Savvy Tax Planning School for Financial Advisors
(January 16-17 in Atlanta or January 30-31 in Las Vegas)

Debra Taylor and Jeff Levine

The program will teach you to:

  • Add a tax focus to your client service offerings because it saves clients money, boosts investment returns, and extends portfolio longevity.
  • Steer retirees around the hidden taxes and penalties lurking in Social Security, Medicare, and IRAs—topics many tax professionals know little about.
  • Teach the public about the new tax law and how taxes will impact their retirement. Be their guide!

You'll be better positioned to help your clients avoid costly mistakes, minimize tax surprises, and boost their overall satisfaction of your services.

Help clients pay lower taxes by developing tax planning strategies for retirement and beyond—they’ll love you for it and refer you!

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Build a College Planning Niche That Attracts Wealthy Clients
(January 16-17 in Atlanta, February 13-14 in Dallas, or April 2-3 in San Diego)

Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Develop a “late-stage college planning niche” (not about 529s) that:

  • Allows you to deliver value, gain insight into a family’s finances, and relieve them of a huge, uncomfortable pain point…
  • Shows clients and prospects how to discover the true price of tuition, where to find scholarship opportunities, and how to maximize their chances of financial aid…
  • Builds your expertise on college planning and rewards you with wealthy, referring clients ready to have you manage all their assets…
Developing your technical skills around late stage college planning can be a primary driver of your business.

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IRA Expertise Workshop
(January 15 in Atlanta or January 29 in Las Vegas)

Jeff Levine

Deepen your new tax law knowledge, learn advanced strategies for lifetime RMDs, avoid rollover mistakes, and build your retirement planning skills…

  • Boomers own a high percentage of all IRA assets and need help figuring out how to convert them to retirement income…
  • Advisors NEED to know the ins and outs of IRAs so their clients don’t get hurt making mistakes (Note: Horsesmouth surveys reveal many advisors vastly overestimate their IRA knowledge level but then fail a knowledge test)…
  • Improve your IRA knowledge and expand your planning and client service skills at this intensive, two-day workshop…
Boost your status as a skilled IRA planner!

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Develop Your Medicare Strategy
(February 13-14 in Dallas)

Elaine Floyd and Sean Bailey

A total immersion experience taking you through a complete review of the various parts of Medicare, what’s covered under those parts, when to enroll in Medicare, how your current employment status affects your Medicare decisions, how Medicare works with your private insurance, what you need to review with your clients both before and after they take Medicare, and how Medicare (and other topics) can work in the context of workshop marketing for business development purposes.

Get fully up to speed on Medicare!

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Social Security/Medicare Workshop—Boomer Spike Coming!
(February 27-28 in Tampa or March 19-20 in Las Vegas)

Elaine Floyd and Sean Bailey

You need to deepen and expand your expertise, especially if you want to pursue the lucrative retirement income planning market and expect to position yourself as a retirement “distribution” expert. Social Security and Medicare will be a critical topic in 2020 and beyond…

  • What does longevity mean for your clients? Working longer? Filing restricted? Helping dependents? Planning for widows?…
  • Get up to speed on the growing and complex ways the two biggest retirement programs interact and impact retirees and pre-retirees…
  • SS and Medicare will continue to be critical topics in 2020 and beyond...
Helping Clients Plan for the Great Unknown

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The Financial Educator Marketing Workshop
(March 12-13 in Atlanta)

Sean Bailey

What if you could add $5 million, $10 million, or even $20 million in new assets every year…just by teaching prospects important financial planning concepts?

  • Teach people important financial planning concepts and be among the highest paid teachers in the world…
  • Discover the "2020 Prospecting Vision" you need to build your business in 2020 and every year thereafter…
Learn everything you need to start building an asset-gathering, business-building system that is the number one way to build your business in 2020 and beyond…

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About Horsesmouth

Since 1997, Horsesmouth has been helping financial advisors succeed by providing timely guidance on key topics such as business development, practice management, financial planning and investment strategies.

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