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The only program that enables advisors to learn, promote, teach, and advise clients on life’s complex financial decisions…

Transform Your Business Into a Revenue-Producing System That Adds New Clients and New Assets Every Month

Laura Basballe 7 Point Business Growth Chart

Get the financial planning skills, client tools, and (Finra-approved) marketing and education for more than 11 personal finance and practice management areas…

It’s a challenge to deliver comprehensive advice. That’s why we’ve created the Master Membership. It’s our industry’s only end-to-end program that helps you guide clients with fresh, insightful, and actionable advice every day.

Our 7-point business growth framework helps you deliver superior client experiences. You get the knowledge, confidence, and ability to educate and engage people. Your Horsesmouth Master Membership includes:

  • A growing suite of expert-created digital and print information, client presentations and forums on taxes, Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, IRA planning, long-term care, college planning, cybersecurity, and CPA/strategic alliances.
  • Monthly, turnkey marketing plan and Finra-reviewed communications, client education, presentations, articles, newsletters, first-meeting guides, checklists, templates, and handouts for engaging meetings and sharing on social media.
  • Tools and software for starting conversations, including top ranked Social Security calculator suite, decision trees, and popular custom handouts including Key Financial Data, Key Retirement Dates, Key College Planning Data, Last Chance Financial Planning Checklist, Financial Fitness Checkup, Secure Act 2.0, and more.
  • Exclusive money-saving discounts: Master Member 25% discount on all Horsesmouth professional training workshops, supplementary Horsesmouth products (beyond your annual printed materials), FREE shipping and handling (within the U.S.), and exclusive 25% off top-rated tax planning software Holistiplan, college funding software College Aid Pro, and Medicare guidance software i65.
  • Raise $5 million, $10 million, $20 million or more following the Master Member business growth framework making financial education webinars and in-person presentations.
Get started now for as low as $797!

How a Master Membership works

The Master Membership operates like the flywheel business model Jim Collins wrote about in his classic book Good to Great. Your clients are your best promoters. If you treat them right and deliver quality service, every interaction triggers new reasons for them to refer you.

Our Master Membership flywheel (see 7-Point Business Development Framework at top of page) leads you through a continual improvement system that benefits you and your clients. It (1) builds expertise, (2) attracts attention, (3) educates investors, (4) starts conversations, (5) wins clients, (6) deepens relations, and (7) expands your referral networks.

Your annual membership gives you access to 11 standalone Horsesmouth programs – nine covering key technical skills that clients need today, plus two marketing programs that help you educate and communicate with clients and promote your business to prospects, CPAs, and attorneys.

As a Master Member, you get the technical guidance you need to add more services, and the turnkey marketing materials that attract wealthy clients with challenging financial planning and investment needs.

Master Marketing Center

The Master Member Center is your one-stop launching off point to all your resources.

A partial list of Master Member resources:

Expert support, tools, and calculators in 8 technical topics

Master Membership Hero

Monthly marketing program amps up your business developmentMarketing Calendar

Get “savvy” on technical topics critical to clients' needs


2024 Master Marketing Calendar & FINRA-Reviewed Content

Turnkey, compliance-ready educational content that triggers new business

Tax Planning Handout

Big ideas from the industry's best minds and visionaries

Industry Experts

Tax Planning Educational Handout


Mind meld with industry experts

35+ presentations covering every aspect of retirement planning

Savvy Presentations

Expert support, tools, and calculators in 8 technical topics

What's Working Now

Choose from 35 presentations proven to draw crowds!


Learn what's working now!

Expert support, tools, and calculators in 8 technical topics

Horsesmouth Partners

The Learning Exchange

Horsesmouth Partners

25% discounts on all Horsesmouth & affiliated partners' products


Get “savvy” on technical topics critical to clients' needs.

Get Your Questions Answered by Our Subject Matter Experts


As a Master Member, you get front-of-the line treatment when you
post a question to any of our flagship programs.

Whenever you have a question about a certain topic, just click over
to the program, find the Q&A link in the navigation, then
post your question.

You'll get an answer in less than 48 hours.

A turnkey monthly marketing plan—just download and execute

After more than 20 years working closely with financial advisors, we've heard you say you often don't have time to develop your own custom annual marketing plan.

That's okay. Now we've got you covered.

Month in and month out, your Master Membership tees up a complete turnkey marketing plan for you to customize, download, set, and send.

It's that easy.

Want to send a newsletter? It's there each month.

Want to send clients and prospects a timely article reprint that aligns with a sensible monthly marketing theme? We've got you covered.

Getting ready to educate clients and prospects this month? There's always a featured presentation keyed to the monthly marketing theme. Plus dozens more are always available to you.

Master Marketing Calendar

There's ALWAYS a simple, yet powerful marketing activity you or your team can complete with your Master Membership.

Kurt W.,

“I would attribute several pieces of business in the past six months to materials available through the Master's program. Working with allied professionals like attorneys and CPAs, it is very helpful to me to be able to provide material that I'm confident has been vetted properly and is meaningful to them and their practice.” – Kurt W., Bothell, WA

No marketing program for financial advisors comes close to matching your Master Membership marketing choices.

Nail your value proposition. Add new services. Plug in to new niches.

Your knowledge of the markets used to be enough to earn new business.

But these days, clients expect you to understand tax strategies, Social Security, health care, and more… and then fix their messy plans and portfolios.

That's a lot of ground to cover…

But it's territory you can easily manage as a Horsesmouth Master Member with access to our comprehensive advisor support platform.

You can tap into a network of eight different Horsesmouth “savvy” programs – each covering a key technical topic relevant to today's clients: tax planning, Social Security, Medicare, retirement planning, college planning, long-term care, estate planning, and cybersecurity.

Each technical program is led by a subject matter expert who provides source materials, ongoing updates, webinars, calculators, tools, and real-time forums to keep you in the know.

Social Security question? Check out Elaine Floyd's latest answers in the Q&A Forum. Doubts about a tax strategy? Check out Debbie Taylor's last newsletter. Cybersecurity concerns? Send Devin Kropp an email.

And Master Members are eligible to attend private Learning Exchange webinars hosted by some of the brightest minds in the business who will brief you on the latest developments in each subject matter area.

It's a platform – and a community – of professional development and actionable insights that can expand your list of services, help you develop new niches, and strengthen your value proposition as the go-to financial educator.

How the 7-Point Business Growth Framework Operates

By following our 7-point business growth flywheel framework, advisors not only deliver superior client experiences but also grow their businesses sustainably. The flywheel consists of seven essential elements:

  1. Build Expertise: Master Membership provides you with a comprehensive suite of expert-created digital and print information, covering essential topics like taxes, Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, and more. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to guide your clients with fresh, insightful, and actionable advice daily.
  1. Attract Attention: With a monthly, turnkey marketing plan and Finra-reviewed communications, you and your team can effectively promote your services through presentations, articles, newsletters, social media, and more, attracting the attention of potential clients, CPAs, and attorneys.
  1. Educate Investors: Master Members ar equipped with client education materials, first-meeting guides, checklists, templates, and handouts to engage and inform both your clients and your prospects, making financial education webinars and in-person presentations more impactful. You get access to more than 30 Finra-reviewed presentations.
  1. Start Conversations: Your membership offers tools and software such as Social Security calculators, decision trees, and custom handouts to facilitate meaningful conversations with clients, addressing their unique financial planning needs.
  1. Win Clients: By leveraging your Master Member business growth framework, you can raise significant new assets while demonstrating your expertise and commitment to clients, winning their trust and business in the process.
  1. Deepen Relationships: The Master Membership helps you deliver quality service, addressing clients' complex financial planning and investment needs, thereby fostering long-lasting, trusting relationships.
  1. Expand Referrals: Satisfied clients become the best promoters of an advisor's business. The flywheel framework ensures that every interaction with your clients triggers new reasons for them to refer you, expanding your referral network and fueling your business growth.

Want Even More Detail? Here's Everything You'll Get in One Chart:

Technical Program
Technical Materials & Tools
Marketing Materials

Savvy Social Security Planning

The FA's Guide to Savvy Social Security Planning

  • The FA's Guide to Savvy Social Security Planning (175-pg)
  • Online suite of 7 calculators
  • 135 Social Security Questions Answered
  • Social Security Q&A Forum
  • Social Security Audit Tool
  • Twice monthly newsletter
  • Updates Blog
  • Members-Only Website
  • 12 CE Credits
  • Program Leader: Elaine Floyd, CFP
  • 6 FINRA-reviewed PPT presentations & scripts
  • Guide to Social Security handout (50 copies)
  • Social Security Quick Reference Postcard
  • Marketing Toolkit
  • 30 Brandable Educational Articles





Savvy Medicare Planning

The FA's Guide to Savvy Medicare Planning

  • The FA's Guide to Savvy Medicare Planning (175-pg)
  • 100 Medicare Questions Answered Medicare Q&A Forum
  • Twice monthly newsletter
  • Members-Only Website
  • 6 CE Credits
  • Program Leader: Elaine Floyd, CFP
  • 4 FINRA-reviewed PPT presentations & scripts
  • Guide to Medicare handout (50 copies)
  • Marketing Toolkit
  • 12 Brandable Educational Articles
  • Health care Quick Reference Postcard
  • Medicare Enrollment Planning Flowchart


Savvy Tax Planning

  • The FA's Guide to Tax-Planning Changes Through
    Four Stages of Retirement (175-pg)
  • FA's Guide to the New Tax Law (55-pg)
  • Medicare Q&A Forum
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Members-Only Website
  • 25% discount on software
  • 8 CE Credits
  • Program Leader: Debra Taylor, CPA/PFS, JD, CDFA
  • 3 FINRA-reviewed PPT presentations & scripts
  • New Retirement Rules handout (50 copies)
  • Key Tax Changes From the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Postcard
  • FINRA-reviewed poster and postcard for marketing workshops
  • Guide to Taxes & Retirement handout (50 copies)
  • Retirement Tax Strategy First-Meeting Guide
  • New Tax Law First-Meeting Guide
  • 25% discount on Holistiplan tax planning software
  • 5 Educational Articles
  • Marketing Toolkit
Savvy IRA Planning
The FA's Guide to Savvy IRA Planning
  • The FA's Guide to Savvy IRA Planning (200-pg)
  • 150 IRA Questions Answered
  • IRA Q&A Forum
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Members-only website
  • Members-only update webinars (2x/yr)
  • 25% discount on software
  • 12 CE Credits
  • The Savvy IRA Planning Team including Denise Appleby
  • 5 FINRA-reviewed PPT presentations & scripts
  • Boomers Guide to IRA Planning (50 copies)
  • New Retirement Rules Postcard
  • 5 Educational Articles
  • Marketing Toolkit




Savvy Cybersecurity
  • Book: “Hack-Proof Your Life Now!” 
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Business Protection Checklist
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Emergency-Alert Newsletter
  • Members-only website
  • Program Leaders: Sean Bailey, Devin Kropp
  • 4 FINRA-reviewed PPT presentations & scripts
  • Cybersecurity Security Quick Reference Postcard
  • Cybersecurity Business Protection Checklist
  • 10 copies of “Hack-Proof Your Life Now!” book
  • 7 Educational Articles
  • Marketing Toolkit


Savvy College Planning
  • The FA's Guide to College Planning (300+ pg)
  • 25% off College Aid Pro software
  • 150 College Planning Questions Answered
  • 4 Webinar Training Sessions
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Live update webinars
  • Members-only website
  • 9 CE Credits
  • 2 FINRA-reviewed PPT presentations & scripts
  • Key College Funding Data Postcard
  • Parent's Guide to Cutting College Costs handout (50 copies)
  • Marketing Toolkit (75 pg)
  • 9 Educational Articles
  • 4 College Planning Reference Lists
Savvy Long-Term Care Planning
  • Getting Long-Term Care Planning Right Presentation Handout
  • Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning Options Client Reference
  • Marketing Toolkit
  • FA Guide (100+ pages)
  • Article Reprints
  • Members-only website
  • 2 FINRA-reviewed PPT presentation & script
  • Family Guide to Caregiving handout (50 copies)
  • Client Meeting Guide
  • Marketing Toolkit
  • Educational Articles


Savvy Generational Planning
  • The FA's Guide to Generational Planning (175+ pg)
  • Orientation Webinar
  • Legacy/Estate Planning Assessment
  • Legacy/Estate Planning Checklist
  • Family Legacy Worksheets
  • Members-only website
  • 6 CE credits
  • Program Leader: Elaine Floyd, CFP
  • 3 FINRA-reviewed PPT presentations & scripts
  • 1 FINRA-reviewed COI Roundtable Presentation & Script
  • Boomers Guide to Legacy Planning handout (50 copies)
  • Family Guide to Generational Planning handout
  • 8 Educational Articles
  • Client Meeting Guide


  • Monthly turnkey marketing plan
  • Annual Marketing Bootcamp
  • Annual Trends Review
  • Marketing plan building
  • 20+ webinars a year explaining different facets of advisor marketing
    like lead generation, content marketing, video marketing, podcasts, webinars & events, SEO, Facebook ads, social media & more
  • CPE Credit Guide
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Program Leaders: Devin Kropp, Sean Bailey, Doug Pierce
  • Annual Master Member Marketing Calendar
  • 60+ Marketing Campaigns
  • 100+ Client-Facing Educational Articles
  • 150+ Emails, Handouts, Postcards
  • Financial Advisor's Annual Marketing Calendar (key deadlines and dates to market around)
  • Client Letter Template Kit


  • Annual COI Marketing Plan
  • 5+ webinars
  • COI Reference Guide
  • CPE Credit Guide
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Program Leaders: Sean Bailey, Devin Kropp, Doug Pierce
  • 7 FINRA-Reviewed Presentations for CPE Credit
  • Key Financial Data Mini-Campaign
  • Roundtable workshop events
  • Communications program



6 Ways to Use Your Master Membership

The Horsesmouth team starts its day by asking “What can we do to help professionals succeed in helping their clients?” If you’ve been with us long, you’ve seen how we answer that each year by adding new programs, new campaigns, and new products and services.

Our new Master Membership is our answer to our best clients who want to power their business with Horsesmouth. Here are some things your Master Membership will help you achieve:

1. Deliver presentations on more than 29 different topics:

Some of the most successful professionals these days grow their business by positioning themselves as THE Financial Educator in their region. They deliver a steady schedule of classes, workshops, and lunch-'n'-learns demystifying and simplifying the complex decisions the public must make about their finances and financial planning needs.

2. Use turnkey marketing and instant access to more than 60 marketing campaigns:

Now you can get all your marketing needs in one spot when your Master Membership gives you and your team complete access to the Advisor/Client turnkey marketing program. That includes access to the annual Marketing Bootcamp program.

3. Provide important resources to clients and prospects:

As a Master Member, each year you’ll get 50 copies of the handout guides from Savvy IRA, Savvy Social Security, Savvy Medicare, Savvy College Planning, Savvy Long-Term Care, Savvy Generational Planning and the Savvy Tax Planning Program. You’ll also get 10 copies of Hack-Proof Your Life Now! Plus, you get the 25% discount off 100 copies of Key Financial Data ($223 instead of $297) and other custom information products.

4. Touch clients with personalized newsletters and article reprints:

Never want for communications with clients and prospects. Your Master Membership includes access to a monthly client newsletter, a monthly cybersecurity newsletter, and more than 100 customizable article reprints from leading subject matter experts, with more added every month. Or, create your own by leveraging the content in your monthly IRA, Social Security, Medicare, and College Planning newsletters.

5. Develop your strategic allies and deliver CPE education to CPAs and accountants:

The best way to meet and connect with CPAs and other strategic allies is to support them in their own professional development. When you do that, you’re giving first and receiving later. And you’re showing off your professional expertise to a critical class of professionals—the ones who can steer their clients your way. Last year, a record number of Horsesmouth members delivered CPE classes to CPAs and accountants.

Now you can, too, with your Master Membership. You get access to more than a dozen CPE-qualified presentations you can teach accountants in your area on topics such as IRAs, Social Security, Cybersecurity, Medicare, College Planning, and more.

6. Learn at in-person technical and marketing training for 25% off:

Master Memberships get the lowest registration price for our in-person workshops—$1,873, a $624 savings on the normal $2,497 rate. You can attend workshop trainings in Social Security and Medicare, College Niche Planning, IRA Planning, Tax Planning, and more.

Beef up your marketing. Educate prospects. Build a fan club.

Master Marketing Calendar

Marketing simplified… and off your plate!

With a strong value proposition, marketing gets easy. And a Master Membership leverages that value with turnkey marketing materials that position you as a financial educator.

Your Master Member Marketing Program runs year round. Each month is tied to a different financial theme with suggested emails, handouts, articles to send, and educational events to host. No creative work or even scheduling on your part. Just do it.

Even compliance is easy… every client-facing marketing piece is accompanied by a FINRA Review Letter that helps expedite your materials through compliance.

Best of all, you'll get the kind of business-building results you're looking for:

Key Financial Data Card 2024

"It was great. I have two friends that need help"

“In the very beginning of this year, I emailed a client of mine the Key Data Card, which is the first handout in the Marketing Calendar Program. Then he makes an appointment. I figured he had a question about taxes, something like that.

“I get on the phone with him, and he says, 'Oh, I got that thing you emailed me, it was great. I love all the data. It's wonderful. I have two friends that need help. I told them about you, and I want them to work with you.'

“Today, they have both become clients and have over $1 million each with me now… and that was off of that one email.” – James McLoughlin, East Setauket, NY

Here's a partial list of the turnkey materials you get:


35+ PowerPoint presentations addressing critical client pain points

As a Horsesmouth Master Member, you get access to over 35+ scripted presentations covering in-demand topics like retirement planning, tax planning, Social Security, Medicare, IRAs, estate planning, college planning, and more.

Each presentation comes with a slide deck, script, handouts, and a marketing toolkit to help you schedule and promote your workshop, seminar, or webinar.

All decks and scripts have been professionally researched, vetted, written, and designed. Materials are FINRA-reviewed and updated annually and whenever rules change.

You even get a list of questions you're likely to get and how to answer them – plus, new ideas that will get people talking to you… and about you.

Social Security Presentations (6)

What Baby Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income Presentation
  • What Baby Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income
  • Social Security Planning for Women
  • Social Security Planning for Couples
  • What's New with Social Security? Seven Topics to Watch in 2024
  • Basic Rules and Claiming Strategies
  • Savvy Social Security Planning for CPAs

Medicare Presentations (4)

Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement: What Baby Boomers Need to Know About Medicare and Long-Term Care
  • Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement
  • 30 Minutes on Medicare Basics
  • Transitioning to Medicare
  • Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement for CPAs

Tax Planning Presentations (4)

  • How Tax Planning Changes Through Four Stages of Retirement
  • The New Tax Law Briefing: 20+ Questions Every Person, Family, & Business Must Answer Soon
  • The New Retirement Rules: Understanding SECURE Act 2.0
  • How Tax Planning Changes Through Four Stages of Retirement For COIs

College Planning Presentations (2)

How to Cut College Costs
  • 4 Keys to Cut the Cost of College
  • An Inside Look at Qualifying for Financial Aid

IRAs & Retirement Planning Presentations (9)

IRA Presentation
  • IRA Planning for Boomers
  • 6 Retirement Account Options Every Retiree Must Know
  • An Overview of the Factors to Consider When Making Rollover Decisions
  • IRA Planning for CPAs
  • Life After Work: How to Create a Good Life in Retirement
  • How to Get Rollover Ready
  • COI Roundtable: Tapping into Retirement Accounts
  • COI Roundtable: Understanding the Net Investment Income Tax
  • 10 Things CPAs Should Know About IRAs

Long-Term Care Presentations (2)

Savvy Long-Term Presentation
  • Getting Long-Term Care Planning Right: New Approaches for People at All Stages 
  • The Family Caregiving Challenge: 4 Keys to Making a Difference 

Estate Planning/Legacy Planning Presentations (3)

Master Legacy Presentation
  • 6 Steps to Legacy Planning for the Generations
  • How to Plan, Communicate, and Execute the Smooth Transfer of Assets and Values from One Generation to the Next
  • Why Estate Planning? Why Now?

Cybersecurity Presentations (4)

1 Hour to Cybersecurity Presentation
  • 10 Threats Every Person and Business Faces and How to Fight Them Now
  • 30 Minutes to Cybersecurity: 5 Threats Every Person and Business Faces
  • Will Hackers Scam Your Business?
  • Hack-Proof Your Smartphone


150+ emails, newsletters, drips, and handouts that get clients to act (partial list)

As a Master Member, you have VIP access to two important Horsesmouth marketing programs: Advisor/Client and Advisor/CPA. Choose from over 50 campaigns and hundreds of FINRA-reviewed marketing materials that will help you stay top-of-mind with clients, prospects, and strategic allies.

All client-facing content comes with a FINRA Review Letter that expedites your materials through compliance.

Postcards, emails, videos, posters, and handouts can be customized with your name, image, contact information, and even different colors to align with your brand.

Here's a partial look at just some of the materials available to you through your Master Membership:


Key Financial Data

Key Financial Data

Retirement Calendar Checklist

Retirement Calendar Checklist

Financial Fitness Checklist

Financial Fitness Checklist

Key Planning & Investment
Deadlines Postcard (4x/yr)

Key Planning & Investment	Deadlines Postcard

100+ Educational Articles

Article Reprints

Savvy Cybersecurity
Quick Reference Guide

Savvy Cybersecurity
					Quick Reference Guide

Informational Postcards)

Retirment Income Postcard

Educational Guides

Baby Boomers Guide to Social Security

100+ educational articles that brand you as a financial educator (partial list)

One of the key principles of Master Member marketing is to position you as a financial educator on a wide range of technical topics important to clients now.

To help you build your authority, we've built a database of hundreds of educational articles that address clients' most pressing issues. All articles are FINRA-reviewed and written by industry experts, including your program leaders.

You can send these articles as emails, feature them on your website, or combine them in a sales cadence to promote one or all of your services. One advisor even created 79 90-second videos from the “drips” he found in the various articles. He's sending his list a video every week to stay top-of-mind and promote his webinar and workshop schedule.

Here's a partial list of articles available to Master Members:

  • 7 Steps to College Planning
    7 Steps to Take on the Road to College
  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Financial Cool in Crisis
  • Gen-Xers: Five Retirement Topics to Discuss
  • 10 Common Medicare Questions Answered
  • Checklist: Is It Time for Assisted Living?
  • College Planning: Know the Rules for Education Funding (CPA)
  • How Parent & Child Assets Impact Financial Aid Packages
  • 4 Common Elder Scams: How to Stay Safe & Fight Back
    Financial Planning for the Generations
  • How to Create Ultra-Secure Passwords
  • Intergenerational Transfers: Helping Adult Children
  • 11 Ways to Minimize the Bite from Medicare Taxes
  • Building Healthcare Costs into Retirement
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About the Secure Act
  • The 99% Rule for Spousal Beneficiaries
  • 5 Things You Can Do with an IRA That You Can't with a 401(k)
  • Retirement Income: Which Accounts to Tap First (CPA)
    4 Common Elder Scams
  • 50 Things: What a Financial Professional Does for You
  • A Pre-Divorce Checklist
  • What You Need to Know About Disability
  • Federal Employees and Social Security
  • Understanding Social Security Estimates
  • 3 Ways to Raise Your Social Security Benefit
  • Top 10 Rules to Know About a Qualified Charitable Distribution
  • Essential Tax Tips for IRAs

    Maureen R.

    Little Horsesmouth Community

    “We get a lot of interaction with Deb Taylor and Elaine. They're all so accessible. Sometimes those really bizarre questions come out of left field and you can run it past them or listen to one of their webinars and get some clarification. It's just really a nice setup… like a little Horsesmouth community.” – Maureen R., San Ramon, CA

Connect with industry leaders. Learn what's working. Discover big ideas.

Growing a business on your own can be lonely. To avoid isolation, many entrepreneurs participate in a support network of peers and role models who share ideas and insights.

As a Master Member, you're immediately included in a community mentored by some of the industry's best minds. All Horsesmouth programs are led by thought leaders and visionaries who share with you the latest ideas, tactical applications, and best practices in each subject matter area.

In fact, they are actively invested in seeing you grow and succeed. They will answer your questions through our Q&A forums and appear on exclusive briefings for Master Members only.

And they keep you at the top of your game with ongoing newsletters on rule changes, legislations, and trends. You'll learn new ideas – big ideas – that differentiate you and impress prospects and clients.

You'll also interact with other solo and independent advisors sharing what's working and what's not. You'll get your boots on the ground quickly with real time insights from like-minded advisors.


Your Master Member Program Leaders:


Elaine Floyd, CFP

Elaine Floyd

Elaine wrote the books (literally) on Social Security and Medicare for professionals and leads both programs for Horsesmouth. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Robert Powell's Retirement Weekly, and is a popular speaker at FPA, FPA NorCal and the AICPA.


Sean Bailey

Sean baileySean M. Bailey is the founding editor-in-chief of Horsesmouth. For more than 20 years, has led Horsesmouth's product development and marketing efforts. He's also the co-creator of Savvy Cybersecurity and co-author of the award-winning book Hack-Proof Your Life Now!




Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Lynn O'Shaughnessy is a nationally recognized college expert, consultant, and speaker. She is the author of the Amazon bestseller: The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price . She is a contributor to CBS MoneyWatch and she writes about college at her popular blog, The College Solution.




Debra Taylor, CPA/PFS, JD, CDFA

Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor is Horsesmouth’s Director of Practice Management and the principal and founder of Taylor Financial Group, LLC, a full-service wealth management firm located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Debra's education and career has spanned many fields including legal and public accounting. Debra is the author of the top-selling practice management book, My Journey to $1 Million: The Systems and Processes That Will Get You There.



Chris Holman, PCC

Chris Holman

Chris Holman began his career with EF Hutton, as a financial advisor. He has 38 years experience in financial services and counts more than 2,500 advisors and advisory teams as his clients. He is a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation and specializes in guiding advisors to create their own success and greatness.




Devin Kropp

Devin Kropp

Devin Kropp is Associate Editor at Horsesmouth. Devin leads the Advisor/Client Marketing program and has coached many advisors to achieve their marketing goals. Devin is also the co-creator of Savvy Cybersecurity and co-author of the award-winning book Hack Proof Your Life Now!




Doug Pierce

Doug Pierce

Doug Pierce is an Associate Editor and Event Technologist at Horsesmouth. He's responsible for Horsesmouth's digital media production, including webinars, livestream, podcasts and virtual workshop technology. He coaches advisors on their virtual event production and set up. He holds the world record for the number of webinars hosted.


Reasons to Join—In the Words of Master Members:

We asked Master Members to tell us how the program worked for them. Here's what they said:

Kathleen Roth


“The calculators are worth the price alone. When I show a client their calculation and says, “OK, Susan, you take your money at 70. Bob, you take your money at 67.” It's like amazing!

–Kathleen Roth, CFP, CeFT, Rochester, NY

Maureen Richardson

It's finally getting done

“When you're running an advisory business, you don't have time to go out and do all this stuff. And I tend to be last minute and before I know it, it's April 15th and all the IRA opportunity has gone away. With the Master Membership, I'm know what's ahead and what to do. It's nice to have someone take that off my plate. And it's finally getting done!”

Maureen Richardson, CFP, San Ramon, CA

Maureen Richardson

Get an email out to clients every week

“There's so much content within Horsesmouth that you can get an email out every single week to your clients and prospects. And it's not just content, it's FINRA-reviewed content. Virtually everything's FINRA reviewed. When you give it to your compliance department, it's like a rubber stamp, it goes right through, maybe one or two disclosures, that's it, easy. So, you don't have to spend your time on all this stuff, because I don't want to."

–James McLoughlin, AIF, WMS, East Setauket, NY

Kurt Wanner

Very easy and seamless

“The Master Membership helped me plug into specialty niches like college planning or tax planning. As a solo practitioner, one of the things we look for is support… ideas outside of the realm of our little box. The Master Membership gives me access to a very wide variety of materials and resources. And since your materials are mostly FINRA reviewed, it's very easy and nearly seamless for me to get things updated and approved and utilized in a very short period of time.”

–Kurt Wanner, CFP, Bothell, WA

Jesse Travis

Personalized to my preferences

"I use the Master Membership to get new clients—through the presentations and supporting literature, which can all be edited and personalized to my preferences."

–Jesse Travis, San Antonio, TX

Wendy Bennett

Be the “go-to” expert

"I need to expand my range to be the "go-to" expert for all things financial when it comes to my clients."

–Wendy Bennett, CFP®, ADPA®, CRPC®, Butler, PA 

Shawn Foster

Compliance approved, offers CPE credits

"It's very convenient to have one place to go to get tons of information—much of it is compliance approved. And it's great to offer CPE credits to CPAs."

–Shawn Foster, ChFC, RICP, Dallas, TX

Greg Torretta

Programs by capable experts

"Its greatest strength is the skills and capabilities of the experts who put the program together."

– Greg Torretta, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Sarah Graham

On point, masterfully written

"I do a lot of prospecting through giving presentations, and Horsesmouth's presentations are on point and masterfully written."

– Sarah Graham, CFP®, CDFA®, Vienna, VA

Charlie Matejowsky

Fulfills my brand

"It really helps me fulfill my brand of being the "Retirement Repairman."

– Charlie Matejowsky, CIC, LUTCF, LACP, Brenham, TX

Victor Connor

My own marketing department

"It's like having my own marketing department."

– Victor Connor, CRPC, WMS, Wellington, FL

Maureen Richardson

Cost-effective, budget-friendly, time saver

"It's cost-effective, and I can get anything by just signing in. It's budget-friendly and a great time saver."

–Annalee Leonard, Pensacola, FL

Mary B. Kusske

Relevant to my work

“Timely information, relevant to my everyday work . I like getting information right away. And I can count on the quality of the programs.”

–Mary B. Kusske, CFP, CLTC, Burnsville, MN

Stevan Gates

Helps close cases

"It allows me to focus on client meetings, closing cases, and taking AUM ."

–Stevan Gates, CRPC, Midvale, UT

James McLoughlin

 Gets me on track

“I felt like I had lost a lot of time in 2020 the first half of the year. The Master Membership really helped me get on track. And I have come to the conclusion that you can't do this by yourself. I see a lot of advisors that are all by themselves, trying to make things work, whether they're independent or otherwise. And I say to them, ‘You need support.'”

–James McLoughlin, AIF, WMS, East Setauket, NY


How Life Gets Better as Master Member

Tap into all the resources and materials a Master Membership offers, and you'll quickly find yourself on a new growth trajectory that will get you in front of more prospects and COIs.

Here's how your life and work will change:

James McLoughlin “From January 4th to today (3/11/21), I've brought in $5 million as a result of my Master Membership. I used Horsesmouth emails and gave a webinar. It was a really good turnout, everyone loved it. I had 57 people on that webinar, and I spoke to all 57 after. As a result, I'm getting emails, referrals, and really people are just much happier.” –James McLoughlin, AIF, WMS, East Setauket, NY
  • Your marketing goes on autopilot. You'll know exactly what to do and when. You don't have to create or schedule anything. Just note what's coming up on the Master Member Marketing Calendar, brand, download, and send.
  • You'll always have good answers. In fact, you love Q&A. You can handle the tricky questions, and if you don't have a specific answer, you'll know where to find it to get back to your client quickly.
  • You'll always have something new to talk about. You'll become the “big ideas guy” who has fresh insights that impress people –and that other advisors haven't heard of yet.
  • You can beta test new services. Analyze a scholarship offer for a college-bound family. Talk to a working Boomer about their retirement tax strategy. Try expanding your services slightly to see how clients respond and if it benefits your bottom line.
  • CPAs and attorneys will call you. You'll build a reputation as a trustworthy expert with a firm grasp of the issues. Clients, prospects, and COIs will notice you've got the range and depth to handle complicated cases.
  • Compliance will become your friend. They want to be helpful. They really do. And they'll get downright cuddly once you attach those FINRA Review letters.
  • You'll build a fan club. Your ongoing activities and marketing mojo will turn skeptics into raving fans who attend your events and bring their friends.
  • You're always at the top of your game. Rule changes? New legislation? New marketing ideas? You're always up to date on the latest trends and techniques –and going to market with them before anyone else.
  • You get to award CPAs continuing education (CE) credits. You know you're in a good place when you find yourself explaining IRAs to a room full of CPAs… for an hour… of their undivided attention. It's a good feeling. And a business builder.

Still Have Questions? Want to See the Master Membership in Action? Request a Desktop Demo:

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  • Programs, features, suitability for your practice, value
  • Overview of handout guides, newsletters, and educational articles
  • Review of the price including any applicable prorated credit
  • Your questions answered

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