Get-It-Done Now Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop

Imagine Entering 2019 With Fully Conceived Business and Marketing Plans With Clear Action Steps for the Entire Year

Problem: Like many advisors, you don’t have well-conceived business and marketing plans.

  • You don’t know how to begin and what to prioritize…
  • You don’t know how to translate your plan into action...
  • So, you’re hesitant to take the time to do critical planning...

As a result…

  • You chronically underperform, and you don’t achieve your firm’s potential…
  • You lose more clients than you should and you don’t add enough new clients...
  • You watch your business grow mostly on favorable market returns, not new money...

This is not a sustainable way to run and grow your firm.

Solution: Spend two intensive days working with other dedicated financial advisors and the Horsesmouth team to…

  • Bring a laser-focus to first building your 2019 business plan…
  • Then flesh out a full year’s worth of marketing initiatives…
  • Start the new year with clarity of purpose, a clear mission, and a step-by-step plan for translating your strategy into actionable steps that will grow your business in 2019!

Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop

January 24-25 in Hawaii

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Get Off the Under-Performing Advisor Treadmill—And Get Your Life Back, Too!

Dear Advisor:

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and make a sustained commitment to improving your business over the next year—and beyond? Consider for a moment if you face any of these business challenges:

  • Getting a steady flow of better qualified prospects…
  • Systematizing your business to generate steady results…
  • Finding a steady supply of qualified leads…
  • Closing more, high quality prospects…
  • Developing a clear mission statement…
  • Identifying your vision and beliefs…
  • Having total confidence in your sales approach and closing opportunities…
  • Generating more and better referrals from your clients…
  • Setting a steady business growth rate that will double or triple your current income in the next 18 months…
  • Cultivating one or two niche strategies that re-invigorate you and your practice…
  • Developing an actionable, affordable marketing plan that brings in a steady flow of good prospects…
  • Creating a referral system that spurs rave reviews from clients and gets them talking to friends and family about you...
  • Creating a lead generation system that turns your prospecting into a marketing machine...
  • Creating a COI marketing plan that helps you form close working relationships with CPAs and attorneys…
  • Differentiating your business from the competition…
  • Setting specific monthly goals and a daily game plan…

If you find that any of the challenges above strike a chord with your own situation—whether you've been in this business 10 years or 10 months… Let us show you how to do it. Join us in Hawaii (Jan. 24-Jan. 25) for our…

Get-It-Done Now Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop: Translate Strategy to Action, Profit and Succeed in 2019

Workshop Modules include:

  • Analysis of 2018 to-Date Results (including a pre-event webinar)
  • Determining Your Vision
  • Writing/Updating Your Mission Statement
  • Set Your Business and Personal Goals
  • Marketing and Branding 101
  • Designing your referral system: A 12-Step plan for prospecting & generating client referrals
  • Designing your Prospecting System…Or How to Feed the Referral Machine
  • Designing Your Communications System: Set Up a Content Strategy That Will Keep You Top-of-Mind with Clients, Prospects, and COIs
  • Killer Marketing Ideas for 2019 and Beyond

Get-It-Done Now Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop:

Too many advisors are struggling at succeeding in this business because they don't know the right things to do when it comes to marketing and selling financial services. 

No matter how many articles they read, books they buy, conferences they attend, they still run up against three basic problems: 

  1. They don't get enough good prospects.
  2. They're not converting enough of the few good prospects into new clients.
  3. They don't have right systems to support their ambitions.

That’s why we said it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get face-to-face with the advisors we assist.

That's how we got to this point.

Even the Best Advisors Put Their Pants on One Leg at a Time—Just Like You and Me

Over the last 19 years as editor in chief at Horsesmouth, I've had the opportunity to meet countless, very successful advisors.

It's always an amazing experience to talk to them about their businesses. They come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and titles: wealth managers, investment consultants, financial planners, insurance agents, registered reps…

They've all built their businesses in very different, yet wildly successful ways.

But I've found that when you get past the specifics of their roots in the business, past the types of products and services they offer clients, past the varied business models and compensation plans they work with, they share many common success factors that account, to a large degree, for their extreme successes.

Chief among them is this: They put into place key systems, strategies and techniques for their businesses, and then follow them with deep passion and intensity. Over and over again.

And this is at the heart of our "Get It Done Now: Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop."

You see, not surprisingly, working in the financial services industry since 1997, we have put our finger on the same hallmarks of success we've seen evidenced in the many, many top advisors we've encountered.

We call these successful advisors "Biz Plan/Marketing Masters" because they unwaveringly follow a key set of success principles:

  1. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters are clear about what they offer, the problems they solve, and the people they serve. They deeply understand their target market which makes their marketing very easy to strategize and execute.
  2. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters establish "set-and-forget" marketing systems. They know that systems can be very efficient—especially for small shops. So they systematize as much as possible to achieve operational efficiencies and avoid hiring staff.
  3. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters specialize. They know the key to a more profitable, efficient practice is to become the expert in solutions that resolve—or at least minimize—clients' and prospects' pain points.
  4. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters sell solutions, not products. They make themselves indispensable by packaging products with unique services and expertise that prospects can't find anywhere else.
  5. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters position themselves as a resource. Their expertise makes them the go-to expert that people instinctively seek out when they have a problem.
  6. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters don't pitch, they consult. Pitching is for desperate advisors who don't know where their next customer is coming from. Successful advisors know so much about their prospects that they don't need to sell. And their marketing systems keep them top-of-mind until the prospect is ready to sign.
  7. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters are fanatic about client service. They understand that their biggest source of referrals comes from their existing clients so they continue to market to their clients (via surprise-and-delight service) long after the client has signed.
  8. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters lead their clients on a journey. Successful advisors understand that prospects are leery of advisors and the markets. So, from the very first moment they meet a potential client, they know exactly what steps to take to dispel the prospect's skepticism and transform them into raving fans.
  9. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters never compete on price. They know that price isn't the sticking point for most HNW prospects. Solutions are the differentiator and successful advisors have developed services and solutions that are perfectly aligned with their target market's pain points. Marketing Masters are hard to refuse!
  10. Biz Plan/Marketing Masters get it done! They don't procrastinate. They know sustained success comes from strategic planning. So they carve out time from their schedule—at least once a year—to knock out a plan and build systems that automate their marketing for the rest of the year.

The top performing advisors who follow their success principles also enjoy a benefit not described above: They give themselves the gift of time and freedom.

By having the right systems in place, Biz Plan/Marketing Masters have time to enjoy their success and have a life, too. They're not exhausted, frantic, and moving manically from one crisis, new idea, or project to another. They are happy, productive professionals who enjoy seeing their business thrive yet can still make it home for soccer games and dinners.


Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop

January 24-25 in Hawaii

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Who Said You Must Stay Stuck at the Same Production Level for Years?

Listen, if you're skeptical about anyone trying to sell you a "magic pill" that will instantly transform you into a Million Dollar Producer—good!

You should be, because there's no such thing. It comes down to rolling up your sleeves and getting stuff done—the right stuff, the right way, with the right formula. And that's where we come in.

Let's take a look at some of the key components of the workshop:

  • An analysis of 2018: revenue, expenses, operating income, client retention, etc.
  • A deep-dive into perfecting your mission statement
  • A breakdown of your business and personal goals for the future
  • A system for achieving your 2019 goals
  • A plan for scheduling your monthly and daily game plans to propel your business forward
  • A personalized strategic marketing plan for 2019
  • A mini-action plan for the remainder of 2018
  • A communications system for staying top of mind with clients, prospects & COIs
  • A referral program that systematically turns prospects into clients
  • A lead generation program that builds your prospect list and attracts new business
  • A professional referral program that builds solid, working relationships with CPAs
  • Expert and peer group feedback on your marketing messages, branding & more

Meals and Reception

Enjoy a full breakfast both days, lunch both days, and a networking Happy Hour at the end of day one.

Instructional material

Full workshop materials: classroom manual, handouts, case studies, slides, etc.

BONUS #1: Next Steps, One-on-One Action Plan Coaching Session—30 minutes

Take immediate steps to put your learning into action. After you’ve returned home, workshop attendees get a complimentary coaching session with Horsesmouth’s executive coach Chris Holman. Meet with Chris over the phone for 30 minutes to discuss your key takeaways from the workshop, discuss your goals for integrating IRA planning into your business, and complete a one-page action plan to guide you in your next steps. ($299 value)

BONUS #2: Three Follow-On Group Coaching Modules during Q1, 2019

The workshop doesn’t end after two days. We’ll give you follow up coaching in the first quarter to hold you accountable and guide you through the natural bumps in the road and implementation challenges.


Day One: Thursday

Build Your 2019 Business Plan

Module 1: The How-Did-You-Do-Last-Year, 10-Point Deep-Dive Analysis

Many advisors never stop to recognize their significant successes and failures of the past year. You can’t plan and grow without looking in the mirror. This Module will produce a meaty analysis to guide you to a complete 2019 business and marketing plan.

  • Examine your revenue, expenses, and operating income
  • Determine number of clients gained and lost
  • Determine sources of new clients by marketing tactic
  • Answer key introspective questions about last year such as:
    • Biggest accomplishment
    • Biggest professional challenge
    • Biggest marketing success
    • Biggest marketing failure
    • Biggest personal success
    • Biggest personal failure
    • Best new client
    • Key lost client and why
    • Key mistakes not to be repeated
    • Biggest lesson learned

Module 2: See Your Vision and Write Your Mission Statement

A mission statement isn’t for clients, brochures, or websites. It’s for your internal use only. You will create a better, more meaningful vision of your purpose when you stop and answer these questions:

  • What are your personal assets?
  • What are your achievements?
  • What’s your perfect day?
  • What do you want to be?
  • What’s your business philosophy?
  • What you intend to provide (your service)
  • What you intend to receive in exchange (your goals)
  • When you expect to complete this (your deadline)
  • Write your mission statement

Module 3: Set Meaningful, Memorable, Achievable Personal and Business Goals: Your 2019 Business Plan

If you and your team don’t have concrete, meaningful goals, then none of you can live up to your fullest potential—a high-order transgression. But to do this well, you need to take time away from the office to set serious, measurable goals. Then you need to translate those goals into measurable, desirable outcomes for each month, a daily game plan to guide your actions.


  • What is your goal? Choose a topic: Business growth, client service, financial education, marketing, professional development, services offered, team/operations, technology?

Why: What is your rationale for trying to achieve this goal? How will achieving this goal benefit you? You can also use this space to give more specifics on what you want to accomplish.

  • When: What is your deadline for achieving this goal?
  • How will you achieve this goal? What resources will you need? Time? Money? Outside support or services?
  • How will you reward yourself for accomplishing this goal?


  • What is your goal: Choose a topic: Community, family recreation, health, and personal development?
  • Why: What is your rationale for trying to achieve this goal? How will achieving this goal benefit you? You can also use this space to give more specifics on what you want to accomplish.
  • When: What is your deadline for achieving this goal?
  • How will you achieve this goal? What resources will you need? Time? Money? Outside support or services?
  • How will you reward yourself for accomplishing this goal?


  • Set monthly business goals based on annual goals


  • What is your highest energy time of day?
  • What time will you arrive in the office every morning?
  • When will you exercise during the day?
  • How much time will you spend exercising?
  • What will you read every day?

Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop

January 24-25 in Hawaii

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Day Two: Friday

Create Your Do-It-Now 2019 Marketing Plan

Module 4: Marketing and Branding 101

Most advisors don’t create an annual marketing plan and it shows. Their increased profitability has often been driven by market returns, not new money. But advisors geared to new client growth know you must map out your marketing each year in order to grow consistently, even when the markets pull back.  You’ll get it done in this session:

  • Rules to market by
  • Marketing cycle
  • Systems blueprint
  • Core marketing systems
  • Difference between branding & marketing
  • Brand components, i.e. bio, specialty, niche, tagline,
  • Brand features, benefits, values
  • Building your brand
  • Developing a value proposition
  • Promoting your brand

Module 5: Designing Your Referral System: A 12-Step Plan for Processing & Generating Client Referrals

Referrals, the one thing everyone knows they should promote but few actually make a smart, tactful, concerted effort to do so. But when advisors do it, they see results (many clients say, “Gee, I was wondering when you would ask.”) You’ll leave a with a concrete plan on how you’ll generate more referrals in 2019.

  • How to identify a referral target market
  • Eight referral strategies
  • When to ask for referrals
  • Referral messages, i.e. Referral Ask, referral description, emails, taglines
  • Using events to generate referrals
  • Referral marketing campaigns & materials
  • How to find referrals through LinkedIn
  • Referral metrics: How to track your referral marketing efforts

Module 6: Designing Your Prospecting System So It Works

This goes to the heart of your business: How do you position yourself in your community? How do you meet people socially? How do you present yourself and your firm online? What’s your client event schedule? Develop affirmative answers to these questions and watch your business grow in 2019.

  • Educational prospecting campaign
  • Social prospecting campaign
  • Digital prospecting campaign
  • Importance of events
  • Relevance content marketing
  • Types of prospecting strategies
  • Using metrics to track your prospecting objectives

Module 7: Designing Your Communications System: Set Up a Content Strategy That Will Keep You Top-of-Mind with Clients, Prospects, and COIs

“I never hear from my advisor” are words uttered too frequently—even now a decade after the 2008 crash. Surveys show clients want to hear from you. They want you to educate them and engage them. It’s not hard to create a calendar of “touches” you’ll deliver to clients, prospects, and COIs in 2019.  You’ll learn and choose from:

  • Client preferences on your communications to them
  • Client call rotation systems
  • Daily communications, i.e. Quote of the Day, Thought of the Day, social media posts
  • Weekly communications, i.e. thank-you notes, weekend reading emails, market commentaries, podcasts
  • Monthly communications, i.e. newsletters, online videos, article reprints, Client Market Update Letter
  • Seasonal communications, i.e. Key Data Card, Last-Chance Checklist, birthday cards, holiday cards

Module 8: Killer Marketing Ideas for 2019 and Beyond

Your marketing is driven by implementing specific tactics. When you put good tactics behind your plan, you see results. What tactics will you put into your marketing plan? Which ones will deliver the most bang? The best advisors always pick a small handful to implement and then keep trying to improve them. You’ll pick from among this list or choose new ones. Regardless, these are the actions that should propel your business forward throughout 2019:

  • Highly personalized client service
  • Developing your website as a marketing tool
  • Informal monthly events
  • Place on your website for visitors to subscribe to your newsletters & blogs
  • Client surveys
  • Interest groups
  • Client video reviews
  • COI study groups
  • Lead magnets that offer valuable, helpful information on a particular subject
  • Supporting a cause you care about
  • Prospecting younger clients
  • Website Live Chat tool
  • Local online directories
  • Milestone client parties

What You’ll Leave With

At the end of the second day of our “Do-It-Now Business and Marketing Plans Workshop,” you’ll leave with your 2019 business and marketing plans. You’ll have fleshed-out plans: detailed steps you’ll take, resources you’ll use, campaigns you’ll implement. You, and your team, will be able to hit the ground running in early 2019 so it’s your best year yet.

Who should attend?

  • Industry veterans who feel like they’ve been coasting in recent years and now realize it would make smart sense to add some good clients and beef up the value of their practice.
  • Advisors who want to get more out of their team arrangement and realize getting out of the office for deep business and marketing planning over two days will serve everyone better in 2019.
  • New advisors who’ve never really stepped back and done serious business planning and marketing planning they need to start getting consistent growth.

10 Reasons to Attend Our Strategy to Action Marketing Workshop

  1. Because businesses with a documented business plan pull in 47% more revenue than those who have no plan—yet only 56% of businesses take the time to write a business plan…
  2. Because each year you say you will create a marketing plan but can never find the time to sit down and actually do it. Imagine what will happen when you do
  3. Because you’ll start 2019 with a clear mission and a marketing plan on how to get there…
  4. Because your marketing plan has been stagnant for years and you need the dedicated time to develop
  5. Because in order to achieve your business and personal goals you need to develop detailed strategies…
  6. Because you’re ready to create systems and processes that will help you attract new prospects, maintain current clients, and generate referrals
  7. Because you want to revitalize and invigorate your day with a daily game plan that clarifies your mental, physical, and emotional goals
  8. Because you know you can bring in more revenue, but you don’t have a long-term strategic plan to get there…
  9. Because you need to add new clients and a targeted audience and marketing plan will help you do it…
  10. Because 2019 can be your record year if you take the time to strategically plan out 12 months of marketing activ such as communication touches, workshops, and prospecting techniques…

Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop

January 24-25 in Hawaii

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Chris Holman

Chris Holman

Chris Holman, a Horsesmouth Executive Coach, leads the coaching groups. Chris began his career with EF Hutton, has 35 years experience in financial services and counts more than 1000 advisors and advisory teams as his clients. He is a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation and specializes in guiding advisors to create their own success and greatness.

Sean Bailey

Sean BaileySean M. Bailey is the Editor in Chief of Horsesmouth. Over the last 18 years, Sean has interviewed and worked with hundreds of advisors  in their efforts to grow their businesses. Get It Done Now Biz Plan/Marketing Workshop grew out of those conversations and the realization that advisors need help turning their technical knowledge about helping clients into a marketing approach that will help them help more people. Devin Kropp

Devin Kropp

Devin Kropp is an Associate Editor at Horsesmouth. She works closely on Horsesmouth's Advisor/Client and Advisor/CPA programs helping advisors develop marketing strategies and tactics that grow their business. She also leads Horsesmouth's Digital Marketing Program assisting advisors in their social media strategy including Facebook ads.

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