learn from the expert, Elaine Floyd on how to develop strategies for integrating Social Security into the overall retirement plan for my clients. But a big benefit that I gained in addition to that was just being exposed to the people here—to my peers who have been…some of them have been doing it for years and they have a lot of real life stories to tell. Others of us are new to this and so we’re all searching for ways to improve. How’s it going to help my clientele? Any time that we can help a client get a bigger return on any investment and then help them strategize those investments for the maximum lifetime payoffs…I think that’s what Social Security is going to do for a lot of people. I’m excited about the ways that I can use this valuable tool.

“Elaine Floyd has this almost bigger than life reputation. I was warned about her from my First Global broker dealer about how knowledgeable she was and what she brings to the table. She has surpassed it. She really has. It flows from her like water. It’s just such a natural thing for her. It’s because she’s just filled up with it. I will be using her as a sounding board in the days and months to come. She’s wonderful.”

Day Three: Wednesday, July 17, 2024

12:00 pm ET- 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12:00 pm PT

Transitioning to Medicare

  • Pre-Medicare planning: Caveats
  • COBRA mistakes
  • Savvy Medicare planning for clients under and over 65
  • When Medicare enrollment is mandatory
  • When Medicare enrollment is optional
  • How to evaluate existing insurance compared to Medicare
  • Ongoing Medicare management: annual open enrollment period
  • How to help clients minimize Medicare costs; appealing the IRMAA

Managing Health Care Costs in Retirement

  • Planning for health care costs in retirement
  • Health care cost components: premiums, deductibles, cost sharing, out-of-pocket costs
  • Late enrollment penalties
  • Managing and minimizing health care expenses in retirement
  • Planning for long-term care

Building Your Business Around Savvy Medicare Planning

  • Marketing your Savvy Medicare planning services via seminars and workshops: Overview of the Marketing Toolkit
  • Case studies
  • Workshop tips
  • Educating CPAs, attorneys, and other centers of influence

Instructional material

Full workshop materials: classroom manual, handouts, case studies, slides, etc.

CE Credit

Holders of the CFP designation will qualify for 7 CE credits.

BONUS: Next Steps, One-on-One Action Plan Coaching Session—30 minutes

Take immediate steps to put your learning into action. After you’ve returned home, Learn-It-All attendees get a complementary coaching session with Horsesmouth’s executive coach Chris Holman. Meet with Chris over the phone for 30 minutes; discuss your key take-aways from the workshop; discuss your key goals for integrating Social Security into your business; complete a one-page action plan to guide you in your next steps. ($499 value)

Savvy Medicare Virtual Workshop

July 15-17, 2024

Learn More and Register


Elaine Floyd

Elaine Floyd

Your workshop will be led by Elaine Floyd, CFP®, Horsesmouth’s Director of Retirement and Life Planning. Elaine is the author of The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Savvy Social Security and The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Savvy Medicare. She is often quoted in leading publications including the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, Marketwatch’s Retirement Weekly and other publications.



Sean Bailey

Sean Bailey

Sean M. Bailey is the Editor in Chief of Horsesmouth. Over the last 20 years, Sean has interviewed hundreds of advisors about “what’s working” in their efforts to grow their businesses. At this Medicare three-day intensive workshop, he’ll lead you through in-depth case studies examining the prospecting side of advising boomers about Medicare.

Cancellation and Refund policy

Your workshop registration fee is 100% refundable if you cancel and contact Horsesmouth’s Member Support team 30 business days or more before the event. You must call to receive a cancellation confirmation number. You can reach Member Support at 1-888-336-6884, ext. 1.

Cancellations received between 7-29 days prior to the event will receive a Horsesmouth store credit of 50% of purchase price towards a future event, subscriptions or products, minus $100 processing fee. For cancellations received 6 days or less prior the event, no refunds will be made nor store credits given.

Substitutions/name changes may be made at any time prior to the event without penalty.

Can’t Make It Now?

Click this link and we’ll add you to our workshop information list. When a new workshop date is announced, you’ll get notified.

FOR INSTANT SERVICE, Call Toll Free: 1-888-336-6884 ext 1
(Outside U.S.): 1-212-343-8760


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