The Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security Planning

Please note: The Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security will ship in early 2022. 

A Gift Your Boomer Clients Will Remember and Appreciate.

Now, More Than Ever, Clients Want To Know About Social Security…

Don't let your pre-retiree clients leave the office without a complimentary copy from you

Dear Advisor:

When it comes to asking questions about Social Security, this guide is just what you need for the curious client who has questions and wants access to important information about their retirement.

Elaine Floyd, CFP®, Horsesmouth's Director of Retirement and Life Planning, has developed an informative, easy-to read client resource that helps clients get a handle on the complicated aspects of Social Security income planning.

The Ultimate Takeaway for the Boomer Client

When clients come to your office and ask that all-important question, “When should I file for Social Security?” it always presents a huge opportunity for you to demonstrate knowledge and mastery of an important aspect of retirement income planning. (That's why we've created The Savvy Social Security Planning for Boomers program.)

When clients and prospects leave your office after discussing retirement income and Social Security, they'll walk away with a completely new and informed view of Social Security.

For many, it'll be the first time they've realized how important it is to their retirement future.

And while their heads will be filled with new ideas and insights, they will walk out with a useful information resource that sums up the major points of what they've learned and gives them the ability to refer to it in the future as they discuss the issues with family, friends and colleagues.

That's why we've created The Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security,” a 4-panel, 2 sided, 8.5" x 11", reference guide on Savvy Social Security Planning. This client reference explains the key concepts everyone must consider when making Social Security decisions.

This client communication guide answers:

  • What is Social Security
  • What are the benefits of Social Security
  • How you become eligible for Social Security benefits
  • How your retirement benefit is calculated
  • When you may begin receiving Social Security benefits
  • When should you apply for benefits?
  • What if you apply between the ages of 62 and 65
  • What if you apply between the ages of 66 and 70
  • How COLAs affect Social Security benefits
  • How spousal benefits are calculated
  • How divorce affects Social Security benefits
  • How widowhood affects Social Security benefits
  • How working affects Social Security benefits
  • How pension income affects Social Security benefits
  • How benefits are taxed
  • How to apply for Social Security benefits
  • Information and documents you need to apply for benefits
  • What about Medicare
  • What about Social Security reform

Includes 7 Charts and Room to Add Logo

This is no ordinary client handout.

The Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security includes easy-to-read-and-understand charts and graphs that explain important ideas such as break-even analysis, break points, and earnings tests calculators, all the concepts your clients will want your help in understanding.

As you'll discover, The Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security is so attractive and eye-catching that you'll find people asking for copies who normally might not be interested in financial information.

The truth is, after years of paying into the system, Boomers are waking up and realizing they will end up collecting Social Security benefits and they want to know more about how the system works.

And you, the knowledgeable and informed financial advisor, are just the person to hand them their own personal copy of  The Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security.

This is the sort of reference guide that clients will pass along to friends, colleagues and family.

Order your 50-Pack of the 2022 version today!

The Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security is a great, inexpensive handout for clients, prospects and strategic allies.

When you make a gift of the Guide to your clients, there's no easier and simpler way to remind people of your commitment, expertise and professionalism to their retirement.

So make sure Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security is part of your client education and marketing efforts. It's a sound investment in an information product that helps you help clients succeed.

You'll see the Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security meets your highest standards for client materials.

Keep them handy to offer to clients and prospects.

Order your client reference handout pack today—that's 50 copies of Baby Boomer's Guide to Social Security for just $197!

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