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Do Your Clients REALLY Know All That You Do for Them?

“50 Things: What a Professional Advisor Does for You” (FINRA reviewed) tells your story…

Finally, a marketing piece that explains the range of good and important things you do…

A perfect, subtle referral campaign—Just add your photo and logo, and then send…

Dear Advisor,

Being a financial advisor is complicated and your role is often hard to define to others. Each day brings new challenges as you try to get through your lengthy to-do list while clients' and prospects' calls and emails keep coming through.

Few people understand fully all that you do for your clients. They rarely see it all spelled out in one place.

It can be difficult to communicate everything you do to busy clients and prospects.

We know you work hard—now it's time to remind your clients and prospects.

The Solution

Advisor and Horsesmouth columnist Bill Smith came up with a FINRA-reviewed list to help you communicate your role to your clients. It's called: "50 Things: What a Professional Financial Advisor Does For You."

Some of the 50 things included in the list are:

  • Prepares a financial plan and/or an investment policy statement for you.
  • Suggests creative alternatives that you may not have considered including the best way to claim Social Security.
  • Checks with you before the end of the year to identify any last minute financial needs.
  • Reviews your existing IRAs.
  • Suggests alternatives to increase your income during retirement.
  • Works with your tax and legal advisors to help you meet your financial goals.
  • Helps you reduce your taxes.
  • Serves as a human glossary of financial terms such as beta, P/E ratio, and Sharpie ratio.
  • Provides referrals to other professionals, such as accountants and attorneys.
  • Keeps you on track.

Now, for the first time, it's available to all advisors. (It was previously reserved for select programs like Advisor/Client…)

And you can personalize it with your name, logo, picture, and contact information.

Order 50 Things: What a Professional FA Does For You

"A Fantastic Piece"

"The way you allow us to customize and brand "50 Things" with our contact information really provides us with a piece that clients could leave with that takes this intangible thing called financial planning and articulates it down to 50 things…"

"It's a piece where someone could see the value in what it is that I'm going to provide—the human element and the advice and guidance that we need to provide clients in the current environment. I definitely highlight some of those with clients. With new, prospective clients that come in, I highlight the areas that differentiate what I do, compared to someone just going online and trying to do it on their own."

"It validates what I'm doing as an advisor…my hope is that when that piece leaves my office that my clients have it and if someone in their community of a friend or family member needs these kinds of services it can act as a referral tool of sorts."

—J. Barr, Santa Barbara, CA

How to Use "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You"

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This FINRA-reviewed client handout (hard copy + PDF) can be used in many ways. Remind clients, prospects, and COIs of your value with this special reprint.

  1. Print and send to clients. Personalize your "50 Things" to print and send to clients as a way to communicate throughout the year.
  2. Add a printed copy to your marketing toolkit for prospects, new clients, and workshop attendees.
  3. Post on your website. Upload your personalized PDF to your website so all your clients and prospects can learn about everything you do.
  4. Post on social media. Need something to post on LinkedIn or Facebook? "50 Things" makes a great post for your social media accounts.
  5. Create a social media campaign. Each week, focus on a different point listed in "50 Things" and create a short post going more in depth.
  6. Link it to your newsletter. In your next newsletter, include a personalized PDF of "50 Things" for all your clients to see.
  7. Share a few copies with your top referring clients.

Order 50 Things: What a Professional FA Does For You

5 Reasons to Use "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You"

We don't need to tell you that clients often fail to grasp everything you do for them. Now you have an easy way to remind them.

Here are five reasons to put "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You" into your client communication program now:

  1. Because it helps explain what you do. Being a financial advisor is tough and you do so much for your clients. Remind them of all the things they forget with "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You."
  2. Because it supports reasons why you're referable. You should feel confident when asking your clients for referrals. By reminding them of all you do—big and small—you can remind them why their friends and family need you, too.
  3. Because it’s a good advertisement of your services. You can share "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You" with prospects to highlight all the different things you would do for them as their financial advisor. Plus it's branded with your information, making it easy for them to contact you.
  4. Because it shows you care about your clients. Reminding clients and prospects about everything you do reinforces how much you care about their success and well-being.
  5. Because it's an easy-to-implement client communication program. Sending out your personalized copies of "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You" is a great way to stay in touch with clients and prospects and keeps you top of mind.

Order Your Branded "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You"

Now we're offering to all subscribers "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You" branded with your photo, name and contact information (100 copies, plus PDF).

When you include "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You" as part of your client communication program, you get two great features for just $197:

100 Hard Copies that are delivered to you for easy distribution to your clients. It's a great, inexpensive hand-out for clients, prospects and strategic allies. Present it in meetings or drop it in the mail.

Your own, branded (PDF) version of "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You" When you complete the simple personalization process and place your order, you can instantly download your "50 Things" PDF and share with clients.

So go ahead now and take your first, easy step to personalize and order "50 Things: What a Financial Advisor Does For You" to use as part of your client communication program.

Click here to begin the personalization process. You’ll add your photo, logo, and contact information before completing your order.


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P.S. No "Robo Advisor" can do what you do. But you need to remind clients of all that you do.

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