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Send Clients, Prospects and COIs the Medicare Quick Reference Guide, 2021

Dear Advisor:

We've got an updated information resource for you to brand and share with clients, prospects and COIs. I think you're going to like it based on some early feedback.

It's called the Medicare Quick Reference Guide. It has just been produced and reviewed by FINRA.

When Horsesmouth's business manager showed it to our insurance broker (we've got to shop around for Medicare options, too), her response was unequivocal:

“Wow! This is remarkable. Where did you get it?”

It's a remarkable opportunity

Health Care Quick Reference Guide

Medicare Quick Reference Guide

Like it or not, we've got to face the fact that Medicare is a critical aspect of people's financial lives, whether they're start-up entrepreneurs, midlife professionals, pre-retirees or retirees.

There's no getting around it. Changes have been made on this topic and the public—your clients, prospects, strategic allies (even your friends and family) may still be confused.

This is your opportunity to provide them with the key information that they need to make smart Medicare decisions.

It's not just a retiree issue

Medicare is on people's minds. Whether they're over 65 or under 65, it's totally in play and people need someone who can offer a simple, clear, objective roadmap of what to do next and how to pick the health insurance plan that fits them best.

The problem is we live in a “low information” society. You already know the woeful state of the public's knowledge about investing and the economy. Well, it's just as bad with Medicare insurance.

Right now, people are still trying to understand how Medicare reforms affect them and what actions they can take to get the best coverage.

So what's the role of the Financial Advisor in this picture?

A new educational opportunity

Changes to Medicare premiums and deductibles also create confused clients that need your help.

Of course, each year there are nearly 4 million new enrollees (Baby Boomers who have turned 65) who need to understand Medicare's alphabet soup of coverage: Parts A, B, C, and D. They'll also need to understand how Medicare will work with their private insurance, and how their current employment situation will affect their Medicare decisions.

You have a giant swath of clients and prospects grappling with how and what to do about Medicare in 2019. And who will they turn to for guidance?

Listen, we know you're no expert on these government programs…

But that's the same position many of us were in five years ago when the first Baby Boomers were crossing the 62 mark. Suddenly questions started coming in to advisors about Social Security and how it fit in to people's retirement. Health insurance questions will be next.

If not you, who?

We hear every day from top advisors who get it. They've begun to include information about Social Security and Medicare in their client communications, workshops, newsletters and one-on-one meetings. Few expected to be doing that when they started in this business.

That's why I want to introduce you to Horsesmouth's Medicare Quick Reference Guide. You can see a PDF sample here.

It's kind of like Key Financial Data but for health insurance issues.

What's in the Medicare Quick Reference Guide?

The reference guide, which includes space for you to add your photo, logo and contact info, is an 8½" x 11", two sided resource; hard copies are printed on card stock.

It has Medicare premiums, deductibles and enrollment periods on the front and details on Medigap and Medicare Advantage on the back. Each side includes critical information about how to make important Medicare decisions.

See a Sample of a Branded Medicare Quick Reference Guide

Healthcare Quick Reference Guide

Click Here to See Both Sides of Branded Sample

Order Your Branded Medicare Quick Reference Guide and Enjoy These Two Features:

  1. Instant, branded PDF—Share it right now.
  2. Printed, branded card—Mail or hand out now.

7 Reasons to Send Clients the Medicare Quick Reference Guide

The Medicare Quick Reference Guide is the perfect client touch. Here's why you should include it now as part of your marketing and client communication:

  1. Because it demonstrates your leadership. By providing the Medicare Quick Reference Guide, you're showing clients and prospects that you see the big picture and care that they're informed about this aspect of their lives.
  2. Because it affects a wide range of clients and prospects. Even the wealthiest of pre-retirees with their own private coverage still need to know why and how to apply for new Medicare services, especially Medicare.
  3. Because Medicare insurance is a serious retirement planning issue. Right now, a couple approaching retirement is expected to spend at least $500,000 in Medicare expenses during retirement. Most people don't realize this, including many advisors.
  4. Because it helps clients start thinking about the transition to Medicare. Medicare is complicated and changes every year. All retirees must familiarize themselves with Medicare.
  5. Because it demonstrates that you have foresight. No one else is likely giving your clients information like this. And by doing so, you're reinforcing the message that you're seeing clients as more than a portfolio owner. With the incoming Trump administration it's more important than ever to demonstrate to your clients that you're on top of the issues
  6. Because it's an easy to implement and very useful communication and marketing campaign. Your clients won't be getting this from anyone else. Relevance rules in this game. One meaningful client touch is all it takes.
  7. Because it's safe to assume many clients know nothing about their future Medicare needs. Yes, it's been all over the news for a while. But that's background noise. When people actually see your Medicare Quick Reference Guide, it may be the first time the new health information has actually crossed their path. They'll appreciate it.

How to Use the Medicare Quick Reference Guide

You can't be an expert in everything, but you can be proficient in knowing the right questions to ask to get people started in unlocking their future Medicare needs. Here are some ways we recommend you use the Medicare Quick Reference Guide.

  1.  Put a PDF version on your website and include in your next email newslette
  2. Post short items from it to your LinkedIn or Facebook or other social media accounts and link to the full card PDF.
  3. Send a printed batch to your physician or other professionals around town.
  4. Ask if you can put some up at your local fitness center or other similar places.
  5. Keep a stack in an acrylic dispenser in your office lobby.
  6. Hand out in any meetings you have with clients and prospects.
  7. Share copies with local centers of influence—and not just CPAs and attorneys but also alternative medicine professionals you know such as massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, yoga studios, pilates studios, etc. 8) Share at local health fairs and other community events focused on health.

Order Your Branded Medicare Quick Reference Guide

Just as advisors tell us that they love having the Key Financial Data Cards to share with clients, prospects and colleagues, the Medicare Quick Reference Guide will have a similar impact. It gives you a concrete reason to have a professional exchange with people.

So now, we're offering the Medicare Quick Reference Guide branded with your name and contact information.

When you include the Medicare Quick Reference Guide as part of your annual client communication program, you get these great features for just $227:

Branded PDF for instant use with clients and prospects starting right now. This client communication program is all about you keeping in touch and letting them know you're on the case as events and facts change—which they will!

100 Branded, Hard Copies (Printed) of the Medicare Quick Reference Guide that you can send in the mail, hand out in person and include in any other client or marketing campaigns. The branded, coated, 8½" x 11" Medicare Quick Reference Guide is the type of client handout that reinforces your reputation as a client-centered, forward-thinking advisor.

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