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My Journey to $1 Million and Beyond Workshop: How to Beat the Robos, Clobber the Competition, and Jump Start Your Practice!

  • Develop a vision of where you’re going with your practice so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day issues…
  • Develop your next-step moves so you can position your practice for growth and sustainability…
  • Understand the technology and processes that allow you to deliver customized solutions to even more clients at a higher volume...
  • Learn to develop the systems and processes to make success happen. Join us in Washington, D.C. April 19-20.

Dear Colleague,

Advisors are so overwhelmed by the day-to-day management of their practices that they have little time to develop a vision, to anticipate their next moves, or to develop the systems and processes to implement what those next things should be.

They have no time or energy or additional resources to develop the next steps to position their practice for growth. They are busy reacting.

And, in the case of the independent advisor, they are also very isolated, leading to a lack of examples or inspiration to model themselves on.

Although the profession is generally coming off a string of very good years, there is a tremendous amount of disruption in the industry and many advisors are ill-equipped to deal with that disruption and what it will do to their business models and profits.

Consider these trends:

  • Cumulative effects of the aging demographics/higher withdrawal rates of our clients
  • Fee compression in the business brought on by additional lower cost choices available to the consumer
  • Too much unpredictability for clients and staff as no one knows what to expect

In short, we will need to do more for more clients with fewer resources, and profits will be squeezed which highlights even more the need to be super-efficient when delivering all of our services.

Introducing the "My Journey to $1 Million and Beyond Workshop"

That's why Horsesmouth and Debbie Taylor are joining together to create a workshop that teaches all those nitty-gritty details that most financial advisors want to know but aren’t sure about.

It's not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time someone starts a new practice or wants to grow their current one. It's better to learn from the ones who have already done it.

Throughout this interactive workshop, you will be walked through the nuts and bolts of successful practice management.

After each session there will be a wrap-up activity where you have time to think through your next steps and how to apply what you just learned.

Washington D.C. Workshop:
April 19-20, 2018
Click here to learn more.

Topics to be discussed include:

Building a Sustainable Firm: The goal is to have a firm that runs itself, so that the advisor can direct all his attention on the clients, financial planning, and wealth management.

But day-to-day matters often get in the way, and a good team can be hard to find.

Learn how to build your practice so that neither staff nor clients ever want to leave.

  • Why you need to move beyond investments to offer more to your clients…
  • How to provide true wealth management and all the services that come with it…
  • Why doing more for your clients will build a strong, sustainable business…
  • The secrets to moving up the value chain and what that means for your firm…
  • Your team is the core of your firm. Learn how to successfully lead them…
  • How you can improve your practice management and boost productivity…
  • Tips for positively and efficiently managing people and creating the best possible output…
  • The tools you need to make sure your firm stays in business and continually increases revenue

Building a Better Digital DNA: These days, if you don't have a good digital strategy, you are already behind the competition. Clients expect a decent-looking website at a minimum. But there is so much more to your digital DNA: social media, search engine marketing (SEO), prospecting, client portals, communications, and more.

The good news is, technology can make your life and practice management easier; once you learn how to implement it you’ll have a digital strategy working for you.

  • Why you need to digitize the entire client journey – from sales to onboarding to continuing communication…
  • One advisor's lessons in how to beef up your digital footprint, a necessity in today's world…
  • Tips for a clearer, more attractive, and more appealing website that will convey your ideas to people you want to reach…
  • How to drive prospects to your office and keep them there…
  • Why you need to consider online client portals for self-service in order to stay viable…
  • How to create a comprehensive, successful technology plan

Creating the Five-Star Client Experience: There are a lot of financial advisors in the marketplace. The good news is that most of them don’t understand how to stand out in a marketplace where most advisors’ offerings sound the same.

The key is to differentiate yourself and market to your niche. Don't be shy! Show your market and prospects why it's so great to be your client. You do that by treating your current clients with five-star service. They'll never leave, and they'll refer their friends, a nice “problem” to have.

  • Why you need to drop reticence and humility, and market yourself…
  • The market is a crisis of differentiation – find your place and shine in it…
  • How to successfully market to a niche audience, ensuring that you always have a core group of clients happy to refer others like them…
  • Why you need to create a sense of community between your clients and your firm, and what you can do to accomplish that…
  • How to get clients in the door by offering them what they want and need…
  • One advisor's tips for closing so that prospects are delighted to become your clients, and bring you more…
  • How to develop a strategic, no-fail onboarding process that you and your staff know by heart…
  • Why you need to segment your clients, defining and delineating the value that you are able to provide…
  • Why you need a service matrix, and tips for creating a fair, workable classification of services
  • What practices and actions are essential to improving client review meetings…

Nuts and Bolts of Keeping Clients Close: Too many advisors spend all their money and time going after new prospects, then forget about them as soon as they become clients. As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of financial advisors out there! But with the right events, marketing, and shows of appreciation, your clients will feel a sense of community and never consider another advisor.

  • Secrets to unusual opportunities for you to show your appreciation to your clients…
  • How to stay top-of-mind all year long with a calendar full of events your clients will be enthusiastically anticipating…
  • Why and when you should give gifts to your clients, plus what to choose…
  • How to throw awesome client appreciation events that draw back clients and their friends year after year…
  • Why you need to do weekly marketing in order to stay top-of-mind…
  • How to establish a weekly marketing schedule that works for you and your staff while continually bringing in new business…
  • Tips and tools for developing a holistic marketing plan better than what you've had before…

Gathering Feedback From Clients: The best way to treat your clients the way they want to be treated – find out what they want! They will be honored that you care about their opinions, and even more impressed when you act on them.

  • The one tactic that will show you what your clients truly think …
  • How to discover what your clients want from you, then answer their needs…
  • Why you must implement a client survey this year…
  • The importance of asking clients about their experiences, within and without your firm...

Making Planning the Cornerstone of Your Practice: Today's consumers want so much more from advisors than just investment advice. The robos can give them that, to a certain extent. But only a caring, invested human can develop and implement a good financial plan. There is so much more to consider than retirement – financial planning is an on going process, providing you with an opportunity to service your clients continually.

  • Learn the key items to think about when putting together an initial financial plan…
  • Think financial planning is one-and-done? Learn what quarterly planning services you can offer…
  • Why you should offer additional planning services as a way to differentiate yourself and stand out in a crowded market…
  • What to consider when debating between fee-based and a service matrix, or full-service planning…
  • How to effectively plan for most major life events, and demonstrate true care for your clients…
  • What additional services you can offer, including some you may not have thought of before…

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend "My Journey to $1 Million":

1. Debbie’s Track Record. Debbie is the Principal and Founder of Taylor Financial Group, and while she didn’t always know she wanted to be a financial advisor, she did always have the desire to help people get through life’s challenges and live life to the fullest.

She may have started off small, but with passion and perseverance, Debbie grew her business to over $125 million in assets under management, having been fee-based from the very start.

Debbie has won many industry honors, has been featured on national television, and is the author of a book about industry best practices, My Journey to $1 Million. Debbie is often quoted in national publications including Barron’s, Smart Money, The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, and Horsesmouth.

She is a frequent lecturer at national conferences including ONESCO Institute, Peak Advisor Alliance Excel Conference, Horsesmouth Women’s Workshop, and ONESCO Top Producer Conference (upcoming July 2018).

During her career, her achievements have been recognized by Chairman’s Club of LPL Financial, a distinction bestowed on only the top 6% of LPL Financial’s more than 14,000 advisors, from 2007-2016; Five Star Wealth Manager 2012-2017; and Women’s Choice Award 2013-2018.

2. Powerful, Actionable Ideas Ready to Implement Now.  Debbie has the skills and insights from years of practice and study to share with you the industry trends and best ways to maximize your potential. We will immediately learn about great processes, the newest marketing insights, how to use technology, and ways to connect to clients so that our practices can grow profitably.

If only one or two of the ideas discussed at the workshop get implemented (such as how to onboard a client and best ways to use Facebook for marketing), it can easily pay for the time and cost involved. If all you do is attend a workshop like this once or twice a year, you will transform your practice, as you will leave after two days with immediately actionable ideas.

3. You Need a "Brain Trust” Experience (especially if you work largely by yourself). The best leaders and most innovative thinkers take time away from their busy and crowded lives to ruminate, read and discuss with their "brain trust" about what is around the corner and what they should be doing next.

This is your time to do just that. When you spend two days with an industry leader and your peers who are also dedicated to learning about the next and best things, and who are also dedicated to growing their practices, you’ll enjoy a lasting boost to your professional outlook and your specific plans to grow your business now.

4. Sharing to the Third Power and More. The interaction between you and your peers will help propel your practice to the next level, as you will not only hear Debbie's insights, but you will have a chance to share and hear the best ideas among the group. Some of the most exciting work is done in this type of interactive setting that promotes give and take. In fact, the workshop is designed to include group and partner exercises so that everyone is able to gather feedback from the group regarding their situation and how to create the best practice possible.

Washington D.C. Workshop:
April 19-20, 2018
Click here to learn more.
Intensive 2-Day Workshop

In order to survive and thrive in this industry, advisors must learn to systematize their practices as much as possible so that they can remain competitive and highly profitable, and be in a position to grow in a disruptive and fee-sensitive environment. That’s the organizing principle of this workshop.

Who should attend:

  1. Advisors new to the business who want to understand what systems and processes you need to have in place, and how to develop them.
  2. Veteran advisors struggling to get past management of the day-to-day tasks. You want to plan ahead to the future, where your firm will grow, and bring you top dollar when you sell. You know you need better systems.

  3. Industry professionals who are looking for new insights and new skills that they can bring back to their colleagues to help them get on a new track to growth and profitability.
  4. Any advisor who feels your business is stagnant. You need to find a way to push forward to sustainability and growth.

  5. Seasoned advisors who enjoy sharing their insights and experiences, and want to pick up a few new business-growing skills along the way.

Save $100 Before June 20What will be covered:

A complete discussion of the systems and processes Debbie Taylor uses to build her business to $1 million and beyond, including prospecting, client service, financial planning, and digital presence. Learn how to do more for your clients at a higher volume and more efficiently.

Workshop goal:

Know how to systematize your practice so you can remain competitive, highly profitable, and positioned to grow in a disruptive and fee-sensitive environment. Your practice will run more smoothly, and you will be more confident in your staff and the delivery of services to your happy, referring clients.

Washington D.C. Workshop:
April 19-20, 2018
Click here to learn more.



8:00 am - 8:45 am

I. Welcome & Introduction
8:45 am – 9:15 am

  • Goals for the Day
  • Review of Challenges and Opportunities

II. First Solution: Building a Sustainable Firm
9:15 am – 10:45 am

  • Go Beyond Investments to Offer Full-Service Wealth Management
  • Moving Up the Value Chain
  • Focus on Practice Management: People & Productivity

10:45 am - 11:00 am

III. Wrap Up Exercise
11:00 am – 11:30 am

IV. Second Solution: Building Better Digital DNA
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

  • Digitize the Client Journey – From Sales to Onboarding to Ongoing Services and Communications to Planning, Client Self-Service and Client Reviews
  • Website Review
  • Create a Technology Plan

V. Wrap Up Exercise
12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

VI. Third Solution – Creating the Five-Star Client Experience
2:00 pm – 4:00 p.m

  • Marketing Yourself and the Crisis of Differentiation
  • Building Community
  • Getting Prospects in the Door and Closing
  • Onboarding
  • Segmenting and Service Matrix
  • Client Review Meetings

4:00 pm - 4:15 pm

VII. Wrap Up Exercise
4:15 pm – 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 8:45 am

VIII. The Nuts and Bolts of Keeping Clients Close 
8:45 am – 10:00 am

  • Client Appreciation Opportunities
  • Client Event Calendar
  • Client Gift Program
  • Weekly Marketing Schedule
  • Gifts & Dates
  • Create a Marketing Plan

IX. Wrap Up Exercise
10:00 am – 10:30 am

X. Gathering Feedback 
10:30 am – 11:15 am

  • Client Advisory Board
  • Surveys – Online and Written
  • Just Ask!

11:15 am - 11:30 am

XI. Wrap Up Exercise
11:30 am – 11:45 am

11:45 am -12:45 pm

XII. Fourth Solution – Make Planning the Cornerstone of Your Practice
12:45 pm –1:45 pm

  • Putting Together the Plan - What to Consider
  • Quarterly Planning Services
  • Life Event Services
  • Offering Additional Services
  • Marketing the Planning Services

XIII. Wrap Up Exercise
1:45 pm – 2:15 pm

XIV. Questions & Answers
2:15 pm – 2:30 pm

XIII. Create an Action Plan
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Come and Learn How to Beat the Robos, Clobber the Competition, and Jump Start Your Practice!
Washington D.C. Workshop:
April 19-20, 2018
Click here to learn more.


Debra Taylor

Your workshop will be led by Debra Taylor, CPA/PFS, JD, CDFA. Debra Taylor is the principal and founder of Taylor Financial Group, LLC, a full-service wealth management firm located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Debra’s education and career has spanned many fields including legal and public accounting. In addition to being the author of Horsesmouth’s top-selling practice management book, My Journey to $1 Million and Beyond: The Systems and Processes That Will Get You There, Debra has been featured on national TV and is often quoted in national publications such as Barron’s, Smart Money, andThe Wall Street Journal.

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Your fee will be charged directly to your credit card. Our online process is secure and you can safely provide your credit card information.

Substitutions/name changes may be made at any time prior to the event without penalty.

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