Boomer Spike Coaching Group: How to Do Social Security Workshops,
Attract New Clients and $$$, and Do Good Work (March-August 2020)

Expert Presenter: Chris Holman

Chris Holman

Chris Holman, a Horsesmouth Executive Coach, leads the coaching groups. Chris began his career with EF Hutton, has 38 years experience in financial services and counts more than 2,500 advisors and advisory teams as his clients. He is a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation and specializes in guiding advisors to create their own success and greatness.

Opportunity. You want to make your mark with educational workshops. You want to help others with their Social Security (and retirement) decisions. You want to become known in your community as the Social Security authority. You want to grow your business. You want to meet new prospective clients in a professional, non-salesy way. Maybe you've done workshops before, maybe you haven't…but you like how educationally-focused workshops frame your desire to help Baby Boomers make one of the most financially impactful decisions in their life.

  • Partner with Horsesmouth, and other like-minded financial advisors, to accelerate your learning curve and get you up-and-running in your quest to raise $5+ million from educational workshops in 2020.
  • Work with a coach who has coached 2500+ advisors.
  • Join a group of advisors who are commited to spreading the Social Security educational and retirement planning message.

The Boomer Spike Coaching Group is not just a paint-by-numbers instructional manual. In the first place, this is a group of 5-10 like-minded advisors who share the common desire of finding new clients via Social Security education. The Boomer Spike Coaching Group will offer the best of two coaching worlds. The group model, where you will learn and be inspired from equally-enthused, educationally-minded advisors. And one-to-one coaching, which is hyper-dedicated towards helping you to achieve what you want.

Executive Coach Chris Holman PCC has been a pioneer in leading coaching groups for financial advisors, having hosted and facilitated 35+ groups in the past. He will guide you to focus on the 6 foundational elements of doing successful Social Security workshops: the Generous Mindset, Size & Scope, Marketing, the Event itself, the Offer, and the Follow-Up…that will give power to you to create distinctive Social Security workshops that attract the clients that you want.

  1. The Generous Mindset. Baby Boomers don't want to be sold, manipulated, or hustled. They want to learn from advisors who generously offer their wisdom, perspective, and help.
  2. Size & Scope. There is no single universally correct way to do a Social Security workshop. Big or small, short or long, frugal or lavish, food or not…there is no “right” way that works for all advisors. Yet, there IS a right way for you. Through your own intuition and experience, and with the help of the institutional learning of the Horsesmouth archives, you will understand what size and scope works best for you. (And please STOP the assumptions about what workshop approach might work best for you…)
    • As above, there is no one “best” way to market your Social Security workshops, yet there is a correct way for you. We'll help you figure this out…minus the anxiety and worry that can obstruct your forward movement.
  3. The Event Itself. Many advisors focus on becoming a Social Security “expert”, yet being a perfectionist on knowing all the facts is counter-productive to your workshop success. Rapport-building is the “secret sauce” that helps get follow-up appointments…and clients. And rapport-building begins from the moment the workshop attendee walks into the room…and continues until the instant they leave, and beyond.
  4. The Offer. What's your offer? (Put yourself in the attendee's shoes and ask this question, “What value will I receive by meeting with you one-to-one?”) One outcome of the Boomer Spike Coaching Group is that you'll be clear and focused on your offer, and how it offers value to your prospects.
  5. Follow-up. Most every advisor says something like, “I can close 90% of the prospects that I sit down with…” In fact, the best workshop advisors are finding that 80-90% of their attendees are signing up for follow-up appointments. One goal of the coaching group is to have every advisor reach this level of success to where the majority of your workshop attendees are raising their hand to meet with you one-to-one.

How to find the right coach for you

Because of its importance and effectiveness, interest in business coaching has exploded in the past 5-10 years. Consequently, there are many ways to define coaching and what a coach does. As importantly, every coach has his or her singular style. You should look for a coach much like how your clients find you. Find a coach who you like and trust on a personal basis, who asks good questions, is curious to understand what you want, and actively listens to what you say.

So let’s imagine right now: You’re thinking about coaching as a possible option. And you want to know more. Let me begin by outlining what we mean when we talk about “coaching”.

Coaching is a form of learning where a person (the “coach”) supports someone else (you, the “coachee”) to generate new thinking, create learning and self-development, and promote focused action in ways that benefit you, the coachee.

“Coaching” essentially means to transport someone from one place to another. In today’s context, it’s about generating shifts, moving forward and creating change.

Coaching is most often delivered as a conversation, or series of conversations, between coach and coachee. So it’s just talking and thinking.

And the coaching conversation will differ from regular day-to-day conversation. The coaching conversation will be special in its structure, carefully architected by the coach to benefit you and your thinking, learning, and action. And while it’s still just talking and thinking, the coaching conversation will feel very different from other conversations – and will produce quite different results.

What is Horsesmouth Group Coaching?

Horsesmouth Group Coaching (HGC) is a subset of the coaching modality that is equal parts: coaching, facilitation, and instruction. The pillars of HGC are the group meetings that are led by Chris Holman, who has been trained in the tools of effective group coaching.  During the group meetings, the leader will arrive with agenda(s) for that day. These will be topics that Horsesmouth knows are meaningful and important to advisors who are specifically interested in Social Security education. During the group conversations, the coach will use the topics of interest to invite observations and engagement from the group. All participants will be expected to engage, and from this engagement the entire group will benefit from the collective shared experiences. As a final touch, the agendas will include learning and knowledge from the 10+ years of archived materials that Horsesmouth has acquired as a leader in Social Security education for financial advisors.

Some of the Topics that We’ll Cover in the Boomer Spike Coaching Group:

  1. Getting clear and focused on why you want to do Social Security educational workshops.
  2. Determining your workshop expectations. What do you want to achieve? Why is this important to you and your business?
  3. What size and scope of workshop is consistent with your expectations, resources, capacity, and budget?
  4. Do you have any workshop assumptions that are holding you back? If so, what are they?
  5. How best to “fill the seats?” Given your marketing resources and desired outcome, what is the best way to market your workshops?
  6. Do you want to frame yourself as an “authority”, “expert”, or something else?
    1. Is your knowledge level consistent with how you want to frame yourself? If not, what do you need to do become aligned?
  7. Have you taken full advantage of all of the Horsesmouth workshop resources available to you? Where are your gaps? How can you best fill them?
  8. How to do your first workshop in the shortest time possible…without sacrificing thoroughness and quality?
  9. How to begin the presentation confidently, memorably, and with value and impact.
  10. The workshop choreography. What needs to happen, how, and when.
  11. Is knowledge of Social Security the best way to build rapport and trust with workshop attendees? If not, what are other ways to accomplish this?
  12. What are the best methods to engage the audience during the presentation itself?
  13. How to not worry about being “stumped” with a question where you don't know the answer.
  14. What is the optimal length of the presentation? Do all of the Horsesmouth slides need to be used? If not, which can be deleted?
  15. During, and at the conclusion of your presentation, what is your offer to the attendees? Why would they want to meet with you one-to-one? And what can you offer of tangible value, without sounding “sales-y?”
  16. How to create workshop evaluation forms that provide valuable feedback AND lead to follow-up appointments.
  17. From workshop prospect to loyal client: How to create a “sales cycle” for advisors who don’t want to sell, and prospects that don’t want to be sold.
  18. The Workshop Debrief: The ultimate factor in achieving workshop excellence.
  19. The 8 keys to an 80% follow-up appointment rate.
  20. Creating the “perfect” follow-up appointment: What needs to be discussed, when, and how.
  21. The Fee Discussion. What buyers want to know, and how to tell them.
  22. The Social Security Workshop Paradox: How to serve attendees who don’t fit your client profile.
  23. And more…

And even more! True life case studies from successful advisors:

  • How one advisor integrated Medicare coaching into her Social Security education, and became known as the “Medicare Coach.”
  • Not comfortable with public speaking? Do what this advisor did, lunches and brunches to small groups.
  • Studies show that pre-retirees #1 retirement concern is health care costs. This advisor addresses this concern head-on, through a detailed retirement income spending discussion in her workshops.
  • How one advisor spent $450 on workshop marketing and reaped $10,000 in annual fees.
  • Meeting CPAs through Social Security and Medicare expertise.
  • How one advisor took the “problem” of repeat dinner attendees and turned it into an “opportunity” and money-maker.
  • Through business planning and relentless learning and effort, how one advisory team is raising $40+ million annually from dinner workshops.
  • And more…

How Horsesmouth Group Coaching Works

  • At the very beginning of the coaching engagement, you and the coach will get clear and focused on what you want to achieve by the end of the coaching sessions. The coach will your accountability partner to help you stay on track toward your desired objectives, and/or adjust course as your aspirations are accomplished and evolve.
  • Over the course of 6 months, there will be 12 coaching sessions in total.
  • 6 of these will be group coaching sessions as per the coaching schedule. The group coaching agendas will draw from the topics mentioned above.
  • The group coaching conversations last 75 minutes. They are fast-moving, and full-on participation and sharing from all advisors is expected.
  • All group calls are recorded…for replay, in the instances where sessions must be missed.
  • 6 coaching conversations will be one-to-one. These discussions will be highly individualized. With your coach, you’ll build a workshop plan around what you’d like to accomplish during the coaching engagement.
  • In sum, you’ll have 2 coaching sessions each month. One will be group, the other will be a one-to-one.
  • The individual coaching sessions will happen in the weeks between the group sessions, and the times/dates will be agreed to on an individual basis.
  • During the individual coaching conversations, you’ll have top-of-mind topics that are not directly related to Social Security workshops. This is how you can apply the group learning to what you want to accomplish. In the one-to-one’s, all topics can be on the table, and will be driven by the wants, needs, and desires of the individual advisor.
  • As all coaching sessions are operated under the guise of the International Coach Federation, they will adhere to the principles and code of ethics of the ICF.

What clients are saying

Time for Focused Revenue Generating Activity

Kelli Carmichael

Chris helped me identify unproductive behaviors.  He worked with me to establish habits, making time for focused revenue generating activity.  Consequently, increased activity and has led to increased income.  I am able to spend more time working from home and have rediscovered the enthusiasm of my career and industry that was waning!  With Chris’ counsel, I’ve become a better, more engaged advisor to my clients!…

— Kelly Carmichael

Insight and Direction of How to Grow Your Practice

Jason Peeples

As an experienced advisor, I would recommend coaching if you are looking for insight and direction of how to grow your practice, implement processes and develop strategies to meet your personal financial goals and ultimately develop or build a business, which is an asset you can sell when you wish to exit or retire.  I received invaluable insight to what is working with other planners and strategies and considerations not contemplated as I develop strategic plans for the future.  This coaching provided invaluable insight allowing me to allocate time and resources to develop and implement strategic, long-term plans

—Jason Peeples

Process Thoughts on Practice

Mike McDonald

Without a doubt what I appreciated most about coaching with Chris, was it allowed me to personally process my thoughts on my practice.  There was then Input, and insight provided to me, which empowered me to draw conclusions, and that resulted in change. It forced me to reflect on my practice

— Mike MacDonald


Found More Confidence in Myself

I want to, once again, thank you so very much for the coaching sessions. I have found more confidence in myself as a woman, mother, teacher, and also a bit of healthy distance from being so sensitive to issues and people in my life. These are not small things!! Many thanks for your generosity, attention, listening, thoughtfulness, and time…Erin T.


Your investment of $2,997.00 will include 6 months of coaching, PLUS a 12-month subscription to Horsesmouth Savvy Social Security.

Coaching Dates/Times

All group coaching dates are fixed. The group will meet virtually. Sessions are 75 minutes in length. Attendance is expected from all members, yet a replay of the session will be provided when conflicts arise. Individual coaching sessions are 50-60 minutes in length…and will be scheduled according to the joint availability of the advisor and coach.

Group Coaching Dates
  1. March 4th at 1 PM ET
  2. April 1st at 1 PM ET
  3. May 6th at 1 PM ET
  4. June 3rd at 1 PM ET
  5. July 1st at 1 PM ET
  6. August 5th at 1 PM ET
One-to-One Coaching Dates
  1. Between March 9th and 20th (Schedule with coach)
  2. Between April 6th and 17th (Schedule with coach)
  3. Between May 11th and 22nd (Schedule with coach)
  4. Between June 8th and 19th (Schedule with coach)
  5. Between July 6th and 17th (Schedule with coach)
  6. Between August 10th and 21st (Schedule with coach)

Complimentary, no-obligation coaching consultation

Have you every had a confidential coaching conversation with a professional coach who asks thoughtful questions, listens to what you say, asks follow-up questions, and is fixed and focused on what you’d like to achieve? Schedule a 30-minute complimentary coaching session with Chris today Schedule a 30-minute complimentary coaching session with Chris today.

Your Hidden Potential

And a special bonus offer

When you sign up for the Boomer Spike Coaching Group, we’ll send you Chris Holman’s new coaching book, Your Hidden Potential is Patiently Waiting: How to Summon Your Inner Greatness.


It is October 2020. And you have created a proven, repeatable, and unique method of doing Social Security workshops in your community AND have built a pipeline of pre-retirees and retirees who are actively looking for Social Security and retirement guidance. (Medicare too!) If this vision appeals to you, sign up for the Boomer Spike Coaching Group today!

About Horsesmouth

Since 1997, Horsesmouth has been helping financial advisors succeed by providing timely guidance on key topics such as business development, practice management, financial planning and investment strategies.


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