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How to Protect Your Clients, Your Staff, and Your Business From The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats We Face Every Day…

Who doesn’t know someone who has suffered identity theft, an email hack, or some dangerous virus?

Consider this, in just the next 24 hours:
  • Scammers will target the public with 94 billion emails. That’s 34 trillion malicious emails a year…
  • Identity thieves will impersonate 35,000 people and wreak havoc with their finances and credit—more than 13 million victims annually, including 500,000 children…
  • Hackers will blackmail 88,000 computer owners and demand ransom to unlock their encrypted PCs, 32 million in 12 months, more than one victim per second…

Everyone is under threat. But no one is defenseless. We want to show you, and your clients, how to build your online security, so you know you’re safe…

Dear Advisor,

hack proof

No doubt you’d agree that the word “hacked” has been in the news more than ever before in history.

The truth is hackers never sleep. Their malicious networks run 24/7 and anyone with an Internet connection faces the threat: personally, professionally, and even as citizens and patriots.

The problem is so serious, we won’t be surprised if fixing the public’s poor cybersecurity is declared a national emergency one day.

After the infamous Target data breach in 2013, we saw that the public wasn’t being given consistent, coherent, and do-able advice about boosting their online security.

So we created the Savvy Cybersecurity program to train financial professionals to deliver the “One Hour to Savvy Cybersecurity” workshop, a live, interactive event that could quickly identify people’s key security vulnerabilities and give them clear direction on how to become safe using their computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Since then, that program has been delivered thousands of times in the U.S. and Canada to rave reviews (learn more here). But we realized we needed other ways to reach a greater number of people.

That’s why we published an award-winning book called Hack-Proof Your Life Now! The New Cybersecurity Rules: Protect your email, computers, and bank accounts from hacks, malware, and identity theft in 2016.

New, Award-Winning 2019 Edition

I’m Sean M. Bailey, editor in chief of Horsesmouth and co-author, along with Devin Kropp, of Hack-Proof Your Life Now!

Since 2016, we have all continued to experience cybersecurity threats and attacks. The record-breaking Equifax breach of 2017 exposed the personal information of over 145 million people. Phishing and ransomware threats have evolved and grown in numbers. The hackers keep hacking.

But our security options have progressed as well. For example, new credit report laws have made it easier for nearly everyone to protect their credit files. So our second edition of Hack-Proof Your Life Now! gives you the most up-to-date information on how best to protect yourself and your family.

Our book is like no other cybersecurity title available for one simple reason: It doesn’t aim to scare you. It doesn’t overwhelm you. Instead, it shows you how to quickly measure your current Cybersecurity Score and then gives you a little more than a dozen action steps that will easily boost your cybersecurity in just a few hours.

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For the best savings order Hack-Proof in bulk, for as low as $8.98 a copy.

Hack-Proof Your Life Now! Second Edition: What's New?

-The most important cybersecurity action that is now free for all US consumers

-What all parents must do immediately — details on a new federal law protecting children from identity theft

-Why you may need to change your two-factor authentication settings

-How to best protect your home and office wireless networks

- Updated Hack Reports on recent cybersecurity stories - And more

We Want to Help You, Your Clients, and Your Community

When we look at the professionals involved in the public’s lives, we see financial professionals such as yourself as a natural ally in educating and encouraging the public to boost their levels of cybersecurity. (No doubt you’ve seen recent studies showing some financial advisors need to improve their cybersecurity, too.)

That’s why we think you can provide a tremendous service to your clients and your community, by taking the Hack-Proof message to them. The book, available to you at very deep discounts, is a cybersecurity survival guide.

Introduction to the Hack-Proof Process

The Hack-Proof Your Life Process—A Personal Online Security System

Our book begins by asking you to measure your online security with a 10-question cybersecurity quiz. Nearly everyone scores poorly.

But that changes quickly as we introduce you to the New Cybersecurity Rules, a set of 15 principles organized around three mindsets that we must cultivate in order to achieve higher security: secrecy, omniscience, and mindfulness:

Secrecy: Your email addresses, passwords, credit files, Social Security numbers, and other personal information need greater levels of stealth protection. Governments and private companies have done a miserable job guarding our personal data.

Only your actions can limit your vulnerability to hackers’ data breaches. In the book, we offer eight secrecy-boosting rules, including this one: RULE—Create a Secret Email Address: Stop using your personal email address for your online banking and credit accounts. It’s too easily stolen. Instead, create a financial-only email account to use exclusively for your finances. That limits your exposure to just a few secure places on the Internet where your financial-only email resides, making it harder for hackers to scoop up and use against you.

Omniscience: Just like the banks do, you must use technology to become “financially all-knowing” and monitor—in real time—your personal banking and credit matters. By placing yourself at the center of your online security (a key theme of the book), we can rest assured that identity thieves aren’t quietly stealing your money or ruining your credit. For instance, here’s one omniscience rule we recommend: RULECreate Text or Email Alerts. Enable your banking and credit cards to instantly notify you whenever cash leaves your account or credit is charged against your name. That way you’ll be able to instantly spot fraud or identity theft, a solid protection to have at no extra cost to you.

Mindfulness: Once you (and your clients) enact the New Cybersecurity Rules, you’ll have a stronger security mindset. But how do you stay that way? Safety degrades without permanent changes to your computer behaviors and security awareness. For instance, you can’t stay hack-proofed if you don’t routinely update your software (it’s closing dangerous security holes) or back up your data (the best protection against cyber blackmail). Just like our cars need critical, routine maintenance, the same must be applied to our computers, tablets, and smartphones to keep cyber miscreants away.

But the hackers' malicious spam never stops. Even the best protected inbox will still receive a few dangerous emails. What to do? RULE — The 10-Second EMAIL Rule. Our book will teach you and your clients the 10-Second EMAIL Rule, an easy to remember mnemonic to avoid being fooled into clicking on dangerous links. EMAIL stands for “Examine Message and Inspect Links” and shows you how to spot and unmask dangerous blackmail spam and identity theft malware. It’s a Zen-like practice that can benefit us every time we check our mail.

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For the best savings order Hack-Proof in bulk, for as low as $8.98 a copy.

7 Reasons Why Hack-Proof Your Life Now! Makes a Great Gift

#1 Demonstrates Your Dedication to Help Clients. There's nothing really like Hack-Proof Your Life Now! and its unique approach to helping any reader boost his or her online security quickly, easily, and in an organized manner.

#2 Clients Will Be Reminded of You and Your Desire to Help Them. Everyone knows someone who has been hacked. That won’t go away tomorrow, either. Each time a new hacking story makes headlines, your clients will recall your help in this area. (Being remembered favorably, of course, is a key referral driver.)

#3 Easy Storage in the Office and Easy to Carry Home.  It's always good to have something special around your office that you can give a client or prospect on the spur of the moment. Hack-Proof Your Life Now! is a handsome, lightweight paperback with some powerful messages. Whatever triggers the situation, you can reach for one of your Hack-Proof Your Life Now! copies as a quick, meaningful gift.

#4 Gives Clients Peace of Mind. Once a client learns the New Cybersecurity Rules we teach in Hack-Proof Your Life Now!,they’ll understand how much safer they’ve become. You’ll have saved them from the bad guys—literally.

#5 Ideal for Convenient Shipping by Mail. Hack-Proof Your Life Now! fits easily into a small envelope and can be mailed inexpensively to your clients.

#6 Reinforces Your Position as Teacher and Expert. Hack-Proof Your Life Now! is one of those books that will open your clients’ eyes about cybersecurity and empower them to be smart, safer, and more confident in this critical area of our lives.

#7 Shows You're Thoughtful. Some day in the future, all advisors will likely see the relevance and importance of providing guidance to clients around cybersecurity. After all, you care about their financial security and safety. Cybercriminals care not at all. So being an informed guide in the area of cybersecurity will reflect well on your reputation and leave a strong impression. Those clients worried about cybersecurity will be naturally appreciative of a gift such as Hack-Proof Your Life Now! A gift that is based on knowledge of one's interest always makes a strong impression. And it's easy to inscribe. (See examples below.)

You’re Not a Tech Guru—and Your Clients Aren’t, Either

Here’s the good thing. You don’t need to be an IT tech or computer guru to boost your online security. The vast majority of the New Cybersecurity Rules can be implemented by you, and your clients, quickly and easily. For those who need more help, we have a step-by-step guide and resource section in the back of the book, too.

Here’s a look at Hack-Proof’s table of contents and the front of the book:

  • Why You Need a Secret Email Address, page 15
  • What EVERY Parent with Minors Must Do, page 73
  • How to Beat the Password Paradox, page 21
  • Spot Ransomware with the 10-Second EMAIL Rule, page 108
  • The Danger of FREE Public Wi-Fi, page 36
  • This One Move Stops Identity Theft, page 68
  • NEVER Do this on Public Wi-Fi, page 36
  • One Action Blocks Hackers from Your Bank Accounts, page 21
  • How to Spot ATM fraud, page 78
  • The Truth about LifeLock, page 121

A Suitable, Distinctive Gift for Your Clients That Helps Them Get Safe

A few years back, we surveyed 500 advisors on their client gift-giving habits. Advisors told us that what they needed most were good ideas, affordable ideas, and more ways to get it done easily. Here’s what else we learned:

—Only 22% of advisors are happy with their gift-giving program.

—48% said their approach needed help or could be improved.

—45% of advisors said finding the right type of gift was their major challenge.

—40% said finding affordable gifts was their top challenge.

—68% of advisors said they send gifts to mostly all of their clients.

Order Hack-Proof Your Life Today

For the best savings order Hack-Proof in bulk, for as low as $8.98 a copy.

So They Know They’re Safe: A Memorable Gift at a Very Low Price

Advisors told us the median-average cost of a client gift was around $50. As you’ll see when you get ready to order, we’ve made purchasing Hack-Proof Your Life Now! very affordable. (we’re going to show you one time how to do this for a lot less). And the holiday season was the most common time of the year for advisors to send gifts, though many gift throughout the year for various reasons.

But what do advisors need most of all? They told us that they enjoy giving books on special topics to clients. Well, it just so happens that Hack-Proof Your Life Now! fits the bill for a solid, helpful, and memorable client gift.

It’s designed to be engaging, entertaining, and highly readable, while directing the reader to take quick actions to boost their online security—many of which can be completed in just minutes.

We think it’s just the right thing for financial professionals looking to give clients something new, unusual, and extremely helpful.

I hope you can see that educating clients on cybersecurity would be perceived as a high-quality gift. We’ve worked to make this both easy and affordable.

See What’s Inside the Book

8 Ways to Use Hack-Proof Your Life Now! in Your Practice

Feature cybersecurity at your next client event.  If you host a big client event each year, you could take a minute during the event and let your attendees know that you’re worried about the state of the public’s online security and you’re taking action to help them by including a copy of Hack-Proof Your Life Now! in your event’s gift bag. (We can appear at your client event, too. Just contact us.)

Hand it out at the end of a client meeting. This is another important way to deliver and reinforce the message that you take your clients’ well-being seriously. Giving them a copy of Hack-Proof Your Life Now! is a nice ending to a productive client meeting, whether a first meeting or a typical client review meeting. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Personalize it with a short, pithy inscription. A one-sentence note on a blank page at the front of the book is an ideal place to make a statement to your clients that you think improving cybersecurity is worthwhile and important. See some good examples below.

Send as a thank-you gift for a nice referral. Books remain a good gift and a sign of your appreciation. Send along a copy of Hack-Proof Your Life Now! to top clients next time you want to thank them for a referral. You don't need to send gifts for every single referral, but this is a thoughtful way to show your thanks.

Send as a holiday gift. Mix things up this year with your clients. You can always send a holiday basket another year. Given the state of widespread cyber insecurity, your clients will appreciate getting a book that that can really benefit them—and not add to their waistline!

Send as a birthday gift. Turning over a new leaf and improving one’s online security is a valuable activity for anyone, especially when you consider how much of our personal, identifiable information already exists on the black market. So putting in place the protections described in Hack-Proof Your Life Now! would favorably impress any clients.

Send to your strategic allies. CPAs, like many professionals, have become sensitized to the issues around cybersecurity. The same for attorneys. They’re all getting caught up in ransomware and other cyber attacks and scams, too. Like you, they'll immediately recognize the quality and utility of Hack-Proof Your Life Now!  And by the way, some advisors present the Savvy Cybersecurity presentation to CPAs for CPE credit.

Drip it on a special prospect. A number of advisors I've known over the years seem to always have one or two special, long-range prospects they're working on. Keeping in contact in a professional way may involve any variety of tactics. Certainly, your prospects likely have concerns about cybersecurity, too. So sending along a copy of Hack-Proof Your Life Now! is a nice move.

Send to your business owner clients. Online security can no longer be left to the IT guys. Every business owner needs to fully up to speed on cybersecurity. Nearly every major hack we know of started with an employee. Your business owner clients need this information. And they’ll value you for bringing it to their attention.


Sample Inscriptions: Five Suggestions for Inscribing Hack-Proof Your Life Now!

The best way to leave your mark on a gift such as Hack-Proof Your Life Now is to inscribe an inside page.

This is the easiest, least expensive route to adding personalization. Of course, you can write anything you'd like.

But just to get your creative juices flowing, we've crafted a few sample inscriptions that you're welcome to follow exactly, modify for yourself, or use as your own springboard.

Inscription Sample #1:

For Jane and John,

We should all know our Cybersecurity Score (p.5) and then take action! Hope you find this helpful.

Jane Advisor

Inscription Sample #2:

For Jane and John,

Some very good advice about identity theft inside. Take action and be safe!

Joe Advisor

Inscription Sample #3

For Jane and John,

Hack-proofing our life is a worthwhile goal. Hope you find this helpful.


Jane Advisor

Inscription Sample #4

For Sam and Delilah,

We all need to take control of our cybersecurity. See inside to learn how. Enjoy!

Jane Advisor

Inscription Sample #5

Dear Bob and Mary,

Protecting our email and online financial accounts is a must. Hope you find this helpful.

With best regards,

Andrea Angstrom

Go Ahead and Order Now—There's No Risk So Give It a Try

Place your order today so you can be sure you’re protecting yourself and your clients.

Hack-Proof Your Life Now! is available at a discount for bulk sales including advisors, wholesalers, branch and sales managers, asset management firms, broker/dealers, and other organizations.

# Of Copies Price Before Discount Bulk Discount Discounted
Price Per Book
Bulk Order Price* You Save!
1 19.97 - - - -
10  $199.70 40% $11.98 $119.82 $79.88
25  $499.25 45% $10.98 $274.59 $244.66
50  $998.50 50% $9.98 $499.25 $499.25
100+  $1997.00 55% $8.98 $898.65 $1098.35

*Shipping not included. Book orders ship via UPS Ground.

Hack-Proof Your Life Now! Risk-Free Guarantee

When you integrate Hack-Proof Your Life Now! and use it to protect yourself, you'll never worry about getting hacked.

You and your clients will learn the new cybersecurity rules to stay safe against the biggest cybersecurity threats we face every day. That's why I can make this guarantee:

Use Hack-Proof Your Life Now! as your chief approach to protect yourself from cyber attacks. Take a full year to implement the rules in Hack-Proof Your Life Now! If, after 12 months, you don't feel more safe and secure, we'll completely refund 100% of your purchase price—guaranteed, no questions asked. Just call and tell us you're returning Hack-Proof Your Life Now! to Horsesmouth at: Horsesmouth, 230 Park Avenue, 3rd Floor West, New York, NY 10169. Phone: 212-343-8760, Extension 1.

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For the best savings order Hack-Proof in bulk, for as low as $8.98 a copy.

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