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Learn to Master Being a Virtual Financial Educator and Delivering Webinars, and Add $5 Million, $10 Million, Even $15 Million in New Assets Every Year…

Master Membership Coaching Program
  • Teach important financial planning concepts to clients and prospects who are sitting at their couch or kitchen table…
  • Master the skills of a confident webinar presenter…
  • Be among the highest paid teachers in the world…
  • Start immediately rehearsing. Present your first webinar in the early summer…
  • Execute a Financial Educator strategy and maximize chances that 2021 is your best year ever!

Join the Financial Educator Webinar Coaching Program, a 10-session accelerated masterclass, May 4th-August 24th, that will supercharge your 2021 prospecting and referrals!

You'll discover:

  • The secret to getting face-to-face online with motivated prospects every month
  • Why you don’t need to be an expert to be an authority
  • The three things you’re doing that tarnish your brand
  • How Facebook ads can drive new business
  • Why you’re losing clients to advisors hundreds and thousands of miles away
  • Why it’s so critical to be seen “branding in action”
  • What your team needs to do to maximize your webinar strategy results
  • The one webinar topic that always draws a large crowd
  • What you need to accomplish in the first five minutes of your webinar
  • Your best, ongoing source for webinar attendance and how to cultivate it
  • How to really look professional when on camera
  • Why you’ll need a good co-host for your webinars
  • Three presentation styles you must understand and why
  • How to supercharge your webinar close to drive trust
  • The real way to smartly use Facebook
  • Why doing a webinar series speeds up the closing process
  • Post-webinar, first-meeting strategies that work
  • Why your clients play a key role in your webinar success
  • How to smartly use video to support your financial educator strategy
  • Key quick fixes your website likely needs
  • Why a full, yearly webinar schedules drives the best results…

From Pandemic to Best Year Since 2008

Tony LaJeunesse, a 20-year Michigan advisor who runs his own firm, knows firsthand the power of educational webinars. They saved his business last spring…

January 2020. Tony was cranking on his marketing plan. He had spent hours strategizing a series of monthly seminars, confident they would get him in front of about 20 good prospects a month. He’d prepped his materials, found venues, and budgeted a hefty amount to his seminar strategy, figuring he’d sign about 10-15 new clients for the year. Hopefully, some with large accounts.

April 2020. Tony’s marketing plan was in tatters. His area was in lockdown and volatility was roiling the markets. Tony suspended his workshops and watched as his well-conceived 2020 plan died on the vine.

December 2020. Tony is enjoying his best year ever! He and his team are fully remote yet handling more business than before the pandemic. He’s getting in front of wealthy prospects every month and signed more than 20 new clients, each with over $700,000+ in assets!

“We have so much business going on right now, our ROI is off the hook!” says Tony. “And we’ve saved so much money! My CFO is like, ‘We’ve got to buy stuff… get some expenses paid out. Our taxes are going to be too high!”

ROI Off the Hook!

Tony LeJeunesser


“We have so much business going on right now, our ROI is off the hook!” says Tony. “And we’ve saved so much money! My CFO is like, ‘We’ve got to buy stuff… get some expenses paid out. Our taxes are going to be too high!”

—Tony LeJeunesse, TL Financial Group, Southgate, MI

Innovate or Die

Despite what was otherwise a horrible year, Tony is enjoying a career high and a fully operational business. It’s his best year since 2008. And he chalks it up to his desperation back in April to “innovate or die.”

What did Tony innovate?

He created a system of online prospecting that positions him as a trusted authority and gets him face-to-face with eager warm prospects every month. Today he’s fine-tuning his strategy so 2021 will be even more productive—no matter what happens with the pandemic or the markets.

Tony created a value proposition so dynamic he can get in front of almost any prospect in his niche and close them in a meeting or two.

His secret? He’s mastered the science of financial education outreach. And his business is taking off – just when demand for financial advisors is sky high!   

Tony, like other successful 2020 financial advisors, built his online prospecting system through trial and error. But you don’t have to.

You can add a similar powerful new strategy to your marketing toolkit and enjoy the same kind of growth Tony is seeing – without his trial by fire!

Join the Virtual Financial Educator Webinar Coaching Program

In 10+ sessions (May 4-August 24), you’ll master the science of financial education webinar marketing and get all the presentations, marketing materials, tech support, and personalized feedback you need to add new assets in 2021.

What is the Financial Educator Webinar Coaching Program?

This new online coaching program is an accelerated masterclass. It’s designed to help you craft a webinar prospecting plan that educates clients AND prospects on timely financial issues and builds trust and relationships that lead to new business.

The program is designed to get you in front of new prospects by July 31st. And we make it as simple and as comfortable for you as possible.

All you have to do is sign up, attend the sessions online, execute your tactics, and then come back for more.

 Everything else is provided for you including:

  • FINRA-reviewed presentations that you can adapt and customize
  • All the promotional and marketing materials you need to promote attendance
  • All the technical advice you need to run an online webinar program
  • Plus, invaluable coaching, tips, and individual feedback to help you master the art of webinar presenting, engage prospects, and onboard new clients—all from the comfort and safety of your remote office.  

Why Webinars?

Online workshops – or webinars—are a powerful tool for getting your message out to wealthy prospects.

They hold the same power that physical events do – they position you as a trustworthy authority who doesn’t pitch but educates.

And with prospects at home, in front of a computer, you’ll tap into a responsive audience looking for answers to the financial issues they are struggling with.

Best of all, webinars are very cost-efficient to host. The technology is inexpensive, and all the marketing is conducted mostly by email and social media– low-cost, proven channels.

Why Educational Marketing?

Today’s consumers don’t like to be pitched, especially when they are struggling with health scares, job losses, market volatility, and business failures.

However, they are interested in timely discussions that can help them make sense of the surrounding chaos, especially as they plan for retirement.

Education builds trust and drives relationships with prospects who are looking for guidance. Educational webinars help you scale your outreach so you can engage with qualified prospects wherever they are.

Educational webinars are even good for your existing clients. It keeps them engaged, committed, and gives them something to talk about and invite friends to.

Who Should Attend?

This masterclass is ideal for three types of advisors:

  • Financial professionals, seasoned or new, who want to build an innovative online marketing system that will keep their calendars filled and their businesses growing.
  • Advisors who’ve never regularly presented on financial topics before, but who want to reach a new niche or forge a new brand as an authority and educator.
  • Totally experienced financial educators who are looking to improve and sharpen their approach and enjoy educating the public about important financial topics.

Get Started in May—Meet Prospects in Early Summer!

The Financial Educator Webinar Coaching Program works fast.

We designed this program to get you in front of people quickly so you can start the year with a killer first quarter.

If you follow the steps in the program, you will achieve the following milestones by these dates:

  • May 6th: You will have chosen a financial education topic, set up the necessary marketing and technology, rehearsed your 5-minute open in front of the group, and received useful feedback from your fellow attendees and program leaders.
  • June 1st: You and your team will be meeting to knock out the new marketing strategy, assign team roles, and determine a process for onboarding incoming new clients.
  • June 15th. You and your program leaders will be conducting a postmortem of your first webinar, evaluating results, and fine-tuning your next presentation.
  • July 13th: You’ll be running Facebook and LinkedIn ads, registering attendees for your second webinar, and onboarding your first batch of new clients online.
  • August 10th: You’ll be planning livestreams and other advanced approaches such a YouTube channel with videos for clients and prospects to watch.
  • September 7th: You will have mastered the science of webinar marketing, positioned yourself as a financial educator, and earned the digital chops to attract, close, and onboard prospects online, turning them into satisfied and referring clients.

How the Financial Education Masterclass Works

This accelerated program will guide you on all aspects of financial education webinar marketing. You’ll meet with your group about every two weeks (except in the beginning when the schedule is front-loaded to get you launched quickly!)

Each session is live, lasts 75 minutes, and offers interactive instruction, breakout practice sessions, group feedback, and personalized coaching.

All sessions will be recorded and accessible for up to 60 days after the program ends.

Our program goal is to have you host up to three educational webinars within the first 90 days, and then another seven to nine within the next 9 months.

The Financial Educator Webinar Coaching Program Action Agenda

(Sessions run 75 minutes and start at 1 PM EST/ 10 AM PT and are recorded)

Tuesday, May 4/Session #1:

Introduction: The Hyper Fast-Start Marketing Action Plan

Goal: Understand the full range of activities you’ll complete during the program

Objective: Review webinar topics, pick your dates, review needed marketing

  • Review program goals: Complete a minimum of 10-12 webinars in 12 months, starting with doing three webinars before mid-summer
  • Pick your first three webinar topics and dates
  • Key marketing activities: target audience, email blasts, registration page, Facebook/LinkedIn organic (free) or paid
  • Review platform selection: Zoom or other platform of your choice
  • Review Master Member resources for the program
Thursday, May 6/Session #2:

Planning Kickoff and Mini-Rehearsal for Opening of Presentation #1

Goal: Understand the key elements for launching your first webinar

Objective: Launch your marketing, test-drive the technology, practice the presentation

  • Marketing result review: What’s working? What still needs to be completed? Issues and challenges with email blasts, registration page, Facebook/LinkedIn advertising
  • Your webinar co-host’s responsibilities: Why you need one, what they do
  • Review presentation #1 key messages and items to hit in your first 10-20 minutes
  • Mini-opening rehearsal #1: 5-minute opening of your presentation (You and another Master Member will practice in a breakout room before rejoining the group)
  • Group learnings and debrief (10 minutes)
  • Webinar Technology Set-Up 101 (Doug Pierce): Studio, lighting, cameras, microphone, green screen, etc.
  • Review key presentation skills: slide sharing, chat, on/off camera, sound
Tuesday, May 18/Session #3:

 Presentation Tactics, Engagement, Call to Action: Mini-Rehearsal for Close

 Goal: Understand the range of tools and tactics available to a webinar presenter

Objective: Know how to maximize attendee engagement to drive follow-up meetings, rehearse closing, and plan follow-up

  • Review of the various webinar styles and the interplay between camera and slides
  • Maximize the power storytelling and know which ones to tell and when
  • Using visuals aids in your presentation: charts, video, pictures, easel/white board, polls, handouts, etc.
  • Mini-closing rehearsal #1: 5 things to hit in your final five minutes
  • Planning your follow-up and first-meeting/call strategy
  • Integrating group conversations with one-on-one coaching
Tuesday, June 1/Session #4:

Bringing Your Team Along: Creating a Webinar Machine

Goal: Understand the benefits of complete team buy-in

Objective: Know/assign specific team roles and create specific processes for maximum webinar conversion

  • Team roles and responsibilities: marketing, presentation, follow-up meetings
  • How to debrief after each webinar
  • Advanced co-host strategies
  • Creating processes that work
Tuesday, June 15/Session #5:

Post-Webinar #1 Group Review Debrief and Webinar #2 Rehearsal

Goal: Learn how to conduct a critique of your webinar and share key findings

Objective: Review outcomes from Webinar #1, decide what worked, discard what didn’t, make adjustments

  • What worked well enough you’ll continue to do it?
  • What didn’t work and needs to be scrapped or modified
  • What new tactics should be added to the mix for webinar #2?
  • Reviewing results: how many sign ups, how many attended, how many follow up calls/meetings, how many new clients moving into the pipeline?
  • Review webinar #2 key messages and items to hit in your first 10-20 minutes
  • Mini-opening rehearsal webinar #2: 5-minute opening of your presentation (You and another Master Member will practice in a breakout room before rejoining the group)
  • Learnings/debrief (10 minutes)
  • Marketing review webinar #2: What’s working, what still needs to be completed, issues and challenges with email blast, registration page, Facebook/LinkedIn advertising?
Tuesday, June 29/Session #6:

Advanced Digital/Facebook/LinkedIn Advertising (Devin Kropp)

Goal: Familiarize you with how Facebook really works for advisors who’ve succeeded

Objective: Plan the implementation of your Facebook funnel campaign, create social media budget, and build email list and Facebook funnel

  • Beyond the basics of FB advertising
  • Building your email list with FB advertising and funnel
  • Sensible social media budgeting for the long haul
  • Understanding LinkedIn ad basics
  • Building your Facebook funnel to drive email list growth
Tuesday, July 13/Session #7:

Prospect to Client: Building Trust, Onboarding New Households in the Virtual World

Goal: Sharpen your understanding of prospect mindsets in the virtual world

Objective: Create/update your prospect-to-client approach, strategy, tactics, and deliverables

  • The elements of virtual trust building
  • Key post-webinar steps
  • Understanding the virtual sales cycle: Tips and tactics for engaging new clients
  • 15 minutes vs. full-on first meetings with prospects
  • First meeting deliverables: Analyses, overview, audits, complimentary meeting/analyses
  • Listening skills in a virtual world
  • Closing your presentation and first-meeting calls/second meetings and follow up
  • Staying top of mind: How to implement real drip marketing
Tuesday, July 27/Session #8:

Presentation #3 Mini-Rehearsal and Webinar Technology Review

Goal: Review key elements of webinar #3

Objective: Review key messaging, practice opening, debrief new technology learning, review marketing process

  • Review webinar #3 key messages and items to hit in your first 10-20 minutes
  • Mini-opening rehearsal webinar #3: 5-minute opening of your presentation (You and another Master Member will practice in a breakout room before rejoining the group)
  • Learnings/debrief (10 minutes)
  • Marketing review webinar #3: What’s working, what still needs to be completed, issues and challenges with email blast, registration page, Facebook/LinkedIn advertising?
  • Webinar technology update (Doug Pierce): Studio set up, lighting, cameras, microphone, green screen, etc.
Tuesday, August 10/Session #9:

Advanced Video Strategies for Webinar Campaigns and Branding in Action

Goal: Introduce you to supplementary marketing and communication strategies

Objective: Identify and implement two new tactics or platforms that will extend your Financial Educator reach

  • Livestreaming events/appearances to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms
  • YouTube opportunities for communicating with clients and prospects
  • Financial Educator branding for the long haul
  • Quick website improvements
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Ongoing events
  • Staying top of mind with drip marketing
Tuesday, August 24/Final Session #10:

Integrating Webinar Strategy Learnings

Goal: Understand options and considerations for carrying your webinar strategy for the next 12 months.

Objective: Review accomplishments and upgrades, strategize and identify next steps to create accountability structures to complete 10-12 webinars within the next 12 months.

  • Review achievements and identify successes
  • Next steps to completing 10-12 webinars, or more, in 12 months
  • New topics for series or repeat topics as part of series?
  • Building accountability structure and maintaining momentum
  • Refining your value proposition
  • Financial education branding
  • New financial topics that are trending

Your Master Membership Advantage

Many advisors avoid giving webinars because they lack confidence in their technical expertise.

The fact is, you don’t have to be an “expert” to be knowledgeable on a subject and give good advice. You just need to know where to find the answers – and Horsesmouth has you covered.

When you join the webinar coaching program, you also become a Horsesmouth Master Member (if you’re not already) with full access to all the technical resources you need to present yourself as an authority on financial topics like retirement planning, Social Security, Medicare, IRAs, tax planning, and more.

NOTE: This program is exclusively for Horsesmouth Master Members. If you’re on this page, you’re probably not one. Don’t worry. When you sign up for the program, your annual Master Membership fee (minus a credit for unused time on other Horsesmouth memberships) will be charged along with the program coaching at the Master Membership discount rate.

If you’re completely new to Horsesmouth and don’t have an existing membership in any of our program, you’ll be charged $2,997 for the Master Membership and $2,274 for the webinar coaching program. To learn everything included in a Master Membership, view this page. But come back here to complete your Financial Educator Webinar Coaching registration.

32 Educational Presentations to Choose From

Master Membership Program Hero

Selected Experts:

  • Elaine Floyd
  • Jeffrey Levine
  • Lynn O’Shaughnessy
  • Charles Sherry
  • Michael Kitces
  • Craig Israelsen
  • Denise Appleby
  • Ellen Breslow
  • Ron Surz
  • James Picerno
  • Ellen Rogin
  • Dan Richards
  • Erin Tamberella
  • Rick Wright
  • Bill Cates
  • Debra Taylor
  • Sean Bailey

Your Master Membership includes more than 30 FINRA-reviewed presentations. More are added to the library every year.

Each major topic presentation comes with a complete set of guidebooks and videos that can help you find the answers you need. And you’ll learn from a team of subject matter experts such as Elaine Floyd on Social Security, Jeff Levine on IRAs, Debbie Taylor on tax planning, and more, who’ve written your presentations and guides.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable giving a talk on one topic, you can easily pivot to a discussion on another.

You could also set up webinars for your centers-of-influence like CPAs and attorneys.

All presentations can be easily customized to showcase your expertise and services.

Just pick and choose from our extensive presentation menu:

 Social Security

  • What Baby Boomers Need to Know About Their Retirement Income
  • Social Security Planning for Women
  • Social Security Planning for Couples
  • What’s New with Social Security? Seven Topics to Watch in 2021
  • Basic Rules and Claiming Strategies
  • Savvy Social Security Planning for CPAs

Health Care

  • Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement
  • 30 Minutes on Medicare Basics
  • Transitioning to Medicare
  • Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement for CPAs

Tax Planning

  • The New Tax Law Workshop
  • How Tax Planning Changes Through Four Stages of Retirement
  • New Retirement Rules: The SECURE Act

College Planning

  • 4 Keys to Cutting College Costs
  • An Inside Look at Qualifying for Financial Aid

IRAs & Retirement Planning

  • IRA Planning for Boomers
  • 6 Retirement Account Options Every Retiree Must Know
  • An Overview of the Factors to Consider When Making Rollover Decisions
  • IRA Planning for CPAs: 10 Things CPAs Should Know About IRAs
  • Life After Work: How to Create a Good Life in Retirement
  • How to Get Rollover Ready
  • COI Roundtable: Tapping into Retirement Accounts
  • COI Roundtable: Understanding the Net Investment Income Tax


  • 4 Keys to Making a Difference in a Family Caregiving Challenge

Legacy Planning

  • Estate Planning in the Era of Coronavirus
  • Savvy Generational Planning: Opportunities for Collaboration and Joint Business Development


  • 10 Threats Every Person and Business Faces and How to Fight Them Now
  • 30 Minutes to Cybersecurity: 5 Threats Every Person and Business Faces
  • Will Hackers Scam Your Business?
  • Hack-Proof Your Smartphone


  • CARES Act: 13 Federal Stimulus Actions That May Help You, Your Family, and Your Business
  • Managing Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Your Financial Webinar Marketing Program Leaders

Sean Bailey

Sean M. Bailey, editor in chief of Horsesmouth, has been giving webinars since 1999. He has interviewed and worked with hundreds of advisors about “what’s working now” in growing their businesses and built all that insight and experience into the Financial Education Webinar Coaching Program.    


 Sean BaileyChris Holman is Horsesmouth’s executive coach. His career in financial services spans 35 years as a financial advisor, a national director of investments, and an executive coach. He is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), specializing in coaching financial advisors, especially through group coaching. Devin Kropp


Devin Kropp is Associate Editor of Horsesmouth’s Advisor/Client Marketing program. Devin holds the Facebook Blueprint Certification and has created and managed Facebook ads for financial advisors over the years. Working with advisors through Advisor/Client, she has helped many achieve their marketing goals.

Doug Pierce


Doug Pierce is an Associate Editor at Horsesmouth, where in addition to editorial, he works on digital media production, from video, to livestreaming and podcasts. He may or may not hold the world record for number of webinars hosted.


What Past Attendees Say About Financial Educator Marketing Program

There’s No One Perfect Approach—Everyone Needs a System and a Process

“You guys are systematically showing us through the webinar process from beginning to end. For anybody that is process-oriented, this program is ideal, because it lays out systematically what you need to do.

“The teaching methods here are excellent. The case studies are huge because it's not just an academic exercise or theoretical. Pragmatically, you're using four or five different advisors to illustrate that there's no perfect approach, but everyone needs to have a process and a system. We're learning from other advisors what worked, what didn't work, how our peers are course-correcting.

“As a result of attending, I've changed the way I think about what I do. 'Financial educator' is a part of my identity. Knowing that is who I am, I have to take action steps to implement that. I've got to convince the world that that's what I do. It can't just be something you dabble in; it has to be a core component.” —Adam F., Bel Air, Maryland


I Learned New Things—My Expectations Have Been Totally Met

“I came to the Financial Educator Marketing Workshop because I was looking for new ways to promote my business. I’ve given educational presentations in the past when I worked for a bank. Now that I'm independent, the question became ‘How am I going to meet new people without the bank's brand behind me?’

“Not that this is anything earth-shattering, but in my mind, there are three phases to putting workshops on and getting business out of them. Number one is getting people to come to the presentation. Number two is the presentation itself, and then number three is getting those appointments—not just having appointments but turning those appointments into business. And it's along those exact lines that Sean taught the financial educator program. Those three things have all kinds of nuances.

“Before attending the workshop and getting Sean's coaching, I had a different idea of what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. In talking with him in our individual coaching conversations, we changed quite a bit of stuff.

“There's a lot to decide on, even from there. Where to do it? How to do it? I would say the training helped me the most in refining the presentation itself: the introduction, the conclusion, how to handle the response form, how to present the material, book appointments—all that stuff was definitely useful. I've thought through how I ask the audience for their feedback and how I book appointments.

“The program was extremely helpful in that I learned new ways to do things that differ from my background and my original thinking.

“Today, I’m at a point where I'm meeting with people and trying to close business. My business goal coming into this year was add '$3 to $5 million in assets.' That seemed aggressive to me at the time.

“Now that I've gone through my first cycle of presentations and follow-up meetings, I think I can get at least $10 million in assets. I’m more aggressively deciding that this is in my wheelhouse. I’m comfortable with the way the events play out. There are things I still need to learn and evaluate, but the education approach fits me well. The training definitely changed the way that I'm looking at the year ahead and even the next several years to come.

“From just three presentations, I've booked about twenty appointments. I've done nine already, and of those nine, about five have assets worth $600,000 and up. I'm thinking I can do five cycles this year. I’m just completing one, but aggressively trying to get four more in. It’s a lot of work, but so far, I have not been disappointed. My expectations have been totally met.”—Mark W., Waukesha, WI


10 Reasons to Join the Financial Educator Webinar Coaching Program

  1. You need to move your prospecting online if you want to successfully grow your business in 2021…
  2. You want a steady, repeatable process for growing your business that your team can learn and use…
  3. You know you’ll probably procrastinate on your own and never get started on a new marketing strategy without a little push…
  4. You don’t have time to create or update presentations and materials – but a FINRA-reviewed library would be good…
  5. You’re not sure about the technology and you don’t know how to get good help…
  6. You’re not sure about how to modify your “close” when engaging virtual prospects…
  7. You lack confidence about your digital strategy and coaching could raise your comfort level…
  8. You’d like to build your brand as the “go-to financial educator” for your niche but don’t know where to start…
  9. You were teaching retirement classes before Covid, but now doubt anyone will attend your indoor multi-night sessions until after a Covid vaccine is widely distributed…
  10. You’re looking to add steady annual asset growth to your business in the range of $5 million, $10 million or even $20 million a year. The new assets will boost profitability and help you get a better price when you sell your practice down the road...

And, of course, remember that old adage: If you want to learn something, you can read about it, but if you want to really master a subject, teach it!

About Horsesmouth

Since 1997, Horsesmouth has been helping financial advisors succeed by providing timely guidance on key topics such as business development, practice management, financial planning, and investment strategies.

FOR INSTANT SERVICE: Call Toll-Free: 1-888-336-6884 ext. 1 (Outside U.S.: 1-212-343-8760) 


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