Hawaii & Horsesmouth Workshops: You're Invited
Picture Yourself Enjoying Hawaii, Building Your Expertise, and Planning for a Hugely Successful 2019, at the Horsesmouth Hawaii Workshops!


Your Four Horsesmouth Workshops Choices:

  • Social Security and Medicare Planning (Jan. 24-25)
  • Business Planning and Marketing for 2019 (Jan. 24-25)
  • IRA and Tax Planning (Jan. 28-29)
  • Financial Educator Marketing (Jan. 28-29)
Come for the workshops. Stay for the relaxation! Bring family and colleagues!

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Get It Done Now! Biz/Plan Marketing Workshop
(January 24-25 in Hawaii)

Devin Kropp Sean Bailey Chris Holman

Imagine entering 2019 with fully conceived business and marketing plans with clear action steps for the entire year. Spend two intensive days working with other dedicated financial advisors and the Horsesmouth team to…

  • Bring a laser-focus to first building your 2019 business plan…
  • Then flesh out a full year’s worth of marketing initiatives…
  • Start the new year with clarity of purpose, a clear mission, and a step-by-step plan for translating your strategy into actionable steps that will grow your business in 2019!
Get ready to roll up your sleeves and commit to improving your business plan for years to come!

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Retire Now, Retire Later? Social Security and Medicare in an Age of Uncertainty
(January 24-25 in Hawaii and February 21-22 in Dallas)

Elaine Floyd and Sean Bailey

You need to deepen and expand your expertise, especially if you want to pursue the lucrative retirement income planning market and expect to position yourself as a retirement “distribution” expert. Social Security and Medicare will be a critical topic in 2019 and beyond...

  • What does longevity mean for your clients? Working longer? Filing restricted? Helping dependents? Planning for widows?…
  • Get up to speed on the growing and complex ways the two biggest retirement programs interact and impact retirees and pre-retirees…
  • Learn the strategies your clients need help implementing...
Get fully up to speed on the new Social Security strategies!

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IRA Expertise Workshop
(January 28-29 in Hawaii)


Deepen your new Tax Law knowledge, learn advanced strategies for lifetime RMDs, avoid rollover mistakes, and build your retirement planning skills…

  • Boomers own a high percentage of all IRA assets and need help figuring out how to convert them to retirement income…
  • Advisors NEED to know the ins and outs of IRAs so their clients don’t get hurt making mistakes (Note: Horsesmouth surveys reveal many advisors vastly over-estimate their IRA knowledge level but then fail a knowledge test)…
  • Boost your IRA knowledge and expand your planning and client service skills at this intensive, two-day workshop….
Don't miss this unique opportunity to boost your status as a skilled IRA planner!

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Financial Educator Marketing Workshop
(January 28-29 in Hawaii)

Sean Bailey

What if you could add $5 million, $10 million, or even $20 million in new assets every year…just by teaching prospects important financial planning concepts?

  • Teach people important financial planning concepts and be among the highest paid teachers in the world…
  • Discover the "2020 Prospecting Vision" you need to build your business in 2018 and every year thereafter…
Use this unique opportunity to develop your 2020 Financial Educator Marketing System!

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Demystify the New Tax Act! (Intensive 1-Day Workshop)
(February 27 in Atlanta and March 12 in Scottsdale)

Debra Taylor

Attend our one-day workshop with Debbie Taylor and learn to guide clients to maximize the new tax rules to their advantage.

  • The new tax rules impact everyone
  • Clients and prospects need custom advice
  • Teach them and position yourself as a financial educator
  • Don’t let your competitors be the ones to help clients
Don’t lose this chance to boost your skills and deliver excellent client service in 2019!

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Million Dollar Solutions Workshop
(February 28-March 1 in Atlanta and March 13-14 in Scottsdale)

Debra Taylor

Attract more clients. Beat Vanguard, robos, and your competition. Revolutionize your business at this two-day strategy and practice management program!

  • Develop a vision of where you’re going with your practice so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day issues…
  • Develop your next-step moves so you can position your practice for growth and sustainability…
  • Understand the technology and processes that allow you to deliver customized solutions to even more clients at a higher volume...
  • Learn to develop the systems and processes to make success happen...
Learn how to build your practice so that neither staff nor clients ever want to leave!

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About Horsesmouth

Since 1997, Horsesmouth has been helping financial advisors succeed by providing timely guidance on key topics such as business development, practice management, financial planning and investment strategies.

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